Jackson says there’s a time to cry ‘uncle’


Raiders coach Hue Jackson said Monday that there’s a time to cry uncle. Despite what some might think, Jackson and the Raiders aren’t giving up on this season.
The time to cry uncle, Jackson said, comes when quarterback Carson Palmer is about to force a pass into tight coverage, as he did several times Sunday against the Green Bay Packers.
Palmer was intercepted four times by the Packers in a 46-16 loss at Lambeau Field. Jackson wants Palmer to do a better job of taking care of the ball and not forcing it when a receiver isn’t open.
“He threw some huge balls for us last night and made some plays, gave us a chance in some situations last night,” Jackson said. “There’s no problem there. The problem is, when you get opportunities sometimes you have to say uncle in this league, whether you throw it away or take a sack.”
Jackson said he and Palmer spoke about that subject last night.
“What I always tell him is, ‘Just get me to the next down with you. I’ll give you a better call the next play. Regardless of what happens, just get me to the next down and then we’ll make something good happen.’ And last night that point was driven home because he could see that he didn’t give us an opportunity to attain our goals.”
Don’t expect the Raiders to cry uncle when it comes to competing for a playoff spot despite back-to-back losses by a combined score of 80-30.
“We know we have some work to do to get this thing back,” Jackson said, “but, by no stretch is anybody throwing in the towel or decided, ‘Hey, look, we’ve given it all we’ve got.’ We’ve got more to give, and that’s what we’re going to do.”
Safety Mike Mitchell says the Raiders are “desperate” now that they are behind the Broncos and little margin for error the rest of the day.
At the same time, he is confident that he and his teammates have what it takes to make the playoffs and be heard from the rest of the way.
“I’m going to feel confident regardless,” Mitchell said. “Our team is the type of team that we’re going to just keep working regardless. However it’s going to play out, it’s going to play out. We got to handle our business. We can’t worry about what Denver’s doing.”

The Raiders committed 11 penalties for 89 yards against the Packers. That padded their league-leading totals to 130 and 1,116, respectively, and kept them on pace for breaking the league records.
The Raiders are on pace for 160 penalties for 1,374 yards, which would eclipse the marks set by the 1998 Kansas City Chiefs (158, 1,304).
Jackson remains convinced that the lingering issue will be resolved before season’s end.
“I got three more weeks to hold me to that and then (people) can drill me at that time,” Jackson said.
For now, Jackson is searching for better ways to get his players to understand that the task of beating a team such as the Packers become that much more difficult when they commit so many senseless penalties.
“We have not fixed the penalty issue that has hurt this team tremendously,” Jackson said.

Speaking of Mitchell, his effort against the Packers got overlooked because of how poorly the Raiders player overall. However, it’s worth noting that he intercepted an Aaron Rodgers pass and shut out tight end Jermichael Finley.

Wide receivers Jacoby Ford, guard Stefen Wisniewski, offensive tackle Jared Veldheer and tight end Kevin Boss are signing autographs tonight for two hours in exchange for new, unwrapped toys.
The event takes place at the Raider Image store in Hayward from 6 p.m.-8 as part of the Toys for Tots Program.
Quarterback Carson Palmer, running back Michael Bush, fullback Marcel Reece and wide receiver Denarius Moore are scheduled to do likewise Dec. 19 at the same location, from 6 p.m.-8.

Running back Michael Bush averaged 115.3 yards per game (4.8-yard average) in his first four games as the primary back after McFadden’s injury.
Bush’s production has dipped dramatically the past three games, however. He averaged 55 yards (2.9) in those games, with an average of five fewer carries than the previous four contests.
Jackson dismissed the prospect of Bush wearing down, even though Bush already has 38 more rushes than he did in any of his first four seasons – he didn’t play at all in 2007.
“When people know that’s who you’re lining up back there …, you design ways to make sure you get him slowed down,” Jackson said.

The Raiders’ easiest path to the playoffs is to win their final three games and have the Denver Broncos lose two or all three of their games, or at least against the Chiefs on Jan. 1.
Were that to happen, the Raiders would win the second tiebreaker — the Broncos and Raiders split their two games, which is the first tiebreaker — based on a 4-2 divisional record, with the Broncos falling to 3-3 with the loss to the Chiefs.
Got all that? If so, here’s more.
The Raiders still can make the playoffs without winning their division. They are one game behind the New York Jets (8-5) as of now. However, the Jets still have games against the Eagles and New York Giants, and if they lose at least one of their final three games AND wind up tied with the Raiders, the Raiders would get the nod based on their win over the Jets.

Care to know why defensive tackle Richard Seymour failed to register any tackles against the Packers, and he and his linemates failed to make many plays?
Here’s coach Jackson’s explanation:
“All of our defensive linemen get double-teamed,” Jackson said. “Those are some big guys we have. So they get double-teamed. They get grabbed, they get pulled. They get a little bit of everything.”
Jackson admitted that Seymour has to find a way to be more productive, regardless how many players are blocking him — and it’s virtually impossible for all four linemen to get double-teamed every play.
“He’s got to play better,” Jackson said. “Our whole defense has to play better. Our whole team has to play better. So it’s not just Richard Seymour. There’s 10 other guys on defense and there’s 11 guys on offense, and there’s another 11 on special teams that need to play better than what we have.”

Jackson said he continues to see things called in games that he hasn’t seen before. He has a point here.
Against the Packers, Jackson was told that he couldn’t challenge a play in which a Packers kick returner stepped out of bounds because the replay wasn’t working.
Then, a penalty was assessed against the Raiders, even though the officials determined that a fumble by Rodgers actually was an incompleted pass, which happened long before the clip by Lamarr Houston.
“Because it was a personal foul,” Jackson said.
When asked if the penalty should have been wiped out, Jackson said; “That’s what I said, too. But in their opinion it is a personal foul during a play. So, it is tacked on to the end of whoever gets the ball last. So, it was a defensive penalty. So, they got half the distance. They went from the 8-yard line to the 4-yard line. Yes, I did have a fit. But that’s the rule.”

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Steve Corkran

  • GoodOle00

    Raiders can destroy Detroit 45-14 and we still would have no idea if they can win out.

    Physical, talented mental cases incapable of manning up and playing more than one focused professional game.

    THATS the Raider legacy for the last 8 yrs or so…and ****ing counting moind you Govnah…

  • hendu

    RFL,coach FLORES can take you from BayFair Bart Station,walk ya over!Also,Raiders.com have info

  • VanHeathen

    That had to be the fastest 80 yds of Kings life…
    He knew what was at stake…
    Just like our boys will know this Sunday is the biggest Sunday yet this season.
    Just WIN!

  • hwnrdr

    Hendu Says:
    December 13th, 2011 at 10:19 pm
    VanHeathen,can you still see him catching the pass from Plunk?GONE,Raiders!!!! I HOPE that all young RAIDER FANS,get to see the greatness of the Raiders SOON.

    One of the greatest plays! And you’re right…my hat’s off to all of the younger fans that only seen the bad years! They still come back for more and more! That is what separates “US” from the rest!!! Let’s Go Raiders!!!

  • hendu

    VH,Looks like we have to pull for NE,smack TB,6 sacks would be great,as long as we take care of our mission,sweep out!

  • hendu

    Hwnrdr, RAIDER NATION.

  • aig-raiders

    Not a fan of Monte Poole but dude nailed it in his piece…..
    Monte Poole: No defense, no playoffs for Oakland Raiders

    By Monte Poole

    Bay Area News Group
    Posted: 12/12/2011 09:36:41 PM PST
    Updated: 12/12/2011 09:59:51 PM PST

    The Raiders have one week, maybe two, to discover an ingredient they’ve yet to find over the past three months.

    Not just any ingredient, but one essential to their chances of reaching the playoffs.

    No defense, no postseason and no rational argument on their behalf.

    Coach Hue Jackson concedes his team, which 10 days ago was in prime position for the playoffs, has to approach its final three games in must-win mode.

    “Every game from here on in for us is a must-win,” he said Monday, in the wake of successive blowout losses to Miami and Green Bay. “If we want to accomplish our goals, which is winning this division, every game, one game at a time, is a must-win.”

    Though the Raiders are not one loss away from mathematical elimination, finishing with a flourish might be the only way to avoid conducting exit interviews as early as Jan. 2.

    Those interviews, whenever they come, will and should start with everyone who has anything to do with the defense.

    “For the most part, our defensive coaches, they get after it with those guys in trying to put in our game plan and get it done,” Jackson said. “We need to get better, period, everywhere we are on this football team — defensively, offensively and special teams.

    “I’m not going to sit up here and hammer the defense. I don’t want to do that.”

    Jackson can avoid singling out specific weaknesses because the “eye test” does it for him. The record does it. The
    statistics do it.

    Though Oakland’s defense occasionally has made key plays and impressive stops to finish a game, not once this season, even in the best of times, has it been able to strut off the field knowing it belongs in the playoffs.

    The unit has allowed more points per game (27.2) than any team in the AFC except winless Indianapolis. Only one unit in the NFL has allowed more first downs, and no team has given away more first downs by penalty. The run defense ranks 29th overall.

    Oakland has allowed more than 30 points to five teams, at least one team every month. It has allowed more than 30 points in a half three times — nearly one-fourth of the schedule.

    Jackson won’t express disappointment in defensive tackle Richard Seymour, whose diminished effectiveness likely is related to the tender knee that keeps him out of most practices. The coach won’t light into middle linebacker Rolando McClain, whose inadequacies seem to become more glaring with each game.

    When your best defensive lineman is off his game, it shows. When the middle linebacker too often gets hung up on blocks or goes the wrong way, it tells.

    “We (have to) play better,” Jackson said. “To a man, I think every player would feel that way. Those 11 guys who are starters on our defensive football team need to go out and play as well as they can, because they have.”

    Those moments, though, have come in sports, a quarter here, a series there — hardly enough for defensive coordinator Chuck Bresnahan (who was hired by former owner Al Davis) to be invited back.

    The only way a defensive unit can be this poor and still reach the postseason is if it is obscured by a strong offense. The Packers and Patriots and, to a lesser degree, the Saints, are winning because their offenses are scoring machines, with MVP-caliber quarterbacks flinging it to fabulous receivers.

    We’ve seen Oakland’s offense enough to know that, when healthy, it is capable of offsetting some of the team’s defensive shortcomings. That no longer is the case.

    With so many injuries at the skill positions, the “O” has been reduced to a quarterback, Carson Palmer, who arrived 11 weeks after camp opened and does not have the team’s breakaway back or its most dangerous wide receivers.

    Without running back Darren McFadden or wideouts Jacoby Ford and Denarius Moore, opposing defenses don’t worry about the big play.

    They creep up and shrink the field, unafraid of getting burned. Chicago did it and nearly won at O.co. Miami and Green Bay each did it to rout Oakland.

    Suddenly, running back Michael Bush, who was so productive when opponents respected the deep pass, is neutralized. And Palmer, desperate to make plays, is forcing passes to the likes of Darrius Heyward-Bey, whose hands are not reliable and whose speed has little or no effect.

    “What you once were,” Jackson said, “you’re not.”

    So the losses start coming. And with the roster as it is, why would they stop now?

    You can look at Oakland’s offense, realize what’s missing and see it on the sideline.

    When you can look at the Raiders defense and see what’s missing, you realize it has been missing all along. Finding it for the final three games requires a miracle.

  • WhatsGoinOn


    this is some hot dish shiit if I ever seen it. you really got to practice bein bad to be this bad. stinks to no end. WTF

    what the hell happened to make this team go from cruisin to taken a nose dive? what the hell happened to fck this thing up? so you have some key guys out, well maybe the losses should be a little closer or competetive. where was the back ups in miami? do we really focus on the starting 11 and thats it?

    good fkng teams have a good bench. are we that fckng bad we cant get good bench talent? letting haggen go was a big mistake. not now, but from day 1.

    this team has to fire on all cylinders, all the time. the only hope is lechler and jano. if not for them, we’d lost a couple of more games and the scores woulda been bigger blow outs.

    getting players to play hard requires that the players want to win for the coach. it is up to Hue to find those winners and shlt can the rest.

  • hendu

    Fellas,been fun,OUT

  • LA to TheBay

    mikedlopes Says:
    December 13th, 2011 at 8:46 pm
    I think we need this guy on the sidelines



    Please hire Romo’s crazy a$$ like yesterday!

    Mark Davis, get this man on the sidelines… sh;t get this man on the FIELD.

    Hire him as a motivational speaker if nothing else.

  • GoodOle00

    Just post the link

  • GoodOle00


    Closer to 20 guys injured, owner dead, QB out, Starting RB OUT, WRs OUT rookie coach, NEW QB half way thru the season,and STILL in the hunt thats whats happenin’…

  • al d. davis

    In the Raiders we trust:

    I’ve bashed everyone there is to bashed, ripped them good including the bulk of the subpar moron dummies who second as “players”, Hue Jack, Chuckie, etc…etc.

    However, the real blame runs to the skipper, stank AL, who should have been run out of the league after 1983, last time we won the SuperBowl, once he figured out it was easier to make money winning lawsuits than football games.

    The “back to Oakland” years were horrific, as stank AL sunk into dementia, alzheimers, had oozing pus sores on his face, while he was honored and adored for being the “Coach”, “Genius” etc. Maybe such monikers suited Stank at one time, but Stank went way past his time. The one bright moment came under Gruden’s command but AL couldn’t deal with Gruden (and ran him off), and knew positively that he, Stank AL, was the “wonderkind”, infallable, and would live forever.

    Now we eat the fruit of what AL planted: a bullsh.t shoveling pimp and snake oil salesman for a coach; a recycled, over-the-hill embarassing DC, and the entire roster on which nary a playmaker can be found, except maybe Ford and Moore. What took 28 years in the making cannot be undone in one or even 2 or even 5 seasons. Hopefully, Amy Trask and Mark Davis will realize that Stanky AL in the last 28 years was non-creative garbage, and to rid the team of Stank’s taint, the Raiders must be completely blown up, and start anew.

    In the Raiders we trust.

  • JB

    morilla Says:
    December 13th, 2011 at 7:20 pm

    I really don’t see the Broncos beating Brady and Belichick.

    I didn’t see Tebow beating us either, Chicago or the others that they pulled out. I can’t believe that Tebow has been this lucky. It certainly isn’t skill. Actually it is their defense playing lights out every game. A 3-4 defense I might mention. If we got half that performance from our defense, what Tebow does wouldn’t make any difference. Our defensive problems start with Chuck Bresnahan and end up with key players like Seymour, McClain, Huff and other playmakers not really making a difference. Much of that under performance is due to injuries. The rest of the problems lie with poor backup players especially in the LB corps.

  • DKnight007

    Monte Poole hit the nail on the head alright.

    For once I would like to see the D play well 3 games in a row, cause some turnovers and pick up the Offense….for once…since the O doesn’t have their main play makers and are banged up!

  • beach

    I am a fan of Monte Poole, and this is the truth. Those crying about Palmer are fools.

  • JB

    Can’t have Romanowski cheer-leading on the sidelines as we’d end up with 2X the number of injuries we now have. He’s on his own planet – probably a little brain damaged from excess oxygen he got when using his o2 chamber. He’s is now very humorous in his rants and unfortunately right on point all to often especially when it comes to the defensive side of the house.

    I’d actually like to see hue invite him into practice one day with the mission of redirecting Bresnahan’s brain. He needs to get into Bresnahan’s head and scare the living schit out of him. Maybe that would help but probably not. The only real help is to FIRE Bresnahan ASAP and bring in some real 3-4 defensive coordinator. Right now our D is a gigantic liability. The 4-3 D has become far too predictable.

  • beach

    Christianity aside, Tebow is as fierce a competitor as you will find. He has running ability, which is a bonus. After that, he is just Alex Smith. Play conservative, don’t make mistakes, and pray your defense wins the game. The 49ers and Broncos are average teams who are winning with defense. If we had an AVERAGE defense, we wouldn’t be hoping for a miracle right now!

  • imaquaman

    im not saying any one should be fired or cut .but i do remember when gruden was coaching, the guy he had returning punts (i forget his name)was fairly decent yardage wise ,anyway fumbled a punt that might have cost us a game was cut right away ,not benched but cut.next week was next man up

  • WhatsGoinOn

    Time to look forward to the lions. we’ll know if moore and ford are ready by wednesday.

    serious questions:

    with all the injuries and pussification, has the team thrown in the towel?

    has chuck b lost the d unit? is he a lame duck d-cordinator?

    does Hue have the ability to take off the gloves and rip some ass and bring this team back to life?

    is Palmer intelligent enough to overcome the last two games regardless if moore and ford are back?

    what the fck is goin on with dhb?

    can romac come back, or is he to far gone? did his boner in alabama have more of an adverse effect on the team tan we know of? was MR correct when he proclaimed it doomed the locker room?


  • luvmarvhub

    “You guys have to give McClain some more time. Its only his 2nd season.”

    One could make the argument that a linebacker responsible for calling the assignments can’t be expected to be great at it in this, only his second year, but one cannot reasonably make the argument that McClain is quick or fast or strong or in possession of any of the physical traits that one expects from a 1st round pick at that crucial position.

    Anyone watching him on tv can see he doesn’t move well to his left or the right, he doesn’t attack the ball carrier even when that player is running straight at him, he can’t shed blocks…in short, I am stunned by his play. He’s not just mediocre; he looks awful, and always has, really. I don’t know if it’s that he is too busy trying to diagnose where a play is going and thus doesn’t actually react or if simply doesn’t have great physicality. It really doesn’t matter. He stinks.

    I recall a few scouting reports prior to draft day that made it clear he wasn’t a bruiser sort, but looking back on things, I can’t understand why the wording of those reports were as “soft” as they were.

    Can anyone explain how it is that ANY scouts thought he should be either a first or a second round pick? Was he simply hidden in the middle of a great team?

    I am at a loss. The only other explanation I have for his performance is that there’s something not right in his head—-mental case??

  • http://www.FreePriesttjNow.org

    The return of Priesttj to this blog is imperative.

  • imaquaman Says:
    December 13th, 2011 at 11:43 pm
    im not saying any one should be fired or cut .but i do remember when gruden was coaching, the guy he had returning punts (i forget his name)was fairly decent yardage wise ,anyway fumbled a punt that might have cost us a game was cut right away ,not benched but cut.next week was next man up


    how bout when dick seymor gets a few flags at critical times that wind up eventually costing us precious time and eventual losses. he has to nut up or pack up.

  • GoodOle00

    1117. Ricochet drunk. Mask slips.

    You choose how you feel. YOU.


  • imaquaman Says:
    December 13th, 2011 at 11:43 pm
    im not saying any one should be fired or cut .but i do remember when gruden was coaching, the guy he had returning punts (i forget his name)was fairly decent yardage wise ,anyway fumbled a punt that might have cost us a game was cut right away ,not benched but cut.next week was next man up


    or a d-cordinator who can’t seem to pull his head out of his ass. he needs to nut up or pack up.

  • GoodOle00

    Skid Row Monkey Business

    “The freaks come out at nine, and its twenty…ta ten.”

  • Cork must be fed up with this blog because he just won’t run a new post. how bout a bread crumb? nut up.

  • beach

    Good night, Raider Nation. Here’s to seeing a midday report that at least Ford or Moore/and Taiwan Jones are PRACTICING!

  • beach

    1125. ???

  • imaquaman

    im not saying any one should be fired or cut .but i do remember when gruden was coaching, the guy he had returning punts (i forget his name)was fairly decent yardage wise ,anyway fumbled a punt that might have cost us a game was cut right away ,not benched but cut.next week was next man up
    does anyone remember who that was ?

  • VanHeathen

    Aquaman: the guy Gruden cut after the botched Punt return was David Dunn…that was a shrewd way to get his point across…thinkit was the next game that he put Tim Brown back there and Timmy housed one…remember hearing grumbles from the lockerroom after Dunn was released, but EVERYONE knew who was in charge of this team…Chucky

  • imaquaman

    im not saying any one should be fired or cut .but i do remember when gruden was coaching, the guy he had returning punts (i forget his name)was fairly decent yardage wise ,anyway fumbled a punt that might have cost us a game was cut right away ,not benched but cut.next week was next man up
    i thought at the time, that was kind of harsh but he did build a winner

  • imaquaman

    yea sent a message huh, he was held accountable

  • whale hunter

    new post

  • It is way past my bed time, but I just want to say to keep positive and when there is ball left to be played, there is still hope. All Hue has to preach is the will to win is the brightest light that burns in Raiderdom.

    Oakland 41
    Baked Loins 10

  • Sr Julio Ricardo Jose Montoya y Manuel deEsteban


  • autopalm77

    2011 Year to Date….Games-13, Solo Tackles-68, Assisted Tackles-15, Total Tackles-83, Sacks-0, Interceptions-3, Passes Defensed-7, Total Tackles Last Four Games-22….

    2011 Year to Date….Games-12 Solo Tackles-54, Assisted Tackles-18, Total Tackles-72, Sacks-4.0, Yards Lost-29, Passes Defensed-12, Safety-1, Total Tackles Last Four Games-24….

    Daily Quiz for the visual or attentionally dyslexic…I will leave those affected by auditory dyslexia out of this particular quiz…I will make an effort to include those challenged the next time….

    Above you will find the relevant statistics for two NFL linebackers…Both were drafted in the first round of the NFL draft….Both were top ten pics in there respective drafts….For those who suffer from visual dyslexia, there is really very little difference statistically between the two cumulative totals….One linebacker has three interceptions and the other none….One linebacker has four sacks and the other has none….For those of you with attentional dyslexia, please reread the above segments of this post REPEATEDLY so it may sink in with your limited retention capacity….I won’t illicit any more clues as you may do your own research….Well, what the heck, one more clue can’t hurt, afterall there are quite a few who suffer from this affliction after reading some of these posts…One linebacker has played for quite awhile….

    After you figure this quiz out….How about rooting for another team or STFU, as you are clueless and have zero credibility to go with zero statistical data to reinforce your dyslexic points of view…..AP77….

  • qodrn1


    Dedicated to the legacy of Al Davis
    Protected by the rally squirrel and Coliseum rodents

    2011 Raider Games

    First: Ghostraider (exact score) Raiders 23 Broncos 20
    Second: Sullivan44 Buffalo 38 Raiders 35
    Third: Pretty Rick Raiders 34 Jets 24
    Fourth: Sullivan44 Patriots 31 Raiders 14
    Fifth: Fingers Raiders 24 Browns 17
    Sixth: Zymurge Chiefs 28 Raiders 0 (WTF)
    Honorable Mention: LA for PAIN
    Seventh: Noone…at all. Broncos 38 Raiders 24
    Eighth: La Milicia Negra (exact score (sadly))
    Ninth: TheToozFan55 (exact score) Raiders 24 Bolts 17
    Tenth: TRIPLE TIE (Exact score) Raiders 27 Vikings 20
    R8eray + Just Fire Baby + The Big Banana
    Eleventh: Beware of Raiders Raiders 25 Bears 20
    Twelfth: Autopalm77 Dolphins 34 Raiders 14
    Thirteenth: Sullivan44 Packers 43 Raiders 16

    fingers Raiders 28…….Detroit 23….
    Gilligan Oakland 41 Baked Loins 10
    Lowdown_in_Beijing Raiders 36 Detroit 7
    raiderdav Detroit 44 Oakland 13