WR Moore returns to practice; McFadden, Ford still out


Wide receiver/punt returner Denarius Moore provided the Raiders with a bit of welcomed good news by returning to practice Wednesday.
Moore has been sidelined with a sore foot since he sprained it against the Minnesota Vikings on Nov. 20. He is fielding punts and catching passes on the field right now.
Meanwhile, running back Darren McFadden is nowhere to be seen. He has missed the past 52 days with a midfoot sprain and there still isn’t a timetable for his return this season, if at all.
Wide receiver Jacoby Ford (foot) and running back Taiwan Jones (hamstring) are working on an adjacent field with a team trainer. That portends their being a realistic shot at one or both returning in time for Sunday’s game against the Detroit Lions.
Wide receivers Chaz Schilens, Darrius Heyward-Bey and Louis Murphy also are practicing despite getting banged up at some point against the Green Bay Packers on Sunday.
Defensive tackle John Henderson (knee) and free safety Michael Huff (hamstring) are not practicing today. Both suffered injuries against the Packers. Cornerback Chris Johnson is not practicing, and he was not on the field as a spectator, either.
Center Samson Satele (shoulder) made it to practice despite his injury against the Packers.

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Steve Corkran

  • HayesDaze37

    You absolutely DO “give up” a 1st and a 2nd for a fighting chance.

    As the Raiders are showing…the difference between being a good team and a bad team isn’t really that huge. A player in trouble here, an injury/ies there, next thing you know, you’re looking up at the leaders.

    When the chance to have a fighting chance arises…ESPECIALLY when the season’s well underway…the team must go for it. When JCampbell went down, we already knew we had a pretty good team.

    Not trying to upgrade the QB spot would have been screwing-over the rest of the team…these guys want to go to the Playoffs NOW (some questionable efforts notwithstanding).

  • RaiderReggie

    RaiderSam Says:
    December 14th, 2011 at 3:22 pm
    Imaquaman Says:
    December 14th, 2011 at 2:05 pm
    im a life long raider fan BUT, the way our defense is playing doesnt matter who our QB or RB or WR’s are .


    Hello? THANK YOU! Defense wins Championships.

    see Niners. Defense and run the ball (its built to win by November/DECEMBER)

    You still can’t give away points on Offense. Int.return for touchdowns, Int reurn to the 50 yard line or your own 20 yard line. You can’t win like that even if the Raiders had a defense like Baltimore or Pittsburgh.

  • bcz24

    But what? The price was too high. I would bet the price went up with Hue’s level of desperation.
    Again you can’t debate the compensation 6 weeks in to his tenure. What if Palmer DOES takes us to the Bowl next year? Will you still say the compensation was too much? You can’t know until this thing plays out. Not one person here, palmer supporter or hater feels good about what we gave up, as of today, but the fact remains that if we DIDN’T make that deal we would be sitting here, 4-9 record complaining about how bad Boller sucks, the defense sucks, how much of a pvssy DMAC is for not playing, AND I would venture to say that at least 70% would be saying ‘If Al were alive he would have found a way to trade for CP to keep the season alive’

  • Silverandblack666

    “I’m down ! Did you see the post with the rules? I’m down and I hope I lose SNB …”

    Yeah the rules are that if we win the game and Palmer throws 2 or more TD’s I win the bet.

    If we lose the game and Palmer throws 2 or more INT’s you win the bet.

  • eastoaklandraider

    We have yet to have our complete team this year so as far as I’m concerned playoffs or not this season is a wash. When we go through a complete off season and training camp then we all can jude hue and the rest of the team. To many injuries and new players coming in to get a good feel for this team. Only one thing is certain Chuck B has to go.

  • imaquaman


  • imaquaman

    snort bwahahaha


    Would love to be a team to be a 4-3 and or a 3-4 , we are a nt and a bad azz MLB (Burfect) away.

  • eastoaklandraider

    True u must have D but u also must have an O that can give them a rest unless u are the 2000 ravens. By the way the niners still suck easy schedule in lousy division is only reason they are where they are. They still need a QB but F@ck the niners anyway

  • Al

    I thnk we need to get rid of Chuck Bresn, our deffense has enough talent to be playing better than they have, I think the system were running and the play calling stink


    Seymour vs Suh throwing down on the 50 yard line in O co. With the crowd going crazy. Would love to see that on tv.

  • eastoaklandraider

    Rams saints colts packers and patriots all won SB with avg defense

  • qodrn1


    Dedicated to the legacy of Al Davis
    Protected by the rally squirrel and Coliseum rodents

    2011 Raider Games

    First: Ghostraider (exact score) Raiders 23 Broncos 20
    Second: Sullivan44 Buffalo 38 Raiders 35
    Third: Pretty Rick Raiders 34 Jets 24
    Fourth: Sullivan44 Patriots 31 Raiders 14
    Fifth: Fingers Raiders 24 Browns 17
    Sixth: Zymurge Chiefs 28 Raiders 0 (WTF)
    Honorable Mention: LA for PAIN
    Seventh: Noone…at all. Broncos 38 Raiders 24
    Eighth: La Milicia Negra (exact score (sadly))
    Ninth: TheToozFan55 (exact score) Raiders 24 Bolts 17
    Tenth: TRIPLE TIE (Exact score) Raiders 27 Vikings 20
    R8eray + Just Fire Baby + The Big Banana
    Eleventh: Beware of Raiders Raiders 25 Bears 20
    Twelfth: Autopalm77 Dolphins 34 Raiders 14
    Thirteenth: Sullivan44 Packers 43 Raiders 16

    baumraiders Raiders 27 Lions 21
    Blackmamba_20 Raiders 27 Thugs 17
    fingers Raiders 28…….Detroit 23….
    Gilligan Oakland 41 Baked Loins 10
    Lowdown_in_Beijing Raiders 36 Detroit 7
    raiderdav Detroit 44 Oakland 13