Jason Campbell coming up big in community


Raiders quarterback Jason Campbell might not be able to play football right now, but that isn’t stopping him from being active in the community.
Quite the contrary. Campbell is doing more than his share to make the holidays even more enjoyable for many in need. For details, we submit a letter from Campbell:


This holiday season may be the toughest one yet! Unemployment on the rise, under-employment, not having enough money to buy food, pay bills or thing about celebrating the season – the everyday low-income struggles of making ends meet have taken its toll especially for single mothers. On December 20th, we will be hosting our first annual Jason Campbell Christmas Toy Giveaway. We have adopted 10 single mothers and a total of 26 children. We are committed not only to hand out toys, but to make a difference a share a message of HOPE and provide an evening filled with music, dinner and entertainment.

Your sponsorship is greatly appreciated. To donate, log onto www.jasoncampbellfoundation.com. We appreciate your consideration and thank you in advance for your support. Your donation will be tax-deductible.


Jason Campbell

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Steve Corkran

  • Silverback Says:
    December 16th, 2011 at 4:35 pm

    I really can’t understand taking every shot possible at the team you are supposedly a fan of. Destructive criticism.
    Critical thinking, or a thousand Code Blacks have nothing to do with their performance on the field.

  • LA to TheBay

    Trade Steve Corkran for a Thousand Code Black Women

  • silverback

    Critical thinking, or a thousand Code Blacks have nothing to do with their performance on the field.
    Neither does an alleged fans misery.

  • GoodOle00

    Dear NFLN,

    Theres a reason reporters and radio personalities are not on TV.

    PLEASE stop showing writers jabber on with inane banalities about their team.

    Broncos think patriots will give them a good gauge about how good they really are.


    Yes it is.

    Luckiest team of the century so far.

    Tebow magic is absolutely gross.

    Formula for that magic.

    Su-ck complete azz for 55 minutes.

    Pray for other team to throw the game.


    Tebow “magic”

  • Method To My Madness

    102.LA to TheBay Says:
    December 16th, 2011 at 4:40 pm
    Trade Steve Corkran for a Thousand Code Black Women


    Kell doesnt like even one black woman

  • Neither does an alleged fans misery.
    I bet I’ve been to more games than you have. Real Fans aren’t sheeple.

  • GoodOle00

    The Sam Hurd arrest and McClain shooting allegations are all the more reason for the NFL to fix more games for their beloved Jes-us freak Golden boy.

    DESPERATE to become more family friendly and move away from the reality of the thugs they hire

  • VittorioTafur Vittorio Tafur
    Hue: “We’re due to play extremely well for four quarters”
    2 hours ago Favorite Retweet Reply
    I hope that isn’t his game plan.

  • Jesus

    Tebow “magic”

    The only “magic” and abilities that Tebow has is the ability to make the other team CHOKE ! Except the Super Chokers they do that on their OWN !

  • raidertalk

    I dont know if Palmer has the focus to lead this team…When we had Gannon he could lead the team on pure will; he had the focus to pull a game out on his own, lead the team from the start of a game to finish.

    Palmer can make all the throws, but he needs to realize that he NEEDS throw it away sometimes and not FORCE the issue. We he can manage the game and we get Mcfadden back then we can be a playoff team.

  • raidertalk

    Campell at least had the presence to throw it away sometime but I don’t know that he had the focus to put the team on his shoulder without the running game behind him. During the NE game he had a chance to take it but flubbed it away, for example.

  • raidertalk

    Memo to Coach Hue Jackson,

    Memo to Coach Hue Jax:
    When Denarius Moore come back please do not have him returning punts, as he is one of our last weapons on Offense that is not injured

  • joker94583

    I’ve always like Campbell as the man and the QB. He is all class and no sass. I hated to see him get hurt and still prefer him over Palmer. Knowing he may not be a Raider or if he is a backup next year he doesn’t have to do this. He could say screw it I’m done. But he is helping and I will donate what I can even though I was recently laid off.

  • imaquaman

    i would have liked to see the end results this year with campbell after 16 games .i was impressed how much he improved since he first got here

  • Raider J


  • RaiderVictory

    Campbell is all class.


  • qodrn1


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    Protected by the rally squirrel and Coliseum rodents

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    Second: Sullivan44 Buffalo 38 Raiders 35
    Third: Pretty Rick Raiders 34 Jets 24
    Fourth: Sullivan44 Patriots 31 Raiders 14
    Fifth: Fingers Raiders 24 Browns 17
    Sixth: Zymurge Chiefs 28 Raiders 0 (WTF)
    Honorable Mention: LA for PAIN
    Seventh: Noone…at all. Broncos 38 Raiders 24
    Eighth: La Milicia Negra (exact score (sadly))
    Ninth: TheToozFan55 (exact score) Raiders 24 Bolts 17
    Tenth: TRIPLE TIE (Exact score) Raiders 27 Vikings 20
    R8eray + Just Fire Baby + The Big Banana
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    Twelfth: Autopalm77 Dolphins 34 Raiders 14
    Thirteenth: Sullivan44 Packers 43 Raiders 16

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    Blackmamba_20 Raiders 27 Thugs 17
    ElkGRaider Oaktown 35 Nittany Lions (Sanduskys) 23
    fingers Raiders 28…….Detroit 23….
    Gilligan Oakland 41 Baked Loins 10
    imaquaman rayduhs 273 leons 21
    Lowdown_in_Beijing Raiders 36 Detroit 7
    mcfadden20 Code Black 48 Doritos 6
    Method To My Madness Raiders 27 Kitty Kats say Meow with 24
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