Raiders short-handed for ‘must-win game’


At a time seeminlgy when all hands on deck applies, the Raiders will be without lead running back Darren McFadden, starting wide receiver Jacoby Ford and cornerback Chris Johnson for a game coach Hue Jackson, quarterback Carson Palmer and others consider a “must-win.”
And that’s if the Raiders are lucky. Jackson still isn’t sure whether he will have the services of running back Taiwan Jones, defensive tackle John Henderson, free safety Michael Huff, either. All three are questionable as of now.
None is likely to play, gived Jackson’s stated preference for using players in games who practiced at least once in the run up to the game. Henderson, Johnson and Huff missed all three practices this week.
Still, no one can be ruled out when the Raiders are at a point in the season when one more loss can all but knock their focus from a Super Bowl title to the 2012 offseason.
Jackson has steered clear of using injuries as an excuse for the Raiders recent downturn. Instead, he prefers to focus on the players at his disposal.
Hence, Jackson is thrilled at the prospect of getting back wide receiver Denarius Moore on Sunday after playing the past three games without his talented rookie.
“Obviously, we didn’t say Denarius Moore was out, so that’s improvement,” Jackson said. “The team practice hard, we have had three really good days of practice. But it’s got to manifest in the way you play. Our guys are ready to go, we’re very excited about the fans, our crowd.”
Moore worked on returning punts, but he might not be used in that capacity Sunday.
“We got to ease him back in to this, but he looked like he’s back up and rolling,” Jackson said. “So, potentially he could be back there at some point in time, but right now, myself and John Fassel haven’t made that decision to stick him back there.”

Jackson confirmed that Ford and McFadden still are in Alameda, working out with team trainers and receiving rehab treatments on a daily bais.
McFadden hasn’t been spotted for nearly three weeks. Ford was not on the the practice field either of the past two days.
“Yeah, they’re both here,” Jackson said. “They’re here in Alameda, right down inside. They just run from (the media).”
In other words, Ford and McFadden have no interest in speaking with you, the fans, anymore than necessary.

Players had a fun time chiding Jackson for an upcoming segment in ESPN The Magazine, in which Jackson is shown receiving a manicure-pedicure before the Raiders game against the Chicago Bears.
When asked about it Friday, Jackson told reporters: “Wow! If it’s not you guys, it’s the players. I have taken it today, I have taken it. That got out pretty fast.”
Jackson said he had an ulterior motive in agreeing to be photographed during his so-called “me time.”
“Team building, that’s what that was for,” Jackson said. “I wanted to see what that would be like. Wow. You guys never had a pedicure/manicure in this group?”

The Raiders are one of three teams with a winning record that has been outscored this season. The Denver Broncos and the New York Giants are the two others.

There’s a time for cracking the whip and a time for doling out hugs. Knowing when is the key, Jackson said of how he has maintained control over the locker room through an up and down season.
“You can’t be inconsistent with your team,” Jackson said. “You can’t be too high one minute, too low the next. I’ve been who I am. And the players understand that and appreciate that. I’m not going to change much. They understand when they need a good tongue lashing, I’m going to give it to them. Sometimes, you have to put your arm around them. But the bottom line is, at the end of the day, it’s whatever it takes to win.”

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Steve Corkran

  • 505raiders

    the team emphasis must be on mental toughness week to week

    sometimes it looks like we cave in on the bad calls

  • Thec07

    The 12th Raider is going to need to make noise like never before…I beleive they can and will be the diffrence maker…

    The money ball guys on the D need to earn the pay grade….

    Like my man SnB on D says, they need to put it on film…

    1 NATION….

  • SnB offense defense specialteams

    Give it up about the penalties against the Raiders.

    THE VAST majority of those calls are the stupid, lack of preparation/concentration type fouls.

    The false starts, 12 men, neutral zone……the Raiders are also at the top of the league in penalties on 3rd down.

    The Raiders are not a disciplined group. Khalif Barnes gets a lot of holds and false starts because he’s overwhelmed in most matchups.

    The Raiders lose the bulk of their games because of two glaring issues:

    1. A shoddy p&ss poor defense devoid of playmakers…although highly paid!

    2. Spotting the opponent 125 to 150 yards a game in penalties.

    Oh, and layoff Chris Johnson! Good grief



  • 505raiders

    how many chances were the vikings given to score first in our game

  • 505raiders

    we had better plan for suh because you know that boy has slver & black in his viens and hes gonna love it in the collisium
    where gladiators play
    and zebras are prey



  • Gerard

    Seriously, I think it’s horrible what happened to his sister (CJ), but what other “job” would just give a guy 5 weeks off with pay to grieve?

    I realize injuries happen etc. too, but I hear nothing on the form of any sense of urgency on the part of any of the players to gettting back to playing.

    Take Ford’s comments for instance. He doesn’t wanna play unless he’s 100% ready to go cuz he doesn’t wanna “hurt the team”. Yet Roethlisberger (as an example) could say the same damn thing… “As a QB you have to be able to move around a bit and you have to be able to plant your foot correctly to make proper throws. Everyone knows I play real well running out of the pocket and I can’t run real well on this gimpy foot. That’s why I’m sitting out. I don’t wanna hurt the team”. He COULD say that, but he doesn’t.

    Name one player of any significance (or otherwise) who has EVER been allowed to take 5 weeks off strictly to greive for a passed family member? Or better said ever WANTED to.

  • Gerard

    All the best to CJ. Obviously this is more devastating than most can understand.

    Football isn’t as important to him as it is for other players and that’s fine. Probably the way it should be.

  • qodrn1


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