Final: Lions 28, Raiders 27


Quarterback Matt Stafford threw touchdown passes of 3 yards to Titus Young and 6 yards to Calvin Johnson in the last five minutes as the Detroit Lions came back for a 28-27 win over the Raiders Sunday at O.co Coliseum.

Losers of three straight, the Raiders are 7-7 and probably still a game back of the Denver Broncos, who were well behind New Englnad in the fourth quarter.

Stafford completed 29 of 52 passes for 391 yards, with Calvin Johnson catching 9 passes for 214 yards. The Lions, 9-5, remain in contention for an NFC wild card spot.

The Raiders, who led the game 27-14 with 7:47 left after a strip-sack by Tommy Kelly resulted on a 4-yard touchdown by linebacker Aaron Curry, got the ball near midfield as the game ended.

Janikowski had a 65-yard field goal attempt at the gun partially blocked.

Oakland also scored on a 43-yard pass from Carson Palmer to Darrius Heyward-Bey, a 12-yard reverse by Louis Murphy in the first quarter and field goals of 46 and 51 yards by Sebastian Janikowski.

For Detroit, Stafford had touchdown passes of 51 yards to Calvin Johnson, 39 yards to Nate Burleson and 4 yards to Titus Young, the last one coming with 4:59 to play and getting Detroit within 27-21.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • anthonyraiders

    Statistics don’t make a quarterback but Soup’s 14 for 20, 165yds a game also is not going to win a championship. Soup has to have a great, great, great running game and an easy opposition to win games in the NFL. Palmer at least gives the recievers chances and puts points on the board when there is no running game. We lost today because our defense was out of position in zone. Which they are every week. Chuck’s fault.

  • bubbaisaraiderfan

    i hear ya anthony, but trust me palmer runs hot and cold EVERY year. I live 30 min from cincy have seen him since a rookie and hes just not the same since he was hurt. every bengal fan i know laughing at that trade and for good reason. I don’t blame you for thinking the way you do about him you havn’t seen him day i day out like i have. he has a sub .500 record for a reason ( and no its not all becauz bengals are screwed up) but you are right, main problem is defense

  • bubbaisaraiderfan

    PS palmer hasn’t won a big game since 05!

  • bubbaisaraiderfan

    Well folks, I’m done venting. Lets at least hope we beat kc and sd and salvage some pride! Everyone try and have good week.

  • RaiderSam

    Look,,you could talk about the worst game and bad decisions…

    you could talk about losing a game with 13 point lead with 6 minutes left

    you could talk about us being on Detroit’s 21 yard line and Hue Jackson going for on 4th down instead of taking the FG

    you could talk about Tennessee, Denver and the Jets losing, and, we let the Lions waltz for 99 yards with 2 min left

    or you could talk about Bresnahan calling a defense that puts our MLB in deep coverage on Calvin Johnson(!)

    the bottom line is…this team is having to come back from …its owner dying, its players getting relatives shot, a multitude of injuries, bad, long term expensive contracts (Seymour, Routt, Huff, Kelly and DHB) and bad trades.

    its having to come back from nearly 8 years of horrific coaching turnover and game management.

    We could have had Calvin Johnson, yet he went 9 catches for 241 yards and 2 TD’s…. what did our first round pick do…he had his best game
    yet dropped a key pass, then Schilens dropped another.

    This team has to get a GM and get the parts in place. We went for a QB and crapped out, mortgaging the future,
    but what choice did we have? There was no GM to make the key decision, nor an efficient scouting system that could work, because the coaching turnover lent us no identity?

    The Niners did it the simple way – play defense, run the ball and don’t turn it over. This element of a defensive minded head coach could help turn this around, but were swimming up stream. Simply not enough play makers MAKING PLAYS in key situations. – had Schillens made the catch late, that’d put Sebass in for a higher percentage 54 yard FG instead of a 64 yd FG that was partially blocked anyway.

    This team remains a work in progress that has to get an identity. Tim Tebow proved one thing, a man who is a winner can change the complexion of an entire team. They must search high and low for players with those intangibles; leadership, determination, perseverance.
    They have been losing for too long, and it has created habitual deficiencies they havent learned to overcome.

  • BloodRaider

    Detroit is just a better team.
    Maybe we’ll be a real NFL team next year.

  • GG

    Oh man this was nasty. A blowout that you can tell is coming after the first offensive series (3 and out) is terrible. But these 4th Qtr comeback losses, in the last seconds, are god-awful. So many moments could’ve sealed the game. The D played so well for large slabs, but those Boyd and Mitchell blown coverages, and the McClain on Calvin, were gut-wrenching. Hue again with the 3rd and 3 bomb FFS, and not taking the FG early. On that 3rd and 3, perfect opportunity for a Reece run, or a Reece pass into the flat, or dump it over the middle to Bush/Reece/Boss.

    What a blown opportunity tho, with the Tebowites losing. Now Chargers (and even Chiefs) can still win the division.

    You can almost see it now lol (angry lol), Raiders drop their last two, Broncos drop their last two, and the Chiefs/Chargers end up winning the division. Raiders could’ve been that.

    McKenzie (as GM) or whomever we hire, has got to be priority person. Meaning, he’ll come in and evaluate Hue and the entire staff, fashion the football department from the top down. Not be brought in because he can work with Hue and who doesn’t have ultimate say to totally re-evaluate everything (including firing Hue/etc if he wants to).

    2012 gotta be about getting Pryor starter ready. The whole Palmer trade was all about playoffs now, 2011, and seeing as we blew it, then they gotta look at the long-term future (ie, Pryor not Palmer).

  • GG

    Btw, here’s why Hue MUST go…

    This whole roster, team, playbook after this debacle of a late season collapse will not recover and buy into Hue for 2012.

    A new GM must be hired, with his own vision, and full control of the football department. He MUST put everyone on notice, and work his way thru the roster and coaching staff (and admin staff) and build HIS team with HIS coaches anew, with none of this last few years baggage of Kiffin-Cable-Jackson (curly, larry, mo) that the playing group got developed under.

  • HERKY515

    Such potty mouths here. Is it really that difficult to formulate and express a thought (term used loosely) without expletives? Goodness Gracious!

  • hujackeditup

    Hubris cost us this game…The so called head coach is of the mind set that he must put his “stamp” on this season, thus he continues to call plays straight from the Madden ’12 playbook…very simply, you take the 3 on that first drive…very simply, 4th and one, just over 2 minutes left, your oppenet has no timeouts left and MB has been pounding it in the second half, you run the ball!!! VERY SIMPLY!!! u are up 12 after scoring a touchdown with 8 minutes left you go for the fuggin 2 point conversion!!!How in gods name can he sit there and say “i thought kicking it was the right call! Hujack, you are to stupid to have an ego that big…All that said! boot his dumb ass and GO RAIDERS!!

  • hujackeditup

    yeah i know…3rd and 3