Jackson quick hits


Subbing for Steve Corkran today . . .
Will have more later, but some quick hits from Hue Jackson’s press briefing Monday:

— While acknowledging there are always calls and plays you’d like to have back after a one-point loss, the only thing Jackson sounded as if he regretted was not going for two points following the touchdown that put the Raiders up 26-14 with 7:47 left.

His thinking? We’ll get a stop this drive then work the clock. No fear of back-to-back touchdowns and the 14-point number that would put them behind.

As for the fourth-and-1 incompletion to Denarius Moore in the end zone and the third-and-3 incompletion to Chaz Schilens in the fourth quarter, Jackson felt those plays were there to be made.

Same goes for the 48-yard reception by Calvin Johnson against the Raiders’ Cover 2 defense with Rolando McClain and Jerome Boyd in coverage. The ball was up there, waiting to be intercepted.

— Stop if you’ve heard this one before _ Darren McFadden is day to day. Jackson said unless he’s told definitively that McFadden is out, then he’s a possibility.

— With the concussion to Bryan McCann, sounds as if the Raiders will go into the next game with Moore returning punts and Tyvon Branch kickoffs rather than bring in someone else. There’s also the possibilty McCann could return.

— Jackson isn’t taking any time going over the permutations of how the Raiders could still be in the playoffs, taking more of a “let’s win ’em both and see where we stand” philosophy. The Raiders could also finish last in terms of seeding with two losses _ having already lost once to Kansas City _ but he considered that possibility to negative to dwell upon.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • silverback

    The dolts fans were screaming to get Jeff Fisher, the fins fans are begging for Bill Cowher or Chokey Gruden, and fans here are talking about keeping an overrated offensive coordinator.
    The coaches of these teams were given multiple chances to prove their unworthiness.The most I’ve ever heard a fan or semi say is one more year for Hue.

  • gtown1_sj

    Do you think that given a chance, Mr. Davis would have signed Jim Harbaugh rather HueSux?
    Find me a rookie head coach who “Lost the owner, GM and face of the team”, “lost his starting QB”, “lost his starting RB”, “lost most of the defensive starters”, “lost his starting wide recieving core” and still had the ability to still be in position to be a playoff team?
    To say “I have been a football and Raiders fan long enough to recognize an incompetent head coach when I see one” tells me you need to understand more as you watch while being a fan.

  • JB

    Sullivan44 Says:
    December 19th, 2011 at 6:07 pm

    JB, you’re the one who said that if Amy Trask asks our GM to jump, he says how high. Or something of that nature. Did you not? Now you’re saying Amy Trask would back off? Which is it?

    My initial response was to your assertion that Amy would report to the GM & not the other way around. That comment about the CEO getting the Gm to jump was to emphasize the corporate structure by an extreme example. In reality, thee is nothing to indicate that Amy Trask would be anything other than supportive of efforts by the Gm HC or any other raider employee if were good for the team. Hopefully this clarifies my view on the situation and my comments. She’s been doing the job for 20 years now for what has to have been one of the toughest bosses in the world – Al Davis. If she can succeed under him, she should be good to go for almost everybody else. she’s also reportedly a very bright lady.

  • Just Fire Baby

    Amazing that all 4 teams still have a decent shot at winning this division.

    Every teams scenario is at least somewhat believable.

  • gtown1_sj

    Big Ben won the SB his rookie year. But he did have the advantage of a very stable organization.
    An organization that has been consistently in the playoffs before he got there and after. They have made good personnel decisions and put good players around him, but not to take anything away from Ben, like I said you have to be very lucky and in the right place at the right time.

  • Just Fire Baby

    You can get lucky and win 1 Super Bowl.

    But Super Bowls (plural) aren’t won on luck.

    Big Ben is going down as a top 20 all-time QB, and maybe higher if he can string together another solid 5-6 years.

  • JB, it doesn’t necessarily clarify your view. It’s an entirely different view. One view is that Amy is running the show, and if she asks a GM to “schit”, he’s to respond, “how much, and what color”. The other view is that of Amy allowing the GM to be a GM and call the football shots. You seem to be conflicted as to who Amy Trask is.