Making sense of Raiders’ decision-making


Still subbing for Steve Corkran today . . .

For what it’s worth, and right now its worth about as much as Raiders’ first-round playoff tickets, here’s a few opinions and second-guesses about what transpired in the Raiders’ 28-27 loss to the Detroit Lions and the season through 14 games:

— I didn’t have any problem with either of the pass plays that helped cost the Raiders the game against Detroit. You traded a good part of your future for Carson Palmer precisely because he has the ability to make both the fourth-and-1 pass to Denarius Moore in the first half, and the third-and-3 pass to Chaz Schilens in the fourth quarter.

Hit either one and it’s the ball game. For a quarterback of Palmer’s passing skill, those are nearly layups. Hue Jackson held Schilens responsible in the aftermath of the game, but Palmer took the blame afterward. Yes, Schilens could have caught it, but it wasn’t a typical soft Palmer pass. It came in flat and hard, unlike most of his throws.

— Having discussed the situation with a few other non-experts such as myself today, I’m of the belief the Raiders didn’t go for the two-point conversion after the Aaron Curry touchdown simply because Jackson and Co. got caught up in the moment and didn’t think about it.

When you’re on offense, coaches are always looking ahead. What do we do if we score? What’s our next move? On Curry’s defensive touchdown, there was no such train of thought. Jackson simply sent out the extra-point team as quickly as possible without even pondering the point total. That’s where you need a wise old hand somewhere who is always thinking down the road and has access to the head coach in those situations _ the football version of a baseball bench coach.

— Michael Huff has been hurting most of the year and hit and miss in the secondary, but they really missed him against Detroit. There were safety help issues on the 51-yard Matthew Stafford to Calvin Johnson touchdown, the 48-yard sky shot from Stafford to Johnson, and the game-winning 6-yard pass to Johnson. Even if Huff makes just one of three of those plays, it’s a different result.

— The Raiders have given up 27 touchdown passes a year after giving up 28. Their pass defense is as much to blame as their run defense for being in the position they’re in.

They were playing Cover 2 to hide their weaknesses in the secondary and still couldn’t pull it off. Bad idea to have Rolando McClain and Jerome Boyd responsible for Johnson? Absolutely. But that ball was there for the taking. Either man could have been a hero simply by getting a hand on it.

— Darren McFadden, still day to day . . . right. Actually saw McFadden coming into the stadium when I went back out to my car because I’d forgotten my phone. Said hello and asked if we’d be talking soon. He just said hello, shrugged his shoulders and smiled.

If the Raiders knew McFadden was going to be out a good long time immediately after being injured seven games ago, they did him a disservice by stringing along the possibility he’d be able to play, because it makes it appear as if he doesn’t want to. No one who runs as hard as McFadden when healthy is a sit-it-out type. Sadly, he simply may not have the body to hold up over a season. He hasn’t been able to do it yet.

— Jackson said the reason Marcel Reece didn’t touch the ball in the second half was more three wide receiver sets. Considering the Raiders scored 17 points by halftime, and needed a defensive touchdown in the second half to get to 27, perhaps they should have run more sets with Reece in the game.

— The grim reality is this _ if the Raiders lose their last two games and finish 7-9, the Chiefs finish 7-9 and the Chargers and Broncos each have a better record, Oakland, in terms of seeding, would finish in last place. The Bengals would be getting a draft pick better than they ever imagined for Palmer, but at least the pick the following year would be in the second round.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • luvmarvhub

    “not going for 2, a wise old coach would”

    Oh, for God’s sake, “a wise old coach?” That has to presume that NFL football coaches can’t do simple arithmetic. Jesus.

  • Dr. Hunter S. Thompson

    Bullies run the ball on third and short.

    Just Win Baby.

  • al d. davis

    Excellent analysis, Jerry. Kudos to you. In other words, Jackass (jizz face) Jackson is utterly worthless, as is the DC and most of the roster. C’mon Mark, step up and let this fool go, NOW! Allow Terrel Pryor to play the last few games to see what he has. CP is a has been, and JC as a game manager is a slug. McFadden is not worth spit as well as the entire secondary and the linebackers, and most of the D line. Raiders receiver corps should be blown up including the flotsam Schillens, DHB, Hous, Murphy and the ball dropping TE Boss. The O line should lose Barnes and Satele. Raiders, you are totally out of it.

    One last question: who the frack is Boyd, and from where in the frig did he come ? Holding game after game in his hands……scary

  • al d. davis

    Next man up!

    1. Jack Azz (jizz) Jackson: “the urgency they showed last week is what gave them a chance to go play the way they played.”

    2. Jack Azz(jizz) Jackson: “Obviously when you go back and look at a game like that, there’s plays you wish you had back, there’s calls you wish you had back but at the end of the day you lost 28-27, you don’t get those back so umm…tough. And we’ve got to keep learning and growing from it.”

    Question 1 regarding Quote 1: if the Raiders practiced with “urgency”, which gave them a chance to play with that same “urgency”, I need that “urgency” like I need a hole in my head.

    Question 2 regarding Quote 2: Wake up Mark; you are paying this inarticulate slickster how much to experiment and grow? This is football at the highest professional level; coaches are supposed to be past the the stage of experimentation and growth demonstration expertise and ultimate skill.

    Conclusion: Monkey (jizz) Jackson is a Cro-Magnon Man, with a skull at least 3 inches thick.

    Solution to his lack of talent and stupidity?

    Insert a semi-auto in his mouth, tell him to “suck on this”; explain to him that if we don’t win he gets a cap in his azz. If we don’t win, shoot him in the butt, then welcome him out of Oakland with a tar and feathering, and at the city limits, clip his eggs to insure such defective DNA never again enters the gene pool.

    Be a man Mark Davis!

  • Zwarte Piet

    Hue Jackson is no better than all the other yes men the Raiders have had at the Helm the past ten years! let’s start the new era with a coach that is not just another Barry Switzer, because after a decade of low IQ coaches it’s time to join the Winner’s Circle….

  • Zwarte Piet

    Mr. Mark Davis, please get with Ron Wolf and throw some cash his way and have him set your team on the right course.After all,he is the best football Man the NFL has ever seen.

  • Zwarte Piet

    Mr.Mark Davis,the use of former Raider’s by your Dad was a great idea sometimes.It would great if you could find a way to bring in Marcus Allen or Tim Brown in a management role.Men like them have a way of rubbing off on other people,and they would show much better than say John Herrera are the late AL Davis.

  • ddwight

    All you hue haters are really rats on a ship. All he needs to do is get rid of Chuck.B & Jerome Boyd. And we will be fine!

  • ddwight

    And remember Chuck.B was not hues pick, but you have to understand that firing a D-coor in the middle of the season aint the brightest thing to do.

  • 0ak72

    Hue seriously doesn’t have a conversion card in his pocket!! He’s our GM, coach and OC, and he doesn’t have one of these cards! You look at the card first, then you decide if your gut feel for the game warrants doing something different. This proves you have way too much on your plate. Did anyone notice the 49ers backup mlb plays the position way better than 1st rounder Mcclain. Unless we switch to a 3-4 Mcclain isn’t going to workout.

  • MikieG

    Its going to be a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong

  • huntdogg2

    Hue, will have you believe he’s going to change the culture of the Raiders. The culture was created by Al, and he’s just a continuation of Als losing culture. Our owner has created a great legacy for us, but we knew he was out of touch with football. His hiring of Hue is just a continuation of his losing culture he created. Maybe someone will take over leadership, because it sickens me to see Hue playing with Als toys like he left them for him.
    Hue isn’t even an average coach, he don’t think like a coach, he needs to go.