McFadden, Ford, Huff not practicing


With less than 72 hours before a must-win game, the odds are dwindling of the Raiders getting back running back Darren McFadden, wide receiver Jacoby Ford and free safety Michael Huff for Saturday’s game.
All three players are not at practice today, though Huff is working with a team trainer on an adjacent field. It’s difficult to imagine any of the three making it back in time to help the Raiders against the Kansas City Chiefs.
Through it all, coach Hue Jackson is holding out hope of at least one of the aforementioned trio coming back. At this point, it appears as if he’s hoping against hope.
Jackson is big on not playing players who don’t practice in the run up to a game. Therefore, there’s only one more practice left for McFadden, Ford and Huff to show that they are healthy enough to play.
Same goes for defensive tackle John Henderson, who remains unable to practice because of a sore knee.
On the bright side, backup running back Taiwan Jones is practicing for the second straight day, and he appears ready for some action after missing the past four games with a hamstring injury.
Quarterback Jason Campbell has been throwing in recent days in his recovery from a broken right collarbone. However, he has not been spotted doing anything at practice since he got injured Oct. 16.
Jackson said it’s possible that Campbell will be healthy enough to backup Carson Palmer before season’s end. That, too, appears to be wishful thinking.
At this rate, it’s safe to assume that Campbell has played his last down as a Raider. He is eligible to become an unrestricted free agent after this season and there’s almost no conceivable way that he will be asked back, or that he even would want to come back after being replaced by Palmer.
Bryan McCann is returning kicks at practice. This, despite Jackson talking up Tyvon Branch as if he is the second coming of Gale Sayers as a returner.

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Steve Corkran

  • MistaBrown Says:
    December 21st, 2011 at 2:52 pm

    KK Munster just because I’ve had more blk women than you dont be a hater old man

  • Silverandblack666

    “We need a NEW MLB,”

    Pretty much what I was getting at I am done with McClain but I am not in the front office so all I can do is hope.

  • Just Fire Baby

    I have watched all of about 5 minutes of preseason hoops, the Warriors-Kings games.

    What I got from those 5 minutes:

    -Kings players don’t like passing to the Jimmer
    -Curry has bulked up and is the obvious keeper in the Ellis-Curry backcourt
    -Dubs still huck up garbage shots all the time
    -Udoh is the key to the season

  • Dakota


    Who are the Warriors? They a WNBA team?

    New post.

  • oldschoolraider

    I thought last week’s game was “must win”.

  • Seymour Bush

    Looks like jamista clown is melting down. Newt must have told him he didn’t need his help.

  • qodrn1

    New Post. YAy.

  • The “career effecting injury” is all the reason not to draft a RB fourth overall. No return for the money. . .

    So DMAC returns next year & has a relatively injury free season in, ironically, his contract year.OBTW; he has the accompanying career year that vaults his status up there with Marshall Faulk, Priest Holmes, Roger Craig & Gary Anderson as all purpose running backs, and then. . .

    So he proceeds to stick it to the Raiders (not his fault or wish) & gets hurt again, his explosiveness starts to wane & he becomes one of those “what coulda been. . .” type stories.

    For the record and for the umpteenth time; I favored drafting Ryan Clady in the first round & picking Matt Forte up in the third round (I won’t get started with that). . .

    Any running back can get hurt & it seems a point of WHEN they get hurt & their career starts to unwind instead of IF a running back gets hurt. . .always knew Marcus Allen had a chance because nobody could get the clean kill shot on him. . .DMAC welcomes a certain amount of contact. . .but how many Marcus Allens are running around (probably wouldn’t want to have many more. . .)? Yeah, or everybody would have one. . .

    Don’t get me wrong; I’ll invariably support whomever the Raiders pick. It’s just when I want BJ Raji & they pick DHB, I want Haloti Ngata instead of Michael Huff or Mike Roos (LOT for Tennessee) instead of Stanford Rout, whom the Raiders could of had a round later. . .

    Okay, I digress. . .the point is to have someone that has to be accountable because of his versatility and consistency over the long haul instead of measureables that dissipate like beauty for a young woman. . .better have a great personality. . .

    The point that I have supported from day one (why Henderson is so valuable & THEY don’t grow on trees either. But of the 2001-2002 draft class that netted Big Rich & his college running mate, Marcus Stroud, Albert Haynesworth & only Stroud no longer plays. Premium on those types. . .)what the Raoiders do. However, someone brought up the unmitigatable fact that the Raiders need someone like Henderson to tie up bodies so his running mate can play the “3” technique. Two “3’s” get you OG’s taking on LB’s on the second level. Repeatedly.

    So for you that get down on ROMAC for not being able to shed blockers 80 lbs heavier than him, well the Raiders made that bargin. Surely he’s not fast enough to play the role the Raiders require but I think the Raiders were banking on his size & intelligence. It still could work, but the fourth down whiff on Sunday indicates otherwise. . .

    And, of course the Raiders have had problems setting the edge, leaving them totally exposed in the running game. Then the secondary players “ankle dive (usually unsuccessfully)” or, for those of you in the verbacular, enlists a “business decision” and the opposition gashes the Raiders to the house one more time.

    Then the Raiders are either playing man coverage, further exacerbating the situation. Or, they are so woefully inept @ thackling or playing zone coverage that is no help. . .so it should be no surprise (coupled with the worse collective ball awareness of any defense in the league) that the Raiders defense is so woeful.

    That should appease you as the Raiders take their collective Nation down tho the last play of the year &, hence, the Raider Nation’s last collective nerve. . .

    So talk of next year is just good old common sense. . .

  • Dakota, I’m not stopping @ TWO fast food restaurants for that order. . .Howard’s the only hope. . .but the Warriors are trying to eliminate pouty namechangers. . .

    Make mine Subway. . .

  • BTW; Corry’s ankle probably isn’t getting appreciably better anytime soon. . .

    The Warriors answer to DMAC. . .

    And the Clippers are just today’s flavor of the week. Otherwise the Wizards with JeVale McGee & Wall would be more highly touted touted. If Blatche accepts the fact less a medium range game like Mark West he should just collect garbage & rebound. . .not necessarily . . .but you just hear crickets from our nation’s capital (where Chicago athletics are more hearlded/reveared). . .

    Naw, I like Chicago this year. Jalen Rose & Rip Hamilton with all those above average role players. . .if Booser stays healthy & Noah doesn’t beat himself into oblivion setting picks, bumping point guards & soaring across the key to defend the rim. . .(isn’t it cool that a former French tennis pro’s som is a crash & burn kinda player? Cool. How non-European. . .).

    But in the west? If Bynum can stay relatively healthy (with the compressed schedule the odds are dwindling in his favor) & if Pao can use the aborted trade as incentive (so polisned on the surface; smoldering volcano under the skin) the Lakers can be competative. Kobe needs a sidekick; perhaps LA is Howard’s final destination. . .SA too old? Dallas; too many holes to repeat (odom for Chandler will be interesting. . .) I don’t see a “head above the pack” west team; just don’t think it will be the Clips. Not enough inerior support or defense to help Griffin (don’t think Kia has anything on the horizon. . .)

    Oklahoma (hard for a Seattelite to go along with that. Where’s Curt Cobain when you need him?) City bu default. Just don’t think Westbrook has learned his lesson yet. But a matchup against Chicago?

    Perhaps if the Phoenix Coyotes were lured to Seatle & something to disuade the Oklahoma ownership from trusting the safety of the Oklahoma City community? LOL 9although I lobbied for the nickname to be the “Bombers.” It wouldn’t be the first time a team was called that LOL (can’t emphasize that enough)