Huff, Jones intend to play; Ford, McFadden still uncertain

Running back Taiwan Jones and free safety Michael Huff said Monday that they intend to play Sunday against the San Diego Chargers, given the magnitude of the game as the Raiders challenge for a playoff spot.
Wide reciever Jacoby Ford said he is hopeful of playing Sunday. However, he won’t play unless his sore foot heals enough to where he feels as if he can make a difference.
No word on running back Darren McFadden, who has missed the eight games with a right midfoot sprain. He was not in the locker room during the media-access period. Coach Hue Jackson won’t speak with the media until 2 p.m. today.
“This is a one-game season,” Huff said. “I’m going to go out there and play and give my all. I don’t really worry about if I play this week that I may injure it for the playoffs because, if we don’t win the playoffs might not happen.”
If the Raiders lose, they are eliminated from playoff contention. They still have a shot at winning the AFC West, provided they beat or tie the San Diego Chargers on Sunday and the Denver Broncos lose to the Kansas City Chiefs. The Raiders also are in the hunt for a wild-card berth if they don’t win the division.
For either to happen, the Raiders need to win Sunday. Hence, Huff said he will play regardless where he stands health-wise. He has missed the past two games and four this season.
“Got to,” Huff said. “We have to win this win. This is a big game. We know we’re going to get their best shot and we’ll give them ours. I’ll be out there Sunday. I’m not going to miss this one.”
Ford said he will lobby the coaches to play Sunday, even if he isn’t at 100 percent. In the end, it will be up to Jackson and team trainers.
“Even if I’m not 100 percent, I’m always willing to help my team any way that I can,” Ford said. “But I definitely wouldn’t want to get out there and hurt the team. That’s one thing I definitely wouldn’t want to do. If I can go, I can go. If I can’t, it’s like a tough break. I just hope I can.”
Jones said that his sore hamstring keeps tightening up on him as he works hard to get back in the mix. He feels an added burden to make it back Sunday in light of the pounding Michael Bush has taken as the workhorse.
Defensive tackle John Henderson needed a cane-like crutch to get around the locker room Monday. That doesn’t bode well for his return from a sore knee. He has missed the past two games.

Those blocked field-goal attempts by defensive tackle Richard Seymour were more than luck or chance. Several players said they were by design.
Linebacker Aaron Curry said special teams coordinator John Fassel and long-snapper Jon Condo spotted a weakness in the Chiefs’ protection during tape study the week before the game.
They theorized that if the Raiders got a strong push on one side of the Chiefs line, the opportunity would be there to get a hand up on Ryan Succop’s kicks.
Sure enough, that’s what happened on the final play of the first half and the final play of regulation. In the end, that proved to be the difference between a win and a loss and the Raiders remaining in playoff contention.
“Condo said, take your two biggest guys and push them through and tell them to get a hand up,” Curry said. “And that’s we did. Same thing on both blocks. We took a plan and believed in it. Quentin (Groves) actually said, ‘We’re about to block this one,’ before the last one.”
The plan called for Curry, Groves and other players to push Seymour and fellow defensive tackle Tommy Kelly, thus making it harder for two blockers to hold up.
“Yeah, that was the plan,” Groves said. “We knew that they’re ‘go’ guys were kind of weak in that area. We just said, we’ll put our two d-tackles there, and then a third d-tackle and push those guys and get as much penetration as possible. I told Rich, ‘Just throw your hand up, we’re going to block this one,’ and he did it.”

Condo explained what happened on the fake field-goal attempt by the Raiders that resulted in touchdown pass from holder Shane Lechler to tight end Brandon Myers, saying the play was negated by a delay-of-game penalty because of how long it took for the Chiefs to get lined up.
Condo said the Raiders had to wait to see how the Chiefs lined up before they called for the fake. The Chiefs took longer than expected to line up, which caused the play clock to run out before the ball was snapped.
“We had to get the look from the defense,” Condo said. “So, we had to wait until they kind of set up and we had to communicate. You don’t want to have half the line (confused). I know in the week of practice, there’s some communication problems when we practiced it. We don’t want half the line knowing that it’s on and half the line thinking it’s off.”
As it turned out, the Raiders attempted a 58-yard field goal after the 5-yard penalty. Sebastian Janikowski’s kick came up about 1 yard shy.
Condo said there are few things that compare to the feeling of pulling off a trick play such as the flip to Myers. It’s something the Raiders have become at adept at doing this season under coach Hue Jackson.
“It’s a special feeling whenever you practice a certain play, you draw it up in the meeting room, you picture it happening and you go over it in practice,” Condo said. ” ‘This is how it’s supposed to work. This is how it’s supposed to work.’ Then, to get the picture in the game, it’s a pretty special feeling. You get a little tingle in your stomach, like, ‘Oh, man, this is great.’ ”

Janikowski and Lechler are the only players on the Raiders roster who were around the last time the Raiders made the playoffs, in 2002.
Many of the players on the 53-man roster are experiencing the feeling of playing in a meaningful game this late in the season for the first time in their NFL careers.
“It feels good to be this close,” said Huff, who arrived in 2006. “It’s been awhile since it’s been like this around here. It’s a good feeling. We know we have to go out there and handle our business this week and everything will take care of itself.”
Cornerback Stanford Routt is in his seventh year with the Raiders. He is accustomed to thinking about next year at this time of the season.
Now, he said, it’s incumbent upon the Raiders to cash in on their opportunity. That means beating the Chargers, first and foremost.
“It’s definitely good that we’re still in it,” Routt said, “but it will be even worse if we go in and fall flat on our face on Sunday. I know, obviously, we need help from Kansas City to beat Denver, and the other scenarios for the wild card, but if we go out there and we don’t handle business on Sunday, then it doesn’t matter who wins the other games if we don’t take care of ours.”

The Pro Bowl selections will be announced Tuesday. The Raiders have several players with a realistic shot at making the team — Janikowski, Lechler, Condo, strong safety Tyvon Branch head the list.
Condo said it will be nothing short of stunning if Janikowski doesn’t get selected in a year in which he has tied the NFL record for longest field goal (63 yards), converted six field goals in one game and played at a high level from start to finish.
Janikowski has yet to make the Pro Bowl in any of his first 11 NFL seasons.
“I’m praying for him,” Condo said of Janikowski. “He deserves it. He works hard kicking the ball. Like I said, he’s been in the league 12 years, it’s got to make him burn to make a trip to Hawaii, with Shane going six times. So, they’re the two best kickers in the league. You can’t argue with that. They’re, by far, the best teammates, the best friends, outside the locker room. He definitely deserves it.”

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Steve Corkran

  • Seymour Bush

    Go Raiders

  • Seymour Bush

    We need Huff out there no doubt. 2ndary is getting a little thin.

  • Seymour Bush

    Condo said it will be nothing short of stunning if Janikowski doesn’t get selected in a year in which he has tied the NFL record for longest field goal (63 yards), converted six field goals in one game and played at a high level from start to finish.

    And Jamista Clown wanted him gone.

  • inonewordraider

    This is a one-game season,” Huff said. “I’m going to go out there and play and give my all. I don’t really worry about if I play this week that I may injure it for the playoffs because, if we don’t win the playoffs might not happen.”

    gotta love this guy

  • crister

    How about Routt not play like a flag machine.

  • John David Booty

    crister Says:
    December 26th, 2011 at 2:06 pm

    How about Routt not play like a flag machine.
    Routt will have a big INT return. Jackson is banged up. Routt is gonna harass him and if Rivers tries to test him, Routt will make him pay.

  • Dr. Hunter S. Thompson


  • 8RaiderReign8


  • 8RaiderReign8

    Routt has been earning every penny of Al’s money this season.

  • Dr. Hunter S. Thompson

    If McFadden doesn’t attempt to play this Sunday he is a Pu$$y. Even if it is just to use him as a decoy he needs to suit up. I also think we should bring back Tim Brown and Howie Long. You know Timmy can still run routes and Howie can still rush the “passa” in third downs packages.


    Just Win Baby.

  • olinesux

    You would think dmc would be a little embarrassed about sitting with a foot sprain man the eff up!

  • Raider Riff

    funny how y’all are all on Huff’s nuts right now. ive heard so many raider fans call for that guys head over the years. he was mcclain, before mcclain showed up. but now y’all love huff…as you should.

    so with that said, youve turned your hate to dmc for not risking his career? idiots. nobody wants to be in there more than him. you have no idea what its like to be a thoroughbred like him.


    Had some reservations about the Curry trade. It sure seemed like a no-brainer, the price was right – but why would Seattle just give up on this guy ?

    He’s far from a finished product. He might not be the brightest bulb.

    But man, when Aaron Curry hits you, you stay hit.

    Dude can really lay the lumber. Stops you dead in your tracks.

    Has started to show a propensity for being in the right place at the right time too. Witness the deflection on the screen against Chicago that Wimbley nearly housed. Witness the TD recovery on Kelly’s strip sack against Detroit (easy on the celebration, Aaron). Then against the Chefs, take another look at the 4th down run stuff – no, Curry didn’t make the stop – but watch how he’s flashes in, funnels the runner, and precludes any opportunity of the back trying to pick a hole. Damn near hit the carrier 3 yards behind the LOS. Nice disruption.

    Most of all, I’m digging Curry’s hitting prowess.

    Raids need an intimidating enforcer and AC is showing signs he could be one.

  • inonewordraider

    Raiders 6th in rushing, 9th in sacks and int’s, DHB only trailing Nicks in yards by WR his draft year

  • inonewordraider

    Raids need an intimidating enforcer and AC is showing signs he could be one.

    YES! although improving he’s far from being good in pass coverage but what we need first and foremost is a run stopper and it doesn’t hurt that his bone jarring hits hype up teammates

  • GoodOle00

    Raider Nation-Station

    One broadcaster thinks so, we don’t…


    Yeah, like they said, 40 years ago Boomer

  • Method To My Madness

    Let’s gooooooooooooooooooo Code Black!

  • BewareofRaiders

    We will beat the chargers. No doubt in my mind. We beat them the fiest time without mcfadden and we can do it again. I want dmc back for playoffs so we can keep the rain moving a cause hell. The broncos will lose to the cheifs. The cheifs want romeo to stay for hc so they are playing for him and orton will show all those donkey fans and teblow fans that elway is a dumbass and made a mistake 9-7 AFC West Champs!

  • Method To My Madness

    Wouldn’t be crazy if raiders beat dog schit outta sd…I expect a big game

  • Method To My Madness

    I can see kC playing for romeo but orton is a human and has feelings….he on his film study as we speak


    Learned something new this weekend.

    Been watching NFL football for 40+ years now. I can remember a game many years ago where Hank Stram placed Otis Taylor directly under the cross bar on a long FG attempt – hoping that Taylor would be able to leap up and block the FG if it was going to narrowly make it.

    Only saw that done maybe 2 or 3 more times over the years and wondered why other coaches didn’t try it.

    Didn’t realize a rule change made it illegal for a defender to block a FG at the crossbar, until the announcers discussed it on Sunday.

    Still think it’s a dumb rule.

    You don’t know what you don’t know.

  • Method To My Madness

    Hope our LBs ready to play…..kam wimbley had huge game last time…if he can halfway duplicate it we win

  • Method To My Madness

    Maybe old man you should lay off the Ripple then you would know the rules

  • GoodOle00

    Ford back would be very good indeed

  • Random musings, If we can assemble the sick and dying that litter the pine in Oakville, for one last hurrah on Sunday, the celebration is going to be crazy! Chutzpa’s, get off your lazy azzes!


  • imaquaman

    early on in sea bass career he missed a few attempts at bad times that were fairly close ,and then go nail a 55 yard try,wasnt really at pro bowl level imo.but the latter part of his career he has been the best no doubt .and this year if he doesnt get the vote he probably never will ,cause he has earned it without question .seems he gets more reliable every year

  • imaquaman

    didnt they put a guy under the crossbar on really long trys because if it was short and he caught it he could run it back ,live ball

  • inonewordraider
  • Violent Hands

    @13 he layed out and knocked that charger ot out the game also then prayed for him


    KC may give Denver a hard game but my betting instinct says it’s likely that both Denver and the Raiders win.

    We then need Baltimore to beat the Bengals and the Jets to beat Miami.
    Both of those things could happen.

  • Pistol9

    This more like Raider football of the old glory days. Play, play, play and worry about injuries after the game. DMac needs to tape up the foot real tight and go play football.


    Just how fuk’n long does it take for a McFadden injury to heal?

  • inonewordraider

    VittorioTafur Vittorio Tafur
    Think Hue winked at me when I asked him if chance McFadden plays Sunday. Tests last week went OK, & Hue said to see if he is out there Wed.
    27 seconds ago

  • inonewordraider

    “I haven’t missed a game my whole life and I missed four this year,” he said. “It’s been tough. … Now it comes down to this game.”

    Is that the message for the rest of team — if you can possibly play you need to?

    “Oh definitely,” he said. “It’s like a one-game season

  • fingers

    Hue Jackson ” hinting ” that we may get some players back this week….


    At the start of the season I was convinced the rule change to move the spot of the kickoff up 5 yards was going to hurt the Raids.

    I’m thinking we finally have a great KO returner in Jacoby, so of course the NFL screws the Raids by virtually eliminating KO returns and giving us an endless stream of touchbacks.

    Now, considering Ford’s injury and Jano’s ability to get a touchback virtually every time – I don’t think this rule changed actually worked against us.

    Even caught a break on Jano’s short kick off against the Jets, that Taiwan scooped.

  • fingers

    Yep… Nobody has kickers like ours ….. The very best..

  • GoodOle00

    So Cowher to Chargers after they ditch Norvy?

  • fingers

    Lol…Romanowskis on another roll…. Has a butter knife saying ” go hunting”…. Too funny..

  • GoodOle00

    or Jeff Fisher?

  • JLofty

    I have watched McFadden play hurt, hurt feet to be precise. And he was nothing special. So if he can’t go and go hard, let someone else take the reps.
    Hope Huffer can make a play or two….

  • 89706Raider

    Someone – I think it was Jerry McDonald – recently wrote that you could tell that McFadden liked to be out there by the way he runs the ball. I have to agree with that observation. That’s what the guy does. He doesn’t get to do that sitting on the sidelines. He doesn’t get to do that in the off-season. He also doesn’t get to do a proper job of that by playing at half or two-thirds capacity while hurt.

    It’s frustrating having someone with McFadden’s skills sitting, but the guy makes his living on his FEET. It’s really pretty simple. If his feet aren’t capable of carrying him, he’s not going to be able to twist, juke, and burst to break those stunning runs.

  • fingers

    89706…agree with that … McFaddens not sitting out cause he wants to…

  • DonManoukiansNeighbor

    I hope SD hires a HC we can all laugh at.

    What Joe Gibbs doing?

    Name the players they let get away the last couple years who have gone on to tear it up for some other team. They are worse then the Raiders now. If only KC would give ol Norv a try.


    Yep… Nobody has kickers like ours ….. The very best..
    Absolutely. The Lechler/Janikowski tandem might be the greatest ever. Hard to top that pair.

    Gotta give the old man credit, he knew the value of a great kicking game and didn’t give a crap when the pundits scoffed at him drafting Ray Guy in the first round. Who ever drafted a PUNTER in the first round ?

    They snickered when he took Sea Bass in the first, but after a somewhat rocky start – they aren’t laughing anymore. He’s turned out to be a great weapon and is a mainstay. Get the feeling he might still be hitting 3’s for the Raids 10 years from now.

    And Lechler in the 4th round ? STEAL.

  • olinesux

    dmc is a straightline runner not barry sanders not much stopping and juking…just straight ahead speed and power…if he can jog then he can do that with painkillers

  • JLofty

    DMK, now THAT would be a great present! The Chiefs hiring Norvald. That alone might make my new year…

  • JLofty

    I hope the Chargers keep that AJ Smith guy around. He’s $$$$

  • Thec07

    What up NATION?

  • fingers

    45…I remember a stretch through the early 90′ s when our kicking game was horrible…Al was bringing kickers and we were losing 3 point games… We even brought in Joe Nedney.. Then Al spent that 1st rounder on Jano…. Wasnt a popular pick at first… But man, has it paid off