Jackson satisfied with ‘opportunity’ to snare playoff berth


Long-time Raiders such as defensive tackle Tommy Kelly, cornerback Stanford Routt and free safety Michael Huff are on the brink of playing a meaningful game this late in the season for the first time in their NFL careers.
Coach Hue Jackson said Monday that he and his players are grateful for the opportunity to play for one of six spots in the AFC Playoffs, be it as the AFC West champion or the second wild-card berth.
“There’s been a struggle to get to this position,” Jackson said. “(Everybody) knows this. It’s been well documented. But at the end of the day, to say that at the last game of the regular season, that you have a chance to have something special happen, that we’ve all talked about since Day 1, that’s what you want.”
Jackson says his players understand what’s at stake. How they prepare this week counts for just as much, if not more, as how they play Sunday.
To that end, Jackson and his coaches are making sure that the players approach practice, film study and everything else in the proper manner.
“I don’t bring up the playoff stuff, I bring up preparation,” Jackson said. “How we prepare every week is what gives you a chance. How you practice and get ready for a game.”

Jackson still is working on getting across to quarterback Carson Palmer the importance of throwing away the ball or even taking a sack when a play breaks down and there isn’t an attractive alternative.
Palmer succeeded so well in that regard against the Detroit Lions, one week after he was intercepted four times by the Green Bay Packers. On Sunday, Palmer had two passes intercepted in the first half.
On the first one, Jackson said Palmer was trying to throw away the ball, but the ball “sailed” on him after he got hit in the process of throwing.
The second one came when Palmer attempted a deep pass, with three Chiefs defenders in position to make a play on the ball. Those are the ones that bother Jackson.
“It goes back to a point, sometimes you don’t even have to throw it away,” Jackson said. “I told him, and he understands, and he will, sometimes you just take the sack. And I’m OK with it. Our opportunity to win a championship is tied to our ability to take care of the ball and to get turnovers. That’s what we have to do.”
At the same time, Jackson said, Palmer is to be commended for a 61-yard touchdown pass to wide receiver Denarius Moore in the third quarter and a 53-yarder to Darrius Heyward-Bey in overtime.
“How about that pass to Denarius Moore? Have you guys seen a prettier long ball than that? No,” Jackson said. “How about the one to Darrius Heyward-Bey in overtime? Look, I have great expectations of Carson, but he’s human, just like the rest of us and every now and then, things do happen.
But the guy is playing good enough football for us to win and that’s what matters. I’ll shape him up and get him to where he needs to be here in the next week so that we can play good.”
Jackson said Palmer’s play is a big reason why the Raiders are in the position they are in right now.

Jackson said he will be “disappointed” if kicker Sebastian Janikowski isn’t selected to the Pro Bowl on Tuesday.
Janikowski is in the midst of, perhaps, the best season of his 12-year NFL career. He had solid seasons in the past, yet wasn’t selected. Jackson thinks Janikowski is the only logical choice in the AFC.
“The guy is the best kicker in football,” Jackson said. “Are you kidding me? In my opinion, hands down. If he doesn’t make the Pro Bowl this year, then something is wrong. He should already have stock over there in the Pro Bowl and he doesn’t. He should. I’d be very disappointed if his name doesn’t show up. He’s as good as there is in football. Period.”

Jackson won’t mind the Raiders setting the league records for penalties and penalty yards, under one condition: that the Raiders make the playoffs.
The Raiders committed 155 penalties for 1,294 yards through their first 15 games. They are four penalties and 11 yards, respectively, away from eclipsing the NFL records, set by the 1998 Kansas City Chiefs.
“It’s disappointing,” Jackson said. “I don’t have the answer, obviously. I talk to the team about it all the time. I don’t just talk. I yell, I scream, I threaten. I’ve done everything. I get a bunch of letters of people telling me other things I should try, too. And please don’t send any new ones because those things don’t work.
“But we’re going to continue to work at it. I get frustrated. I’m very frustrated by it because that’s something I don’t believe in. I don’t believe that you can be a champion and continue to get those kind of penalties.”
Jackson promised to get the problem under control by season’s end. He’s out of fresh ideas for how to fix the issue that surfaced in the regular-season opener, when the Raiders committed 15 penalties, and continued through Sunday’s game, when they tacked on 15 more for 92 yards.
He said he isn’t running from the issue, that he is searching for something that works. Eventually, it is going to get sorted out, he believes.
“At some point in time, it’s going to go the right way for us,” Jackson said. “And just like anything else, if you continue to work at it, you make it an area of emphasis and you continue to do so, something good’s going to come out of it. When it’s going to happen, I can’t tell you. … Our players understand that, in order to play good, you need to play penalty-free football. But that’s not who we are right now. That’s my fault.”

Jackson has no idea whether running backs Darren McFadden and Taiwan Jones and wide receiver Jacoby Ford will be able to play Sunday. He won’t have a firm idea until Wednesday, when he sees whether any of them are able to practice for the first time in a long while.
One thing is certain: Jackson won’t play anybody who isn’t able to practice this week. He also said that he won’t allow someone to play Sunday just because it’s a big game.
“If they’re healthy enough to play, then they’re going to play.” Jackson said. “If a guy could play this week, he should have been able to play last week. That’s the way I see it.”

Care to know what Jackson was thinking as Janikowski’s 36-yard field-goal attempt sailed through the uprights against the Chiefs to give the Raiders a 16-13 overtime victory over the Chiefs?
Plenty, as it turns out.
“I was praying,” Jackson said. “I’m not going to kid you.”
Jackson added that he keeps the faith, even when others are quick to abandon ship and give up on his team.
“I have faith in what we’re trying to do here,” Jackson said. “I always have, even when (others) have always doubted us, and I understand that, and deservedly so. When I say that, deservedly so. I understand that. But I’m a man of faith, and I believe in things. I have unquestionable belief in what we’re trying to do. And it doesn’t look pretty all the time. It’s not sexy, it’s not what everybody wished that it is, but it’s the way we are, and it’s the way we are right now.”

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Steve Corkran

  • Method To My Madness

    Raiders destined to be in postseason….just are….I feel it….I expect Carson to be sharp…he can win me over this week…as he should on mistic as well…we gotta do this

  • Just Fire Baby

    Raiders may be controversial, and the league may still hate Al, but the Raiders move the meter.

    Hue is EXTREMELY media friendly, CP is at least on most people’s radars, and they have a good fan base. Raiders TV ratings are always above-average.

    Hell, die-hard football fans might not even know who the coach of the Titans is.

  • Method To My Madness

    Vegas u think so? I dunno ppl watch postseason period….see y’all in a few

  • Just Fire Baby

    Vegas u think so? I dunno ppl watch postseason period….see y’all in a few


    People watch, but in the first round, every network get’s one game (ESPN, CBS, FOX, NBC).

    I can just see the suits in CBS jumping out of a building when they get Houston-Titans, while everyone else gets either Drew Brees, Pittsburgh/Ravens, Tebow and the Lions story to promote.

  • Just Fire Baby

    One thing is for sure, is that the league wants Tebow in the playoffs.

    And the reason is because Tebow draws fans. You either love him or love to hate him.

    His game against the Jets, was the highest rated Thursday night game ever for NFLN. The Pats game was the most viewed regular season game in 4 years.

    Chiefs are on the road (road teams don’t get calls anyways) and facing that.

    Good luck with that.

    Go Ravens!!

  • What has happened to this team since the year started, no camp, POS pre, Losing AD, Losing JC, Losing our D at key moments, and so many key players going down in mid season and not returning, and a chance to go to the play-offs seems like a Tebow moment at this time. This team has scrapped, and done it’s best, and although I’ve been pizzed at many and Hue, I give us credit, it’s in our hands. I wouldn’t want it any other way! RAIDER NATION RULES!

  • Seymour Bush

    # Method To My Madness Says:
    December 26th, 2011 at 5:45 pm

    The NFL don’t want us in…I’m tellin y’all..we so battle tested now….we would be ready for any team in afc….hell yes any

    One playoff win, and this team could catch fire. All these guys need to do is start believing they can win, settle down, and let their talent do the work. Pretty simple really.

  • zopi

    What if both the donkeys and the Raiders lose? What happens then?

  • GoodOle00

    Just Fire Baby Says:
    December 26th, 2011 at 5:40 pm
    Bengals will play the Ravens tough.

    Not sure if they will win, but we will be chewing some nails for sure on that one.

    Bengals win, and all we have left is hope for the Donkeys to blow it.

    Bengals lose, we got all kinds of scenarios to get in.


    Ravens have alot to play for. They’re going to give Benglas he-ll

    Baltimore Ravens (11-4)
    Would clinch the North and a first-round bye with a win or a Steelers loss due to a head-to-head sweep. Would clinch the No. 1 seed with a win and Patriots loss due to better strength of victory (80-85 vs. 77-103).

  • Seymour Bush

    860Todd Christensen Says:
    December 26th, 2011 at 6:10 pm

    This team has scrapped, and done it’s best, and although I’ve been pizzed at many and Hue, I give us credit, it’s in our hands.

    It was in our hands but no longer which is why I have been agitated the last few weeks. It is now in the capable hands of Kyle Orton, Romeo Crennell and Tamba Hali I guess.

  • Zopi, Raids lose? Explain?

  • fingers

    If the Donks and Raiders both lose…the Donks beat Miami.. so they’d go..

  • fingers

    The Raiders were built to beat the chokers…. We know Rivers… He’s going down Sunday…a lot

  • I think AD would love to have the record for Penalties in our house. The Bad Boys of Football rise from the ashes to dominate and destruct, even tho the zebras try to take em out, AD is laughing to the bank! You are the man, AL!

  • fingers

    Yeah, I hear ya… I can live with the aggressive penaltys… But the stupid ones that cost us drive me up the wall

  • Just Fire Baby

    I would rather the Dolts had something to play for so they could do their normal folding chair routine.

    It would be typical SD and Norv, to play their best game, with nothing on the line.

  • fingers

    Yep.. The Raiders need to go into this game like its gonna be a War ..

  • Fingers, me too, but it’s part of our heritage. I watched Tatum take out John Blackmon, 40 yard line, silent stadium, He was carted out, but he finally walked away, and away from the game. Same Year as Singletary, RIP!



  • Spelling? I’m a lefty!

  • fingers

    Right on 860…I was born in the eastbay been a Raider since 1970….I remember going under the bleachers back in the early 70,s burning trees…. Going to the superbowl in 77.. This teams close ..

  • fingers

    A new DC… Some tweaking on the Oline.. Chemistry with the wr’s…
    They still need to learn how to close out a game



  • Plunketthead


    I checked in to see how you are feeling.
    Nervous or maybe drunk?

  • Fingers, I’m old, like good wine or cheese, fan since 1964, lived it all, heidi, etc, no surprises here, looking for a boost to my team, get idiots off the plank, win, and go on!

  • Plunketthead

    Everyone may not know this but JFB was born for this moment.
    Theres few things in life he wants more then an Al Davis Cup for winning Gells World Famous Oakland Raider FF League.

  • Plunketthead

    I second what Todd said

  • Dirt, always a good contributer, Good Health, Good Fortune to you and yours, Bro, we same team, Bro, enjoy!

  • fingers

    860..I was living in Santa Monica in 1976…my uncle brought down his whole family family… Had 2 extra tickets to the bowl in Pasadena … We had a Fk’n blast…. So I’m Old school Raider myself…

  • Plunketthead

    I want a coach that goes ballistic when players get 15 yards after a TD.

    Theres no dam excuse. You dont need to slam it, just toss it to the ref and win the dam game.

  • Fingers, all is so good, I live East coast, 2 Hours Gint or Jets, 1 Hour Pats, I live on Long Island Sound, but it’s all cool. I never miss a GAME here! Even the 7 hour treck to Buffalo! Lol

  • Twocents

    Yes, it would be nice to win the division and finish with a winning record. Do any of you die hards really believe we are an elite team? Did we measure up against Green Bay? Did we dominate any game this season?
    In reality we are a .500 team that needs to take the next step. Hopefully we hire a GM that knows what he is doing and will do what is necessary to take us to the next level.

  • fingers

    The ” goodby” Norv game this Sunday…

  • Plunk, same feeling, do you have snow yet? I stayed at the Silver Legacy when I was there, every thing was first class, overlooked the pool, didn’t know you then, but what a good week it would of been!

  • fingers

    Two cents ..when the Raiders are an elite team we’ll all know it… IMO .. No… But they could become one.. And I think when they’re doing elite things then they will be Elite … Gotta do it first..

  • fingers

    Aginst the Chefs… I think they played well enough to get a Lucky win……lots of dead spots in that game… Then they’d make a play… Then shoot themselves in the foot….lucky that they won the overtime toss ….. And not many teams are able to block to Fieldgoal attempts and win… So they played just well enough to be lucky

  • Plunketthead

    WE had a bunch about three weeks ago but most has melted except at higher Altitude

    I said right away when someone mentioned the easy road is through the wildcard.

    Screw that wild card. Thats nonsense

  • Plunketthead

    Opps that was not meant for you Todd

    Anyways We want that 2011 AFC Championship Banner hanging.
    Home game and bring on Ben

  • Plunketthead

    (1) THE JFB’s 101.68
    (3) Team Wiggle 77.64

    JFB has Matt Ryan
    Wiggles (Jhill) has Brees and Julio Jones

  • ghostraiders

    The way the Raiders have been losing home games this season. ..I’m not sure if we were better off plating this game in San Diego. .. its pretty pathetic when a team has a losing record at Home. .. there was a time in my life when I knew That we had the game sealed if we played at home in front of the greatest fans in football. .sadly those days are gone!!

  • RaiderCrunch

    Plunketthead Says:
    December 26th, 2011 at 7:00 pm
    I want a coach that goes ballistic when players get 15 yards after a TD.

    I agree. And I think Hue will be that kind of coach and when he does, he won’t let any of this bs happen cause they’ll fear him. And after a game like the one in OT, he’ll fist pump cause now he’s been there before.

    It’s all a learning curve for Hue and I think he’s done fine. Tho he has to answer for incompetent defense cordinators, he’ll figure out how to go ballastic on them too.

  • J Hill

    Go Wigglers!!!!!

  • RaiderCrunch
  • Just Fire Baby

    I got robbed out of two points for the Curtis Lofton pass defensed!!!!!

    I am going to need every point, lol.

    A bottle of cheap azz GRuet is on ice.

    Go Jimmer!!!

  • armond

    the titans bengals and broncos will lose this weekend. the jets will find a way to win and slime their way into the playoffs with us. we will finally put a whole game 2gether and celebrate in oakland for a afc west crown. kc 27 donkeys 13 raiders 38 chargers 20
    now hows that for a prediction jfb?

  • Master Beeecham

    Getting ready for the Lake Show’s first victory of the season with a meatball marinara from Subway, a cherry Slurpee and a hand jiggity from this drunk hippy babe I scored from Venice Beach.

    The Occupy (my johnson) Movement is in full effect. Emphasis on “movement” wink wink

    So any of you blog dweebos know a sweet site to stream new film releases?

    Gotta hook up Ghost Protocol for some stoney beanbag action tomorrow, whut whut

  • Just Fire Baby

    I like it!!!!

    But in that scenario do the Donkeys get the wildcard?

    Watching the Dubs game here shortly? If we lose, that will pretty much be a wrap I’m afraid.

    Losing your first two at home in a 66 game season is like starting 0-4.

  • J Hill

    Armond you were right about Glo getting roasted had he overthrown those 2 passes against Det.

    Palmer has got to hit those.

  • Just Fire Baby

    Tyreke “Drive-by” Evans and the Jimmer might be the oddest backcourt ever.

  • J Hill

    Cmon Brown!!!

    Start Goudelock