Ford says he’s good to go

Subbing for Steve Corkran . . .

Looks like Hue Jackson and Al Saunders will be free to dial up a reverse or two as well as setting up a few catch-and-run opportunities for wide receiver Jacoby Ford.

Ford hasn’t played since Nov. 10, but practiced all three days this week and expects to play San Diego Sunday.

“I’ll be out there,” Ford said. “If I practice this much this week and I’m not out there, I’d be mad. I’ll be out there, though.”

Ford said, “It’s definitely been a fun week for me. A lot more joy on my face this week. I’m just anxious to get back out there and help this team out as much as I can and get this win.”

Jackson reiterated he doesn’t expect to use Ford on kickoff returns, with Bryan McCann retaining that duty.

— Running back Darren McFadden (foot), defensive tackle John Henderson (knee) and quarterback Jason Campbell (collarbone) were all ruled out. No surprises there. Hearing some talk (although not from the Raiders) that McFadden could be a factor next week if the Raiders make the playoffs against either Pittsburgh or Baltimore (in Oakland) or Houston (on the road).

I remain skeptical, considering how much time he’s missed. McFadden will have missed nine games, have conditioning issues, and then step into a realm more intense than anything he’s ever experienced in terms of NFL playoff football.

Ford, Louis Murphy (groin), Taiwan Jones (hamstring) and Michael Huff (hamstring). Huff will probably start, but Jones still hasn’t had a full-on sprint so he’s probably somewhere south of “questionable.”

— Jackson considers the playoffs an important first step in what he is attempting to build in Oakland.

Interestingly, Jackson has almost ceased using his oft-repeated phrase “building a bully” and of late has talked of “building a program.”

“It would be a start. I would hope it reinfores throughout the city, the organization and everywhere that we’re close,” Jackson said. “We’re getting there. I think that’s where it starts. Coach (Davis) hired me to do a job, and said, my job is for you to have this organization win a championship. To me, you’ve got to walk before you can run.”

And if the Raiders do make the playoffs?

“Then you go chase the Super Bowl championship,” Jackson said. “And I’m not talking about next year. If we can get in, the whole goal is alive and what it says is, that when he hired me to do the job, we’re starting the process and the job is being done.”

— Running back Michael Bush has 911 yards and is 89 shy of 1,000 yards for the season, and the offensive line intends to get him there.

“He’s kind of quiet about it, but I know he wants it, and we want it too, as bad as he does,” center Samson Satele said.

Bush hasn’t gained that many yards in a game since Nov. 20, when he had 109 yards on 30 carries ten days after getting 157 yards on 30 carries against San Diego.

Since the back-to-back 30-carry games, Bush’s attempts and yardage have been 24-for-69 against Chicago, 10-for-18 against Miami, 23-for-78 against Green Bay, 18-for-77 against Detroit and 23-for-70 against Kansas City.

“That’s why it’s so difficult to be the lead back and the lead ballcarrier game after game,” offensive coordinator Al Saunders said. “You need to have some people that can go in and spell him. Defensive coaches look at what you do well and take it away first . . . in this league, each week, you don’t get any healthier. You either maintain what you are or you’re a little sore, a little beat up, and he’s had a lot of hits.

“We think he’s been very productive. Maybe not number-wise, but certainly in what he’s been asked to do. But it takes a toll on you after awhile.”


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • RaidingTexas

    Friday, December 30th, 2011 at 5:02 pm

  • armond

    334.RaiderRockstar Says:
    December 30th, 2011 at 6:51 am
    yall have no damn sense. u dont give up on great young talent.



    so what you’re saying is.. re-sign Kirk Morrison & Frantz Joseph this offseason?
    ——————————————————-hell no

  • djohnnyg


    Thx. Seemed like it’s been awhile.

    Could use some injury updates etc.

  • armond

    jhill we need a low post presence with or without curry. we will get 1 for next season but we have to go with what we have this year. it takes time to build a winner.

  • Thec07

    titans about to get smashed by cushing

  • djohnnyg

    Buccaneers at Falcons

    Chiefs at Broncos

    those are the late games they’re schlepping off on us here in Chi. area.

  • djohnnyg

    People in Chicago will be sitting on pins and needles in expectation of Bucs v. Falcons.

    C’mon Man!!!

  • Djohnny, are they showing the Chiefs game? I live in Chicago. I didn’t see that game. I saw Jets/Miami, Bears game, and Tanpa/Falcons. It’s total garbage.

  • RaiduhPower
  • Just Fire Baby


    Do you know anything about Temecula creek inn, golf-wise and are you near by?

    Territory meetings there in late April. Seems like a decent joint.

  • fingers

    Raiders Baby..!!!! Destroy the Chokers…..

  • qodrn1


    Dedicated to the legacy of Al Davis
    Protected by the rally squirrel and Coliseum rodents

    2011 Raider Games

    First: Ghostraider (exact score) Raiders 23 Broncos 20
    Second: Sullivan44 Buffalo 38 Raiders 35
    Third: Pretty Rick Raiders 34 Jets 24
    Fourth: Sullivan44 Patriots 31 Raiders 14
    Fifth: Fingers Raiders 24 Browns 17
    Sixth: Zymurge Chiefs 28 Raiders 0 (WTF)
    Honorable Mention: LA for PAIN
    Seventh: Noone…at all. Broncos 38 Raiders 24
    Eighth: La Milicia Negra (exact score (sadly))
    Ninth: TheToozFan55 (exact score) Raiders 24 Bolts 17
    Tenth: TRIPLE TIE (Exact score) Raiders 27 Vikings 20
    R8eray + Just Fire Baby + The Big Banana
    Eleventh: Beware of Raiders Raiders 25 Bears 20
    Twelfth: Autopalm77 Dolphins 34 Raiders 14
    Thirteenth: Sullivan44 Packers 43 Raiders 16
    Fourteenth: Raiderdav Detriot 28 Raiders 27
    Fifteenth: GG Raiders 16 Kansas City 13

    8RaiderReign8 Raiders 26 Chargers 24
    18yearsold18yearfan Raiders 27 Chargers 17
    860Todd Christensen Raiders 27……..Dischargers 13 tia
    Albert Bigelow Paine Raiders 30 Chargers 17
    Al Davis MachoMachoSupremos Raiduhs 41 Charguhs 13
    BewareofRaiders Raiders 38 chokers 17
    da trinity Raiders 34 Chockers 24
    DaTruth91 Raiders 24 Chockers 10
    DeuceDeuce Raiders 27 Chargers 24
    downsouthraider Raiders 27 Powder Blue Punks 10
    ElkGRaider Oaktown 30 Choketown 24
    fingers Raiders 35…. Chokers 13….
    GG Raiders 33 Chargers 30
    Geezer Raiders 31 Chuggers 10
    ghostraiders Oakland 31 San Diego 23
    Hagar the Horrible Oakland Raiders 34 – dischargers 20
    Heart of Gold Oak 27 SD 24
    imaquaman raiders 31 diegos 13
    Lowdown_in_Beijing Raiders 44 Chargers 6
    M Lonetree Oaktown 41 Norvs 14
    MEX_GHOST Great Raiders 34 – Little Sparks 2
    MiamiRaider78 Raiders 41 Chsrgers 20
    No Mas Diamante RAIDERS 33 Bolts 13
    PlunkforHOF My beloved Raiders 42 Weak Voltage 9
    Pretty Rick Raiders-30 Chargers-17
    qodrn Oakland 30 San Diego 27
    r8dercain raiders 30 chargers 20
    Raider O Raiders 27 SD 20
    RaiderTW Queefs by 12 Raiders by 9
    RaiderCrunch Oakland 38 SD 10
    Raiderjambo RAIDERS 31 san diego bikini models 10 “Please JUST WIN AGAIN BABY!”
    raidermarty RAIDERS 27 dolts 13
    raidertalk Raiders 27, Chargers 0.
    RAIDER MAYNE Raiders 34 Super Chokers 23
    Raider-in-PA RAIDERS – 28 DIS-CHARGERS – 13
    RaiderRockstar Raiders 30 Chargers 17
    RaiderTW SD 12 Oak 31
    SilverNBlackPA Raiders 27 Chargers 23
    Steve Cockran Oakland 41 San Diego 14

  • I got money on Denver & Raiders game, giving up 4 points to SD.
    Donnie’s losing.

  • I want Bresnahan fired.

  • RaidingTexas

    Touchdown Texans.

  • Qodrn1,

    You sir are doing a fantastic job. Thank you for all your hard work this season. Amazing!!

  • fingers

    Touchdown Houston…

  • fingers

    Touchdown Jets..

  • RaidingTexas

    Touchdown Jets.

  • Thec07

    Thec07 Says:
    January 1st, 2012 at 11:03 am
    titans about to get smashed by cushing

  • ChrisinNC

    Starting out real good! Hope the Jets/Texans can keep it up. Still a lot of time left…

  • Thec07

    During our game u guys keep the positive blogging going…

    The woe is me we are going to lose is tiring…

  • ChrisinNC

    Baltimore SHOULD beat Cincinnati. I’m hoping Cincy crumbles under the pressure of playing for a playoff spot, since they’ve never been in this situation before.

  • ChrisinNC


    Yes sir! As long as the team shows up today, we should be good to go. I really hope they take hold of this opportunity and run with it.

  • fingers

    Theoc.. Right on… Same here …time to be positive is NOW

  • RaidingTexas

    Buffalo smacking the Patriots 14-0 now. A NE loss would give the Ravens extra motivation against Cincy.

  • TW,

    That’s a good bet. I didn’t know you like to gamble.

  • Just Fire Baby

    Titans suck.

    Can’t believe when they were 7-6, that damn near everybody here said they finish either 3-0 or 2-1.

  • Just Fire Baby

    Operation get my azz to the O for the home playoff game is in full force as we speak.

  • Thec07

    Thec07 Says:
    January 1st, 2012 at 11:23 am
    Thec07 Says:
    January 1st, 2012 at 11:03 am

    titans about to get smashed by cushing

  • ChrisinNC

    Good point RaidingTexas. Forgot they could be playing for a 1 seed.

  • ChrisinNC

    Don’t know if it’s better or worse that Houston’s playing with Jake Delhomme instead of TJ Yates..

  • O, in Denver it’s usually a cash machine betting here but I took on 3 unexpected loses from Tebot. I’m making up for it today.

  • Just Fire Baby

    I thought all week, that a Bengals loss AND a Titans loss or Jets win was more likely than the Donkeys losing.

  • RaidingTexas

    Nice INT by Cromartie.

  • J Hill

    Played a couple of course in Temecula and they were both pretty nice.

    I’ll meet you there for a round or 3.

  • djohnnyg

    510.Albert Bigelow Villapiano Says:
    January 1st, 2012 at 11:06 am
    Djohnny, are they showing the Chiefs game? I live in Chicago. I didn’t see that game. I saw Jets/Miami, Bears game, and Tanpa/Falcons. It’s total garbage.

    On now is Bears/Vikes AND Jets/Miami. What’s weird is they have TWO games scheduled for late games: Den/KC AND Tampa/Atl.

    Normally only ONE network gets a double header but they show both networks with two games.

    Didn’t think they could do that, so it may be error in the program guide.

  • RaidingTexas

    RG3 is entering the NFL draft.

  • Thec07

    RG3 is entering the NFL draft.


    Best QB in college

  • Silverandblack666

    Raiders 33

    Chargers 10

  • RaidingTexas

    Bills are pounding the Pats. Wow

  • djohnnyg

    I’m sorry, but do we need Jets win OR Titans loss plus Bengals loss?

  • J Hill

    You’re right Armond.

    Who is the guy you are just going to “get” next year?

    Won’t be anything worth mentioning unless you give up Monta or Curry.

  • 504 Raider

    Bills will not Blow this lead.

    Ravens now have extra juice to beat the Bengals to get that #1 seed. It’s a lock.

  • RaidingTexas

    Djohnnyg, for wildcard yes. We need Bengals to lose no matter what. And either a Jets win or Titans loss.

  • Silverandblack666


    A jets win kills the Titans in a 4 way tie with us for wild card.

    If the Jets win and or Titans lose that means we only need Cincinnati to lose this afternoon and a win by us we are wild card.

    Translation…we will not care what Denver does in this scenario

  • Thec07

    delhomme is garbage

  • Silverandblack666

    IN other words if Jets lose and Titans win our Wild Card hopes are dead then we need to worry about Denver

  • Silverandblack666

    Yates will remain on the sidelines for the rest of the game…so its up to Jake Delhomme to keep our wild card hopes alive!

  • Thec07

    Thec07 Says:
    January 1st, 2012 at 11:49 am
    delhomme is garbage


    Its up to cushing to keep the tits from scoring…