Final: Chargers 38, Raiders 26


With some of the fan base chanting “ Denver lost, Denver lost,’’ the Raiders proved defenseless in their bid for an AFC West title, losing 38-26 to the san Diego Chargers at O.co Coliseum

Quarterback Philip Rivers threw three touchdown passes, Mike Tolbert had a 1-yard run, Richard Goodman returned a kickoff 105 yards and Nick Novak kicked a 51-yard field goal as San Diego forced their rivals to trudge off the field with the knowledge that a playoff opportunity had slipped away.

The Raiders (8-8) didn’t force San Diego to punt and offensively twice settled for field goals on red zone opportunities.

Sebastian Janikowski connected on field goals of 52, 47, 27 and 32 yards without a miss to go along with touchdown pass by Carson Palmer of 3 yards to Darrius Heyward-Bey and 23 yards to tight end Kevin Boss.

The Broncos, Raiders and Chargers finish 8-8, with Denver winning the division on tiebreaking procedures.

Denver lost 7-3 in Kansas City , creating the opportunity upon which Oakland failed to capitalize.

Oakland was within 31-6 after the Palmer-to-Boss touchdown with 9:37 left, and after a San Diego personal foul, the Raiders kicked off from the 50-yard line and nearly had a game-altering safety.

Janikowski hit pooch kick to Goodman, who first mishandled the ball, then attempted to bring it out of the end zone. He managed to get to the half-yard line.

Rivers then immediately got San Diego out of trouble with a 19-yard pass to Malcom Floyd, Mike Tolbert broke off a 40-yard run, San Diego scored on a 43-yard Rivers to Floyd pass.

The 99-yard drive summed up the season.

The Chargers led 24-13 at halftime as Rivers completed 11 of 17 passes for 171 yards, including the 38-yard touchdown strike to Gates.

Goodman’s 105-yard kickoff return for a touchdown was the first Oakland allowed in 28 games, dating back to a 102-yard return in Week 3 of last season by LeRod Stephens-Howling of Arizona .

The Raiders mismanaged the clock at the end of the half and failed to get off a 58-yard attempt by Janikowski, with Palmer completing 6-yard pass to Louis Murphy to the 38-yard line with eight seconds left and no timeouts and failing to get the ball spiked before time expired.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • WenzhouRaider

    So now we know that Wimbley and McClain can’t cover deep (whooda thunk). Please move Wimbley back to DE and McClain…who knows.

    This team needs some LBs that can pass cover.

    Thomas Howard anybody?

  • alex7

    the Bills D meltdown was one of them.

    Chiefs game without a QB was expected.

    Dolphins went on a tear late this season.

    So what of it?

  • boss01

    Cable was not the answer never will be, but u guys are delusional if you think hue is, I’m out and won’t be showing up here until I hear that a real HC is hired, and half the d is gone

  • SnB offense defense specialteams

    I am not paying CP 12mill. Renegotiate or trade and give JC 5mil and use the savings to build up this horrible, horrible defense

  • ArtilleryShell

    Is Hues press conference available as a link for us east coast fans

  • alex7


    WHY were the Raiders 8-8 last year? What was their big difference between the 5-11 team of 2009 that Cable was in charge of, running the offense?

    Oh yeah, we brought Hue in and he turned the O around from 31st to 5th.

  • morilla

    Delusional thinking = hire a DC from the UFL

    Rational thinking = don’t do that

  • Raider J

    “8-8 ain’t what I want to be. Im not happy with this season. I have underachieved. Its just that simple.”

    Hue Jack City

  • stablersbeard

    McClain = Bust. Absolute truth.
    His head never seems to be in the game, and he’s the shot caller on D.

    I’ve never seen a MLB misread a run play so often. Nearly always in the wrong gap. The most basic counter play leaves his feet tangled up…

    He’s not gonna get any better. He doesn’t look like he wants to be.

    He has to be traded (If we can get a second or high 3rd) or cut.
    Let someone else waste time on him.

  • eastoaklandraider

    I think chewkwa and van dyke are primmed to be pro bowlers soon under rod woodson both played well as rookies

  • Macho Man Randy Savage

    Please stop the moronic talk about Cable…aim high fellas! if you want Hue out, at least talk about Cowher or Dungy, heck even Gruden!

  • 2romes

    Hue was totally right the defense was the same as it ever was, the exception is holding one team under 15 points. What was this team made of? It was made of a fairly good offense all year long with the exception of a few games that were highly influenced by the turnover with injured players. The special team below average if they did not Jano and Lechler they would be aweful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The defense, what the Raiders had a defense. Surprise to me. No there is no doubt Chuck has to go. I repeat no doubt about Chuck at all. Only a few defense of player have to go. If they change their technique, of tackling only the Raiders would be in the playoffs this season alone. The tackling style of Lito sheppard in that secondary with the youth of the Raiders will propel this team to the playoff. Well, There are a those that are not a candidate for the Raiders future ,in my opinion because they are not in the position to adjust with the tackling skills needed and the covering skills. The two player I think of are Boyd and Mitchell. All others have a chance if the are able to converge on plays. Example 3rd and 10 yards for the opposing team vs Raiders on defense and 3rd and 10 yards vs the top 15 defenses. They Raiders appear hardly bait a team into the short passes and then converge to make a tackle before the first down. When this happens time and time again. There needs to be an eval. can the players not made the stop underneath the first down maker or am I (defense coord.) not creative enough to ,at times, direct the pass underneath for the Raiders to converge on. The problem is the Raiders defense have been aimless at both. The problem is the head coach has not addressed the the primary issue. Is it the Defensive coach or the players. I believe it is primarly the Defensive coach and a few player, but if the few players that think can cover keep the same tackling techniques they had in the past,let them go!!!!The same collective on defense have been there for years and not improving so do what Kansas city did. Make a change and give the Raiders a chance to be contenders.

    Example, in the last game I saw Stanford routt practically run into a blocker so he would not have to make a tackle down field, on a touch down play. This guy is a cornerback in open space and he was like a magnet being drawn in so he could be blocked!!!!!

    HUE, YOU ARE RIGHT !!!!! Don’t take the blame on this Raider defensive incompetence. Yes, you made some minor mistakes but if you have even and average defense the Raiders would be in the playoffs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chris in NY

    Carson Palmer > Jason Campbell

    Carson Palmer left-handed > Jason Campbell

  • WenzhouRaider

    ya know who else played well as a rookie? STERLILNG MOORE

  • djohnnyg

    647.SharkCatcher Says:
    January 1st, 2012 at 7:43 pm
    I don’t have much to say ……..but I don’t ever want to hear that stupid ” Code Black” Sh8T in here ever again.

    No point in turning on the fans. The fans are just showing they support a team that didn’t reward them with anything.

    The CODE BLACK thing was just a benign, fun thing the fans came up with due to their excitement over a team that eventually let them down.

  • Macho Man Randy Savage

    Jason Campbell sucks…in other news water is wet.

  • ArtilleryShell

    Sigh this will be a l-o-n-g offseason since we have no draft

  • Take heart Raider faithful. In about 2 hours Rob Ryan will be available for the DC position.

  • eastoaklandraider

    As soon as spangnulo gets a call from the rams he should get a call from Mark davis 5 mins later.

  • downsouthraider

    Everyone on here has a right to to pissed. It’s obvious the D has to have a major overhaul. People saying Hue should be fired…listen people, ain’t gonna happen! See ya Chuck B. No need coming to office tomorrow. Yours things will be on curb for you to pick up.

  • 303Raider

    Did anyone forget that it took Gruden 3 years? He went 8-8 twice before they broke through.

    Again, he had waytoo many things happen all at once, Mr. Davis dying, Campnelll’s injury, Palmer trade, Dmac out, etc.

    Get us a GM, good D coordinator, an offseason for Palmer and the “O”, healthy DmAc next year, a cover linebacker.

    Doesn’t take that much to be to 11-5 next year!!

    Of Hue makes the same mistakes next ear them he is out. no way we bring Ina a new offensive scheme next year, This offensive played well enought to be n the playoffs.

    It was ALL on the “D”

  • ArtilleryShell


    Yeah but McClain getsv wired to blockers all the time he doesn’t try to defeat the block and then make the tackle he seems content to occupy a blocker. Doesn’t even physically punish the guy for blocking him. Would love to be in the film room when the new GM evaluates the personel

  • djohnnyg

    I like Hue. I feel bad for him. He at least cares….alot.

    I want that in a coach.

    He made more than a few bad decisions this year, but that defense is the reason we weren’t 12-4 this year.

    FOUR FREAKING GAMES the defense choked away.


  • whutevaman

    Um guys,

    This was Al’s defense. Al’s players and DC. Hue cost us the Lions game but his offense played as good as I’ve seen in Oakland since 2002. They put up 26 today and didn’t get the ball off a punt once. For all of you talking about Cable, please remember the zone blocking farce that we had before Hue got here. We need a GM, a new DC, LBS and DBS. I just don’t think starting over with a new coach and new philosophies is going to get us better right away. I say give him another year. It has been so much turnover and no stability for almost a decade. It has shown on the field.

  • stablersbeard

    673… Truth.
    It seems like he thinks his job is to tie up a blocker until the whistle…

  • stablersbeard

    Off topic…. Does anyone else think it’s funny that the Fat-arsed Ryan brothers have both performed nice face plants today?

  • Silverandblack666

    “Twist it all you want.

    Cable 8-8

    Hue 8-8


    NO other way to look at it…

  • 2romes

    The Raiders defensively play all 32 teams the same. What in the heck do you need D- Coord. for??? I say 32 teams because they play themselves in practice the same way as all others teams.

    I looks at the NYG now directing traffic through that secondary. The linebackers are angled so they do have to cover both sides of the middle because if is well planned out. Do the NYG secondary have the talent in the secondary of the Raiders have.? I don’t thinks so. Do they have the smarts to carry out there assignments and the balls to make a tackle. Yes SIR!!

    Romo, I will miss you in the postgame show. You are a true spokes person for the Raiders and if they can’t take it, that tough chewing for them. Thanks for being a Raider supporter!!!!

  • 505raiders

    where was the bump and run receivers have been running free all season in our secondary

    our db’s are here because they play bump and run press coverage not this five ten yards off the ball crap

    nobody fixed the d all season


  • souldogdave

    They manage to find a way to lose. As the weeks turn into months, and into years…

  • 505raiders

    snatching defeat from the jaws of victory

  • ArtilleryShell

    I saw Hues press conference he is right the problem has been there all year if Chuck B knew how to fix it he would have. Our lead protection defense since I don’t know that you could call it a prevent was worse than any defense I have seen the Raiders field.

  • indy66

    I have been a fan of this team since ”real men” like Plunkett, Alzado, Allen, Hendricks, etc. lead the ballclub. Different era, different men, with balls made of ice cream instead of lead…