Report: McKenzie ‘contemplating’ whether to retain Jackson


ESPN’s Chris Mortensen said today that recently hired general manager Reggie McKenzie is contemplating whether to retain coach Hue Jackson.
McKenzie will be introduced by the Raiders on Tuesday, less than a week after he reached agreement to become the team’s general manager. It is uncertain whether Jackson will be part of the proceedings Tuesday.
From what I have been told from several people familiar with the situation, Jackson is expected back for a second season as the Raiders head coach, though McKenzie has not signed off on that as of yet.
Mortensen’s report cited unnamed league sources. Jackson and McKenzie have the same agent, Kennard McGuire. McKenzie and Jackson are scheduled to meet at some point, perhaps as soon as tonight or Tuesday morning, depending upon McKenzie’s arrival in the Bay Area.

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Steve Corkran

  • Just Fire Baby

    Hue Jackson was an embaressment to the NFL coaching fraternity.

    12 year old Madden geeks have better clock management skills.

  • Plunketthead

    This sem pro called it. it was a easy one

  • YoungAmerican

    J Hill Says:
    January 10th, 2012 at 10:48 am

    Lol at Schefter scoping all the locals again.

    How does the localradio station mess that up?


    Not just radio. Tafur, Gutierrez, Jerry McDonald, Wofford… they all swung and missed.

  • luvmarvhub

    ESPN website just a few minutes ago didn’t have any details, only that Shefter said “a league source” told him Hue was fired.

    KNBR announcers are saying they don’t think Shefter would have reported it unless he believed it was true.

    ?????? I don’t know.

  • Seymour Bush

    MistaBrown Says:
    January 10th, 2012 at 8:24 am

    Hue has been quiet as a mouse since McKenzie came on. Probably hasn’t unzipped and waved it around in days.

    MistaBrown Says:
    January 10th, 2012 at 8:41 am

    Why are you worried about another mans dikk on a sports blog?

    FK’ng homo!

    This cannot be real. Jamista is the stupidest most hypocritical POS ever invented like Mistress Biotchy. This is some made up fabrication that comes here just to make idiotic posts.



  • DutchRaider77

    you guys under estimate jc’s competitive nature. I cant see him staying unless he thinks he will get a fair shot in open competition for starting. There is no way he wants to back up an inferior player like palmer.

    He will ove on and it is the right thing to do. palmer didnt even have to earn it he was handed the keys in the middle of the night in a backdoor deal by hue jack, and i doubt that Jc is willing to let that go. Instead he will take his talent elsewhere and await the chance to punish the raiders head to head


    Are you saying that JC earned his starting gig in training camp last year? Or were the keys handed to him? I really hope that JC stays and competes with Palmer.

  • Mistic1 Tha Supavillain

    Just Fire Baby Says:
    January 10th, 2012 at 10:47 am

    If trashing him makes you feel better fine, but HE OWNED YOU WHEN HE WAS HERE, AND NOTHING YOU TYPE HERE WILL EVER CHANGE THAT FACT


    We missed the playoffs both years with him, and he got benched for Bruce Gradkowski one season and IR’d a month and a half into the next.

    These are facts that won’t go at the top of Soup’s resume.

    The best thing he ever did for us was those pre-lockout camps out in BF

    none of this can take away all of the positive things he did here in oakland. You know it that is why you have to try and find any thing you can to make it seem as though he some how failed.

    sorry jfb the fats remain he owned you and all of the haters while here

  • Just Fire Baby

    That comcast report this weekend was the ultimate whiff.

  • realtruraider

    Well, back to 4-5 wins next season, this GM better know wtf he is doing. He better have someone better in mind. From the names I have heard he doesn’t….smh….here we go again

  • RaiderRockstar

    new post!



  • J Hill

    Not sure why anyone would be disappointed that the NEW REGIME is going with HIS guy as HC and avoiding a lame duck scenario.

  • ElkGRaider

    I call bullschit. Why would you fire a guy before your presser? To get a ton of questions?

    Only way I see it is if Hue really did want all the power and he gave an ultimatum…

  • SnB offense defense specialteams

    The rebuilding begins!

  • fingers

    Hue Fired

  • luvmarvhub

    My guess:

    The void left by Al showed the front office people and their advisors (and I’d say that Trask and Madden were keys) that Hue had personality traits they didn’t want in a head coach.

    With more experience at what it takes to be a head coach, those traits might have been modulated in time, but the bluster, I think, cost him–bluster he didn’t back up in the McClain case.

    Expect McClain to lose his job. Maybe become a second stringer or traded (although who, after watching film, would want him?)

    I loved Hue’s imagination on offense. Maybe he just wasn’t ready for head coaching duties, but I get the feeling we’re going to get someone else with no head coaching experience.

  • MikieG

    So what is Denver going to do when Tebow gets his knee blown out in a game? They gonna have Brady Quinn run the read option? Are they gonna just miraculously switch their entire offensive philosophy in the middle of a game to the Orton offense?
    This thing with Tebow can’t last..it can only last as long as it takes him to get hurt or defenses figure out a way to stop it. Denver can’t start drafting guys based on this ‘read option’ nonsense because they have the only QB in the AFC that can actually run this thing. Tebow goes down, that’s it. He ain’t going to last running around like this. Dude is going to get broken and defenses are going to adjust.

  • Seymour Bush

    RaiderTiv Says:
    January 10th, 2012 at 7:00 am

    I have no idea why Raider Fan’s are calling for Hue’s firing.

    Because the team did not improve it’s record. In fact the team did not improve as the season went on. Even tho the team had better talent. The teams record got worse in the division. The team went 1-4 down the stretch when it needed to win and should have been 0-5. The offense that everyone here thinks is so great actually went WAY down in points, mainly because Jackson kept settling for field goals. The defense never improved and actually got worse. The offense went almost a third of the season without scoring points in the fourth quarter. Penalties and disorganization on the field went higher. Hue repeatedly wrote checks his ass couldn’t cash. Do you want me to keep going?

  • luvmarvhub

    KNBR announcer just said he thinks Ken Herock had a lot to say about this.

  • MikieG

    You wanted to rebuild? Looks like you got your wishes.
    Get ready for the return to mediocrity for 3 years.
    Unreal. Totally Sucks. Like the Packers Defense is even any good. They give up MASS points.
    Why would you fire Hue. Bull!sht!

  • mark l

    Couple things:

    We’re all wondering about Hue staying or going, but we have some even more major questions in my opinion (as I’ve stated I hope Hue stays):

    1. McFadden: One of the premier backs, game changer, our offense is terrifying with him but he is officially injury prone.

    2. Offensive line: While improved, it’s still been neglected somewhat through draft and free agency (the exceptions being Veldheer, Wiz Jr.).

    3. Defense: obviously in need of energy, enthusiasm and confidence from practice to sidelines to field.

    4. QB: I think Palmer did ok, but Campbell seemed to have a better rapport with the players (I read Ford and one of the other WR’s is in the guy’s wedding) and Palmer seems to be a bit fair weather when things aren’t to his liking.

    I think if you can develop the offensive line Denver had in the late 90’s where they plugged in any late round pick and the guy became an all star, losing McFadden isn’t as significant a blow. But to counter, you need depth and talent along the line.

    As for the defense, I’m not enamored with Green Bay’s unit, while it’s definitely better than ours (as are the defenses at MacClymonds, Oakland High and Tech) I want a truly dominant circa 2000 Ravens’ defensive unit in Oakland, one that feels 16 points from their offense is enough. To get that you pretty much need to pilfer from the Ravens. So I’m hoping McKenzie doesn’t grab Moss but instead someone who can come in here and install a defensive mindset, culture and swagger.

    My gut tells me Hue understands all of the above minus the QB issue where I think he’s a little biased towards Palmer.

    If he and McKenzie agree on most of the above, I think it’s best for the organization he stays.

    One thing about SF: there were some good comments earlier on their situation. Harbaugh inherited an absolutely stacked defense who someone else built and some decent offensive players. They also don’t have the dominant CEO in SF we had in Oakland with Al. Add some better play calling and a motivator of men and you turn 6-10 around.

    I think had Hue gone to SF, they may not have gone 13-3 but would still have won that division (yes, I know this is conjecture). It seems first year HC’s do better when one unit needs little to no tinkering and is already strong (could say the same for the other Harbaugh in Baltimore, Tomlin in Pittsburgh, etc.). So while conceivably McKenzie could go out and replace Hue, hand the reins on O to Saunders we could still compete, I personally don’t want our first year head coach replaced with another rookie HC. I’d argue Hue inherited a team where neither side was terribly strong which brings me to my final point:

    Please no more rookie HC’s in the 510. I’d go so far as to say if you’re going to replace Jackson, hold out for Gruden. I get the sense he left his heart off 66th avenue and still feels a connection with this club.

    I’m not convinced Cowher could replicate what he did in Pittsburgh, Parcells is done, Mariucci was never successful enough and after those I think the drop off is too severe.

    A few more cents, but not quite a nickel.


  • Duke

    I don’t think Hue will go anywhere. Mckennzie will keep Hue’s head from getting bigger and he will not let Ford go. I think Ford reminds him of the guy he had on Green BAY(Cobb). They are very similar.
    As far as the defenses go, 7 out of the top 10 D’s were a 3-4 scheme including Green Bay. I don’t see a lot of changes on offense but the D needs coaching changes that is for sure.

  • Duke

    Well….Reggie just fired Hue Jackson according to NFL.com . Here comes another year of a new offense unless they keep Al Saunders around as OC.

  • Duke

    It also metions that he is likely to hire Winston Moss and HC and Darren Perry as DC.