Gannon on Jackson’s firing


Former Raiders quarterback Rich Gannon called the team’s decision to fire coach Hue Jackson “a stunner.” He also said that Jackson’s comments after the season-ending loss to the San Diego Chargers didn’t help Jackson’s cause for getting a second season.
Here is what Gannon said about today’s eye-opening news, in a segment from Sirius NFL Radio:

Gannon: “What a stunner. … I just go back to some of the comments that Hue made at the end of the season. They were damaging remarks about his team, about the players, about the fact that they didn’t put forth their best effort. And some of the decisions that he made essentially as the head coach/general manager in the absence of Al Davis, I mean, the decision to make that trade for Carson Palmer. And my sense is they got together and [new Raiders GM] Reggie [McKenzie] wanted to make a change and he’ll bring in someone that he’s more comfortable with. My sense is it is probably somebody on that Green Bay coaching staff. It could be assistant head coach Winston Moss.”

“Now Reggie McKenzie has full autonomy. He’s got the support of Mark Davis and Mrs. Davis and the organization to make the changes that he feels are necessary in order to get the Raiders back into winning ways and back to postseason appearances. This is the longest drought in franchise history. This is the longest drought where they’ve not had a winning season. You have to go back to 2002 the last time they’ve had a winning season. You look at how the Raiders finished this year, losing four of their last five games, including that disappointing home loss against the San Diego Chargers. Kansas City did their job, they took care of Denver. All the Raiders had to do was to win on January 1 and they would have been in the postseason. So a disappointing finish and to make matters worse Hue Jackson went ballistic at his postgame press conference. Those comments were heard around the league. I think they surprised some people. And not only that but his comments about moving forward how he would have more control and he’d want more control and want to do more things in terms of the personnel. I think when you listen to those comments and you are Reggie McKenzie and you’re coming in you say to yourself, ‘Wait a second, this is not how we’re going to do business.’ And I’m not surprised with the change.”

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Steve Corkran

  • M Lonetree

    Reggie will hire his own guys.
    Should lead to years of stability yes?
    Makes sense.

    Unless…viewing McKenzie on the tube he didn’t appear to be healthy…looked like a candidate for a heart attack…

  • inonewordraider

    does our offense take a step back next year? does Mckenzie view Pryor as a qb or a wr?

  • Raider2DaHeart

    Statement from Raiders owner Mark Davis
    The following statement was delivered by Raiders owner Mark Davis to open Tuesday’s press conference introducing Reggie McKenzie as the new general manager of the Oakland Raiders.

    Mark Davis
    “Three months ago, on Oct. 8, 2011 at 3 a.m. I received a phone call from Dr. General Hilliard that my father had passed away. It was a sad day for the Raider Nation and all the players, coaches and fans that had worn the famed Silver & Black over the past 48 years. I had two immediate goals — one short term, one long term. My short-term goal was to make sure the season continued with as little disruption as possible and to achieve our goal of reaching the playoffs, and winning the Super Bowl. In that regard I asked John Madden to join me in a meeting with coach Jackson, where we discussed the optimum working relationship between the coach and myself.
    “My short-term goal went great for about five days. Then Jason Campbell broke his right clavicle in the game. The following week we lost Darren McFadden to a foot injury, which unknowingly at the time, turned out to be a season-ending injury. At one point in the season we were 7-4 and two games ahead in the division. And then we lost four of the next five games to finish 8-8 and out of the playoffs. To say the least, it was certainly a disappointment. My long-term goal was to research and identify a general manager to lead the Raider organization into the future. I consulted with Ron Wolf to help me identify potential candidates, one of which was Reggie McKenzie.

    “Unfortunately, league rules prohibited us from contacting any current employees of any other National Football League teams until the end of the regular season. So for three months I did extensive research into all the potential candidates for the job.But early on I recognized that Reggie McKenzie was the man I was looking for to lead the Raiders into the future.

    “On January 1 the shackles were off and we were finally able to ask the Green Bay Packers for permission to interview Reggie McKenzie to become general manager of the Oakland Raiders. On January 2 the Green Bay Packers graciously granted that permission. I called Reggie, we spoke briefly, and made arrangements for him to fly in for an interview. We met with John Madden for about six hours and reached an agreement that Reggie would become the general manager of the Oakland Raiders.

    “After the meeting I texted Reggie that my father used to say, “the greatness of the Raiders is in its future.” Reggie, the future is now. Ladies and gentlemen, Reggie McKenzie

  • inonewordraider

    Mark Davis, one interview, really?

  • 303Raider

    Just listened to the 2nd player being candid about Hue’s firing. This is on Sirius with Gannon and Shine:

    ALL the players loved Hue
    Not one of the players quit on Hue

    The only rationale on why Hue is gone is BigMac wanted his guy, period.

    Raider Nation will NOT put up with anything else but a playoff appearance. period.

    You owe us Mark Davis, we sold out ALL 8 games. Get us a Winner and for your self, fix that nose job and that wack ass hairdo!

  • VanHeathen

    Hue Jack City,
    has now become,
    Hue Jack PITY!

    Rarely does a New GM come in and keep the incumbant coach… It’s the way of the NFL.

  • DMAC

    Morning/afternoon peoples!

    Got a chance to see the PC last night. I loved McKenzie’s attitude and new approach to getting schit together for the best team in the NFL.
    The Raaaiiiiders!

  • fingers

    I liked that Mark Davis said….. I know what I don’t know….
    He’s not a football mind … And knows it..

  • fingers


  • DMAC

    Mark’s a playa. Luv his cut 2. Still doesn’t have his old man’s swag though. It’s still a work in progress.

  • Silverandblack666

    “Inonewordraider Says:
    January 11th, 2012 at 10:21 am
    does our offense take a step back next year? does Mckenzie view Pryor as a qb or a wr?”

    Nor sure there is much room to take a step back we were what #29 in defense.

    Pryor will be evaluated as will all of the 53 players currently on the roster….He will have to earn his spot on the roster is my guess because No more scholarships!

  • raiderinparadise

    I like how our new GM looks like an older pudgy Blake Griffin. Who fired Midget Barry Bonds. And whom works under Mark Davis who has the jim carey dumb and dumber cut.

    applause all around.

  • DMAC


    I know it’s early, but I think McKenzie was a great hire. looks like he doesn’t take any bullschit. Now it’s time for him to evaluate the REAL players and the FAKE.

  • VanHeathen

    1709.303Raider Says:
    January 11th, 2012 at 10:25 am

    You owe us Mark Davis, we sold out ALL 8 games. Get us a Winner and for your self, fix that nose job and that wack ass hairdo!


    Think you’re a little off base with the Sell Out info…Mark Davis IS the reason we had sell outs this year…He and Amy bought up a lot of the extra seats and gave them away, 2 for 1 deals and the such.
    He knows the importance of being on the local TV and the only game that even looked close to being at capacity was the SD game on Jan 1….

  • fingers

    303…theirs been speculation that some of the players didn’t like what Hue had become…. A fathead… I don’t know that it’s true … But I do know that some of the things he said made me believe he was getting a fathead …just my observation..

  • inonewordraider

    Rarely does a New GM come in and keep the incumbant coach… It’s the way of the NFL.

    does it make it right? coaches usually want their guy as qb so does moss bring in flynn?

  • Silverandblack666

    “Just listened to the 2nd player being candid about Hue’s firing. This is on Sirius with Gannon and Shine:

    ALL the players loved Hue
    Not one of the players quit on Hue

    The only rationale on why Hue is gone”

    Really none of the players quit in Hue, REALLY??

    Did you watch the San Diego game….sure looked to me like they quit on him!

  • aig-raiders

    Wonder what BigMac thinks about Routt’s 17 penalties over GB’s entire defensive penalties?

  • Raider 510

    Every one in here who supports firing Hue seems to think that a new HC is gonna be brought in here, and everything is gonna be fixed. Won’t happen. Whoever the new HC is MUST take the Raiders to the playoffs NEXT year, not in two years, and if he doesn’t then he’ll fall in line with all the other coaches we’ve had in the past decade.

    With that said, after having some time to think about it, Mark Davis had to make a huge decision about the direction of this franchise and even though Al Davis would have done it a different way, I bet Al would be proud of his son for doing it in his own way. Mark Davis and Reggie McKenzie are the new Raiders. Hue was the last man left of Al’s legacy, and moving forward with both McKenzie and Hue could have been a toxic. Hue shared Al’s vision. But now, we are officially in a new era. I hope for the best.

  • DMAC

    Hue was a great OC, but an border line average HC.

  • fingers

    Dmac.. I agree … I like the McKenzie hire…. I’ve heard every since they hired him that he’s a Do’er abd has a reputation for talent….. Just what we need ….I believe because he’s an Raider that the team will respect him…. And I also belive any slackers will be shown the door

  • aig-raiders

    does it make it right? coaches usually want their guy as qb so does moss bring in flynn?
    Ted Thompson wasted 1 year with Sherman and eventually got his guy in McCarthy.

    Holmgren wasted 1 year with Mangini.

    It has been well documented that rarely does it ever work with the GM working with the incumbent coach.

    However, it has been well documented that a new coach can work with and be successful with an incumbent QB. McCarthy passed on Rodgers but found success with him. Jim Harbaugh has been able to win with Smith. I think the new coach would prefer an experienced QB like Palmer over a draft pick.

  • raiderinparadise

    When your starting QB Carson Palmer says he wish he had more time watching film and game planning with Hue Jackson/his off play caller, then you know Hue had issues. Pull a guy outta retirement and not give him the time of day? classy. Tell him he won’t play in KC game and down 21 to 0 put him in to fail? Hue handled so many things wrong.

    Hue was getting his nails done that fairy.

  • Twocents

    Cork must be down in LA looking at available rentals.

  • Silverandblack666

    “You owe us Mark Davis, we sold out ALL 8 games. Get us a Winner and for your self, fix that nose job and that wack ass hairdo!”

    Wow where to start….first off he owes you NOTHING!

    Second you don’t even live here or attend games so WTF are you talking about?

    Who are you to tell someone how to wear their hair…are you some kind of gay hair salon stylist that does men’s hair?

  • RaiderDebo

    1724.DMAC Says:
    January 11th, 2012 at 10:35 am
    Hue was a great OC, but an border line average HC.


    Then he should still be here.

  • fingers

    I don’t belive Hue Jackson was the right guy….he got our offense moving .. But I just don’t believe that right now he’s headcoach material

  • inonewordraider

    in the presser he mentioned he doesn’t want guys that detract from the locker room, Mcclain on his way out?

  • DMAC

    Palmer was not the reason we didn’t make the playoffs. Sure he could cut down on those bone headed int’s, but he’ll def. improve w/ DMAC in the line-up. The Defense was horrible and should be blamed for at least 3 loses.

    Palmer > Flyn

  • EYoung

    I say give these new guys a chance. Reggie comes from a stable and successful organization and Mark is hopefully different from his father.

    The next few years may be different (and better).

  • fingers

    666… Agree…. I really don’t give 2 schidts about Mark Davis haircut …

  • Silverandblack666

    “Raiderinparadise Says:
    January 11th, 2012 at 10:36 am
    When your starting QB Carson Palmer says he wish he had more time watching film and game planning with Hue Jackson/his off play caller, then you know Hue had issues. Pull a guy outta retirement and not give him the time of day? classy. Tell him he won’t play in KC game and down 21 to 0 put him in to fail? Hue handled so many things wrong.

    Hue was getting his nails done that fairy.”

    This guy gets it!!!

    How many times a week do you think that Brady and his head coach meet to go over the game plan.

    Hue was so full of himself and his self promotion that he did not address the things he needed to in the film room.

    Sloppy tackling, the inability to shed blocks, missing gaps and taking bad angles are all basic fundamentals that a coach should have been teaching his players since camp.

  • raiderinparadise

    @ 1736

    YUP, IT WAS THE HUE JACKSON SHOW. all bark no bite.

  • fingers

    I though Palmer was everything I thought a guy who just came off his couch was gonna be … And more… I agree… I was not Carson Palmers fault our team lost 3 of the last 4 … And I wasn’t Palmers fault the Defense couldn’t make a stop

  • fingers

    I’m looking forward to seeing Palmer play next year with a healthy offense and a full training camp and Pre season

  • UCSBPreMedMike

    After sleeping on it and listening to the presser again, they (Hue and McKenzie) would have bumped heads. They’re two different people. McKenzie is Tenn country….Hue is South Central urban. McKenzie is simple and soft spoken with wisdom, and Hue is flashy and does things on emotion by his own admission. They come from two different cultures and have two different philosophies as to what wins Championships. And I understand the change….

    This is McKenzie’s team now. Not Al Davis’. Al Davis coaches needed to be able to handle Al Davis’ players. And that’s why in the past 20 years with a much different culture of players coming up, that’s why coaching personalities like Gruden and Jackson were good for the Raiders players and why Art Shell and Callahan and Turner weren’t. But, now that it’s McKenzie’s team, and the type of players he’ll be selecting-those that have talent AND must LOVE the game and be true teamates-we need a different type of coach that’s more…’grounded.’

    I think the Raiders will be okay. I just hope I don’t fall asleep at the games. Don’t think they’ll stay in Oakland for long, but I hope the Raider mystique remains and we do in fact return to glory-what ever that was! Raider Nation.

  • raiderinparadise

    I think Palmer is a nice veteran QB for this teams transition. He is reliable with a run game going. With a healthy McFadden, this offense will be elite.
    WR weapons are young and nasty.

  • JB

    It really sounds as if the biggest Hue obstacle for Mark & Reggie to potentially overcome was Hue’s contract that had him reporting directly to the owner, thereby allowing hm to bypass the newly announced GM. When you take that fact and then add in the “I’m going to assert more control over the ENTIRE team” comment; the bashing of the players presser after the game; the fact that he lost 4 out of the last 5 games; the fact that we missed the playoffs when they were right there to be had; the fact that he didn’t take on or demote Bresnahan after Al passed away; the fact that we set a new NFL penalty record; the fact that he couldn’t fix the penalty problem; the fact that there were a number on time management problems he had control over during season games; the fact that the teams success at home games ws terrible; the fact there were a number of questionable personnel changes during the year (I thought the Palmer deal was a good thing, Houshmanzanda wasn’t); the fact that there were a number of times he took questionable risks play calling wise that didn’t work out and helped lose games (he had some good ones too); the fact that Hue’s personality and Reggie’s personalty were ultimately going to clash ad Mark would be caught in the middle where he doesn’t want to be; the fact that the GM was going to want his own people in-place; is there any wonder why Hue was let go?

    Hue did a lot of good things but he also screwed up a number of times. I personally thought he put a good face on the Raider image but sometimes he talked before he thought about what he was saying. Like I said earlier, I thought his acquisition of Palmer was a very good thing and he should get the credit for that. He was just in over his head IMO. Had Al still been alive or if a GM had already been installed, I think Hue would have been successful in Oakland. He’s just a victim of bad timing and a weird set of circumstances. It happens. I wish him well and much success. I can also say, he’s been the best HC here since Gruden. Hue will land on his feet and I understand he also made $4M while here, so life is not all that bad for him. Good luck Hue. Thanks for all the good things you did while you were here.

  • Mistic1 Tha Supavillain

    For the record i liked Hue jack a lot when he came aboard as oc, and I really liked him as head coach for a good part of the year. I am 100% on board with the move to let him go however.

    Hue was a fantastic play caller, I for one loved his aggressive style. I enjoyed what he did for dmac, and there was no doubt who was in charge of the locker room even when davis was alive. hue though was much much better with Al Davis than he has been on his own. hue resurrected our dead offense and made it one of the best in the nfl, there is no doubt that he can coach. he puled the trigger on groves and brought us arron curry, a major upgrade. However his biggest strength is also his biggest weakness. Hue needed Davis to keep him in check, he needed davis to tell him no from time to time. he and Davis seemed to have a working relationship that was perfect as they balanced each other. After Davis passed on he lost his anchor that kept him grounded and became a mike martz / mike singletary type figure, and his approach clearly rubbed his boss the wrong way.

    Hue made some rookie head coach mistakes that most coaches will over come with an 8-8 finish. Failing to kick a field goal in cleveland, being a little to over the top and bombastic with the press as if he was talking to players on the practice field come to mind for examples. These are things you can learn from and get better. However he made some critical errors that cant be overlooked and can doom a coach no matter how many points the offense scores. he not only made mistakes, but he compounded them.

    The trade for carson palmer, while it was perhaps necessary to bring in the bungles reject, it was not negotiated properly. Hue was taken to the cleaners by one of the most miserly owners in football. i know this is a bit unfair, as davis jr, did have to sign off on it for it to happen, but we clearly gave up way too much. The palmer trade was justified by hue, because he thought palmer would take us into the playoffs this year so he made the deal. We didnt make the p[layoffs and palmer flamed badly, early returns say the deal is a bust. This can be revisited and may be viewed differently next season if carson plays well, but that is a huge if at this point.

    He compounded this gaff with the way he handled Jason campbell. Campbell was one of the main guys that Davis senior leaned on when interviewing the players on hue and his potential as head coach. Jason gave Hue a ringing endorsement, and helped sell hue jack in the locker room as head coach. In fact Jc by his play and leadership, was hues biggest champion and asset. When hue failed to contact JC and give him at least a cursory heads up, several players were very upset that JC had to find out on espn, and he lost his biggest supporter in JC.

    Hue made another major error with the mysterious benching of DHB and Boss. This was particularly troubling because it coincided with the signing of tj housh, who upon his arrival made claims about how he could do and the current wrs on the team were un able to do. In DHB’s case he was also instrumental in selling hue to the locker room, and hues hire had a lot to davis sr.’s desire to see DHB continue to develop. DHB selfless effort and tireless work effort began to produce on the field. The fact that he and Jc spent so much time working on their games to improve helped validate hue jacks message. Hue jack los sight of this fact when he benched him for less productive players including housh who played a large number of snaps in that game and produced very little. This seemed to divide the team into factions, and we started to signs of dysfunction in place of the smooth cohesion we were treated to early on pre jc’s injury.

    can a coach overcome these mistakes? Perhaps DHb was quickly reinstated, and proved his worth. TJ was sent to the bench, and it seemed to be a small fire that could be extinguished. Let it be noted her that during this period JC came on local radio and admitted that DHB and the receiver group were extremely disappointed in the palmer deal, and how jc was treated. IN AN ACT OF EXTREME LOYALTY TO DAVIS AND PROFESSIONALISM AND CARE FOR HIS FRIEND AND TEAMMATE DHB, JC TOOK IT UPON HIMSELF TO MEET WITH THE WR GROUP AND ENCOURAGED THEM TO GET ON BOARD WITH PALMER!!!!

    This is the time period where i divorced myself form hue on some levels as I no longer saw him a s guy that could be trusted, and apparently a few players agreed with me at the time.

    Then Hue bagan to really piss all over himself. The irish coffee presser would never fly under Als watch, the team was then blown out the very next week. he began to seem like a megalomaniac, as if he was the new davis. He did make a concerted effort to tone down his behavior at the podium for the next several weeks but the flaw had been exposed.

    At seasons end he pulled two unpardonable sins. he threw his team under the bus, along with the coaches. This was foolish and smacked of bill callahan and the “dumbest team in america routine”, that can really turn players coaches and employers against you. His fire and emotion got the best of him, and he didnt compose himself or act in a professional manner. You may think it but you can never never say it.

    His final error, which helped seal his fate, he fired the entire defensive staff without having the authority or clearing it with davis jr. No matter how good you are you can never show up your boss. The boss walked into in his own office and caught hue jack sitting in his chair with his feet on the desk. This is a major no no on any job in any industry.

    When you add these mistakes in with the fact that a new gm was coming in, there is no way hue could have stayed.

  • jesusraiderjim

    Bay Area News Group 49ers writer Steve Corkran answers your questions and
    Do we not have a RAIDER writer? Cause this guy sucks. Sure would like to hear from some of the players get a writers opinion. Must be too busy covber his playoff team, understanable.

  • jesusraiderjim


  • 303Raider

    Yes, mark Davis owes “US” the Raider Nation something; A Winner.

    I moved out to denver 6 years ago and before that was A Season Ticket holder from 99-2005. I still fly back to the bay for 3 games a year and watch The Raiders beat up the Donks here in denver annually. I also spend lots of money on gear, etc. The “nation” is everywhere, not just in the bay.

    The haircut things was a “joke’, so please try not to take things literally.

    I am behind whatever BigMac and Mark want to do ultimately, this has been a very weird, emotional year, plus I thought Hue deserved 1 more year, especially if Reggie would handle all the business stuff and allowed hue to do what he did best; Coach.

    I agree that Hue’s head got too big, which cost him. I wish him luck as he brought back excitement and there is a reason we sold out ALL 8 games this year.

    I support My raiders and believe we needed to do this, I just wish they gave Hue 1 year to coach this team as he knows the offense better than anyone, and as fans, we should NOT have to suffer through a “rebuilding” anything. What have we been doing the last 9 years?

    We can rebuild our “front office” for the now and the future. This team on offense is built to Win now, a few tweaks on D, we can easly win this crappy division. Its not like we have a powerhouse in the AFC west!

  • 303Raider

    The offense didn’t quit on him.

    The defense was quitting since Buffalo. Actually they did not quit, they SUCKED.

    433 points given up, 2nd worse in raider History.

    Bresnanhan is still employed? What is up with that?

    Cmon reggie, get rid of Bresnanhan already!

    It is a moot point. After today, I am all about our new regime, will support them 100%.

    We still should compete for the Division next year or you going to hear a lot of grumblings from the fans who want to WIN NOW!

    The other raider fans who like 2-14, 5-11, seasons will feel comftorable if we start sucking again as they have been used to it for 7 of the last 9 years.

  • eastoaklandraider

    We should have kept hue just for the sake of the offense now we gotta learn a new system if they axe al saunders. Hue did more for this team in two year than anybody else did in ten fking years all u Hue haters remember that shcit.

  • raidersjc

    When are we going to hear that chucky B is gone ,, hurry up and clean house if thats what Reggie is going to do , the Defense is what costs us the season , and Hue burned down his own bridge ,, never put your team down …ask Jim Mora (playoffs ? playoffs ?)

  • raidersjc

    how about spagnoulo for DC