Raiders live chat today at noon


A lot to discuss with the Raiders in the aftermath of Reggie McKenzie’s hiring and Hue Jackson’s firing, all of which Steve Corkran will tackle in a Raiders live chat Wednesday at noon.


Jon Becker

  • VanHeathen

    Those were Hue’s friends that met w/ him at Everette and Jones.

    Was Hue on his Lunch Break enjoying his employee meal?
    Hope he washed his hands before he went back to work.

  • BabySlash

    Seymore…you’re right..we tanked at the end of the year and Hue was the boss so it’s on him. But still, who is better? Don’t say Perry or Moss, please….

    In any case, we go back to square one again. New coach and new system for our braindead players to learn and start over from scratch.

  • WTFRaiders

    Steve, where are you getting this virtual deal done heading to LA info? Instead of bs’ing everyone, try researching the real deal bro. AEG has categorically stated they are NOT giving away any stadium ownership in LA unless they own the dominant % of team ownership. If Mark is moving to LA then he’s selling controlling interest which aint happenin. AEG has also stated that there will be NO gang bangin and hero worshippin violence associated with the team that lands in LA with them…..You really think Mark Davis will let branding and imaging to be released to Tim Lewickie and AEG? The Raiders want a stadium and all the revenues from it? Yea, so what, they should have done this before the old man went crazy and delivered years of poor football and almost zero business sense while always firing coaches and chasing players and championships way. Its a slap in the face of every bay area based raiders fan for the words LA to even be mouthed anywhere near this area, especially after what Al has forced down its fans throats. The SD Chargers are NOT giving the city of SD $300 million for a new stadium and are the hands on favorites to head south to LA and AEG as that deal will be announced no later than Oct, 1 2012. The NFL isnt EVER going to allow a second LA stadium either. Mark Davis needs to sell the Raiders ASAP……he aint goin to LA, do your homework. AEG dont do street, only Hollywood!

  • al d. davis

    AL Davis, since 1983, has been a worthless piece of crap – 1983 being the last year Raiders won the Superbowl. Most people only go back to the Gruden anomaly in 2002, but it goes back further to 1983 when AL realized he could make more money winning lawsuits against the NFL and city of Oakland than winning football games.

    With AL’s shenanigans, the Raiders have been in the league cellar for 29 years. This is a great drama of the rise and fall of a great genius – a genius who couldn’t resurrect himself or his team after the initial fall.

    Now all you fools think you know the Raiders and Davis from the old days, but you are all a bunch of 3-hair young little bastards, who, if you are under the age of 50, know nothing about the greatness of the Raiders at all.

    My advice to you is shut up and learn.

    AL was crap for 29 yrs and deserved to be turned out to the curb. He should have been run out of the league and his minority partners should have expelled him from the partnership in which he held a 60% ownership interest. No boys and girls, AL didn’t, nor his family now, don’t exclusively own the Raiders, even though you dumb asses thought so.

    So now while God gave us a miracle and took AL back to football Heaven, or wherever the hell he ended up, we can rejoice that his stink and taint is now abating.

    Hue was loud mouthed, pimped out BS’er – a bully who couldn’t keep a single promise or remedy problems he himself created. He not only deserved to be fired, but on the way out the door, slapped across the face with an ax handle, appropriate to all con artists of his ilk. Hue bragged about the CP being the greatest trade in sports: CP being a washed up, aged QB who quit on the Bengals after making $125M in 8 yrs. It was a great trade alright, but only for Cincy.

    Now all you haters and pretenders – adolescent whores preening in front of a mirror – know the real story; just shut the F up and watch the team eliminate AL’s taint and stink and all that the taint and stink touched.

    The Raiders will soon return to greatness.