The two sides of HueJax


Outside perceptions of Raiders coach Hue Jackson were nicely summed up by two columnists who respect each other but have dramatically different viewpoints regarding his firing.

YahooSports! Mike Silver devoted two days worth of columns on Jackson (links here and here) and the firing that he and Jackson believe came not from general manager Reggie McKenzie, but owner Mark Davis.

Jason Whitlock of Fox Sports.com is of the opinion that Jackson got exactly what he deserved.

Silver bought in on Jackson early on, and considers him a brash and charismatic leader and a gifted play-caller.

Whitlock sees Jackson as a conniver and a schemer, taking on his “subversiveness and selfishness.”

Two independent thinkers who probably agree on a lot of things. Two radically different takes.

They serve as a point and counterpoint and represent the feeling about Jackson throughout the NFL. He’s a bad guy out for himself, or just the man you want to give the organization a jolt of positive energy.

In researching a story on Jackson during training camp, I was struck the loyalty of those who were in his corner as much as I was the silence of a handful of coaches who had worked with Jackson and wanted no part of making a comment on his ascension to a head coaching job.

We saw both sides of Jackson during his two years with the Raiders, bold and brash in a good way but at times too full of himself. Jackson is smart enough and resourceful enough to get another crack at being a head coach, although he’ll probably rethink some of his tactics.

Reggie McKenzie made it clear he has no intention of going into detail on why Jackson isn’t his coach. It seems clear McKenzie talked to enough people with the Whitlock perspective to be uncomfortable with Jackson going forward.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • RaiderLen

    Raider Dell Says:
    January 12th, 2012 at 5:29 pm

    You have a hard time discussing your thoughts and points. To swear on this blog makes you look childish and hateful.

    Some of those copy and paste articles you posted were hateful. Did you read them and copy them to the blog or did you find them necessary to have your point that Davis must step aside to justify your position.

    So if your going to call me your typical POS, or MFKER, as you do in here a lot, please do so and remember, you are the one who posted all those hateful comments, not me.
    True about the copy and paste.

    Good way to “distance yourself” while also making a point.

  • ghostraiders


    Don’t worry about that dude.. when sully starts acting stupid. . He tells people to ignore him.. but laughs and likes to poke fun himself. .. yet he wont take his own advice. The more level headed you are the more he loses it.. I think its his age..

  • Raider56

    Just Fire Baby Says:
    January 12th, 2012 at 2:02 pm
    Hue Jackson failed, point blank.

    He undermined the head coach in 2010, and took as much credit for the offense and distanced himself from anything negative from that team as he took the HC job.

    Maybe he deserved most if not all the credit, but as a HC, he didn’t improve anything, and while Al clearly untrusted him a ton of credit on his deathbed, Hue proved not to be trustworthy and a snake in the grass when given the ultimate test.

    I hope he tears his rotator cuff patting himself on the back, on the way out the door.

  • luvmarvhub

    “The thing that bugs me most about this is the Raiders complaining they can’t make money because they don’t have an up to date stadium. The one they play in currently was remodeled with their input and sign off and our (Alameda county’s) tax dollars.”

    Have you checked the seating capacities of other stadia? Ours is small, and even then, we’ve had a hard time filling it. Losing begets losing.

    While the Raiders have radio stations that broadcast their games, they have a pitiful half hour pre-game show.

    Al downsized everything.

  • al d. davis

    luvmarvhub #354

    You are correct. Marky Mark has missed the boat by lack of business sense and good judgment, same as AL.

    With 29 yrs of losing seasons (except for the past 2 8/8’s and the Gruden anaomaly) AL shrank his fan base. Instead of searching for a stadium, Marky should build a bona-fide playoff contender: all good things come to a winner.

    I have always believed a business never expands until it has definitely outgrown its current place of business, thus justifying the expansion.

    In the Raiders case, they have outgrown nothing, but have gone the other way by failing to sell out their games.

    It’s twisted logic Marky is using: I hope Reggie corrects Mark’s fallacy.

  • al d. davis

    I have never “hated” AL Davis, just hated that he turned into a piece of crap the past 29 yrs, lost his greatness, was unable to resurrect that former greatness, then fell into dementia and delusion, and almost destroyed the club which was not his to destroy: AL held a 60% ownership interest and oppressed the minority owners, having committed fraud against them in the past to gain the majority share.

    All youngsters – anyone under the age of 50 – have no business commenting about AL, since they never witnessed the true greatness of the Raiders pre-1984.

    I wish they would just shut the F up about his Highness AL, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, and preen in front of a mirror believing they have the value of a dead fly.

  • ohioraider

    GoodOle00 Says:
    January 12th, 2012 at 1:56 pm

    “Reggie McKenzie made it clear he has no intention of going into detail on why Jackson isn’t his coach. It seems clear McKenzie talked to enough people with the Whitlock perspective to be comfortable with Jackson going forward.”


    Maybe. Or maybe he liked Mark’s idea of destroying everything Davis did for 60 years and building whatever he wanted.

    Who wouldn’t want a blank check to build your own team?

    You never heard one word from Checkers about restoring Raider dominance, carrying on the fine Davis tradition or even the word “Al” come out of his bulldog jowls.
    Al didn’t need any help destroying what he created. He did it all by himself over the last 20 or so years. Time to move on.

  • Snoopy

    This proves Hue had some players and not others. 2 perfectly talented guys seeing the same guy differently.

    SORRY that proves the point he should be fired as HC. You can’t lead an army with half the soldiers…

    All have to be willing to die for the general and leaders… and if only half will the other half will drag you down.

    Hue knowing this instinctually threw the ones who didn’t care enough to fight under the buss!

    And doing that is BAD LEADERSHIP!

    Good luck Hue, we still love ya but there has to be a reckoning and you are in the way…

  • Snoopy

    Call it what you will Al is gone! Mark is in his place and a real business man knows how to delegate and delegate is what he’s doing, just like the rest of the NFL so please get off the how great we were lets see how great we can become!

    we must keep the old memories for a base YES and Mark Davis has those.

    Everything else should be in flux… Mark staying on his side of the fence and giving Reggie space to grow will build a forest here that should last and give fruit for a long time!!!

    It is what it is lets see what happens but so far… Its looking SOLID!!!!

  • beach

    Charisma only counts if you can back it up. No playoffs, no bully, no stopping penalties, no DMC. Hue is full ot it, period.


    REGGIE MCKENZIE FIRED HUE JAX….Mark Davis HIRED mcKenzie GAVE HIM FULL CONTROL!!!! I know because I worked there… Ask Mark Jerry if he knows who Brian Lane is… He knows me VERY WELL! Mark Davis actually wanted to keep Hue Jackson but John Madden convinced him Reggie knew what he was doing