Packers assistants are on the market


The Raiders search for a head coach should heat up this week, courtesy of the New York Giants.

When the Giants beat the Green Bay Packers 37-20 Sunday at Lambeau Field, Packers assistant coaches Winston Moss, Joe Philbin, Dom Capers and Tom Clements became available for head coaching interviews.

All have been reported as potential Raiders candidates and had a working relationship with Raiders general manager Reggie McKenzie in Green Bay.

McKenzie worked in the Packers personnel department for 18 years before being introduced Tuesday as the general manager of the Raiders.

Moss has the title of assistant head coach and also coaches linebackers. Philbin is Green Bay’s offensive coordinator, Capers is the defensive coordinator and Clements is the quarterbacks coach.

Philbin, who rejoined the Packers less than a week after the death of his 21-year-old son in a drowning accident in Wisconsin, is also a reportedly a candidate for the head coaching job in Miami.

On the CBS pregame show, analyst Charley Casserly reported the Raiders were hoping for a “quick decision’’ in naming a replacement for Hue Jackson, who was fired by McKenzie.

The only reported candidate so far is Todd Bowles, who finished as Miami’s interim head coach and has interviewed for the head coaching job there.

The Raiders have not confirmed any head coaching interviews or coaches of interest in the process. McKenzie said at the press conference announcing his hiring he would lean heavily on the Green Bay model while reorganizing the football operation in Oakland.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Lowdown_in_Beijing

    Bo-then offer to hike it for Lechler and let us know the outcome….

  • raidertbone

    Chris in NY Says:
    January 16th, 2012 at 10:47 am

    Albert Says:
    January 16th, 2012 at 10:42 am
    Keep McFadden and sign Peyton Hillis.


    Houston Nutt as head coach. Matt Jones as WR/QB. Razorbacks West, baby.

    Nutty to think of Houston as an NFL head coach. Hire Matt Jones as the team drug addict! Let’s get ONE healthy Razorback on the field first, then worry about getting others later. While we’re on the topic of Razorbacks, what about that epic quitter, Mr. Petrino?

  • Raiderbuck

    I agree but these contracts aren’t going to go away overnight. It will take years to recover from the overpaid players union. Even the great Reggie will need time to move them out of here.

  • UCLA Raiders

    Bo Schembechler Jackson Says:
    January 16th, 2012 at 10:46 am
    DMAC is a menace to victory as I asserted years ago.

    Cut the spoiled quitter with extreme prejudice!!!
    Now that’s not fair. DMC is a very hard worker and a difference maker. Ok he’s prone to injury but just because he didn’t want to take cortison shots each week doesn’t mean he’s a quiter. You see so many X-NFL players who can’t walk when they’re 40 because of all the operations and cortisone shots they took to play. This guy is a human being who’s concerned about his health and life just as you and I are. They did a disservice of not putting him on injured reserve right off the bat.
    In general I’m not impressed with the decision made by the Raiders medical staff. This is just one of the many of those decisions. Not signing Jared Gaither is another. Not putting Jason Campbell on IR is another. And so on and on and on. Blame them not DMC. That guys is a warrior.

  • Lowdown_in_Beijing

    The list has nothing to do with who was paid what, or if there is someone better/cheaper in the NFL, it is a ranking of the positions on the team and where our players stand in terms of NFL quality.

    Have no clue if Condo is overpaid…he is a starter, nes paz?

  • YoungAmerican

    I don’t think $5-6 million is really that much against the cap. Not for a guy who is one of the elite playmakers in the league when healthy. Not for the DMac of 2010 or the DMac of the first six games of 2011. 5 or 6 mil is an absolute bargain for that guy.


    I keep hearing the words “when healthy”. First of all, recurring foot injuries, especially lisfranc injuries for RBs, are a massive concern going forward. Secondly, “when healthy” he isn’t completely unstoppable, as evidenced by several matchups against elite and not-so-elite defenses.

    $6 million against the cap is pretty huge for a team who is A) already over the cap and B) needs to improve several other position groups.

    Many teams manage to pay 3 serviceable RBs and still not hit $5 million for one season. The teams that pay more than that have guys who produce – AP, Gore, MJD. DMac has had one season with comparable statistics to any of those guys. And the reality is, those guys are on teams who don’t win even WITH an elite RB. As I pointed out, the 49ers didn’t even sniff the playoffs with Gore until Alex Smith pulled his head out of his a**.

    Mid-round picks don’t have to be game-changers. They can have a ton of value if you simply find solid role-players who fit your schemes. The new Raiders GM comes from a team that has this philosophy, and that team has done pretty well for itself over the past several years.

    For McFadden, a second rounder or better would be a steal and would allow the Raiders to address other areas of the team in desperate need of improvement.

    RBs are a dime a dozen. Find 3-4 guys who don’t mind putting in hard work and earning their playing time, and go from there.

  • I wouldn’t trade DMC unless I’m getting another 1st rd pick. He is too talented, but can’t stay healthy. I will give him another year with the new GM,.

  • raidertbone

    Trade Michael Bush now, and get some trade value. Trade Wibley – there’s some more trade value. Hope that Aaron Curry can truly develop as a versatile LB, given the right tutelage. We need more help in the defensive backfield and on D-Line (need a replacement for Seymour in the next 1-2 years). Carson Palmer? We’ll see – jury’s still out on that one.

  • 505raiders

    how much has dmac made in his tenure as a raider

  • LA to TheBay

    This is just one of the many of those decisions. Not signing Jared Gaither is another. Not putting Jason Campbell on IR is another. And so on and on and on. Blame them not DMC. That guys is a warrior


    Has anyone touched on the medical staff situation?

    Reggie have the power to replace them?

    One would think, despite they’re being there for some time as I undersand, GM could do that. WOnder if he would have to get approval from Mark/Amy or shouldn’t that fall under ‘football operations’ like scouting?

  • DonManoukiansNeighbor

    I look forward to the draft and I dont even watch college ball.

  • I think the only way to trade Bush is to tag him, but that will be at 7+ mil.

  • ???

    Make some sense Lowdown.

    Tell me why Adam Treu is not the prototype LS.

  • New post

  • Chris in NY

    Raiderbuck Says:
    January 16th, 2012 at 10:54 am
    I agree but these contracts aren’t going to go away overnight. It will take years to recover from the overpaid players union. Even the great Reggie will need time to move them out of here.


    I give him one season.

    All that was needed to make the Raiders a SB contender in 2012 was a legitimate DC to come up with better schemes and maximize the talent already on the roster. He fired Hue after one 8-8 injury-filled season.

    Anything less than 12-4 or at least 10-6 with a deep playoff run is a total failure, in my opinion, and should cost Reggie his job.

  • Lowdown_in_Beijing

    Wimbley, like Seymour & Kelly have huge contracts…trading them at this point would be tantamount to impossible…Wish we could…we have no NFL starting caliber linebackers on our team…Curry can tackle at the line but is lost in space…

  • raidertbone

    Raider O Says:
    January 16th, 2012 at 10:58 am

    I think the only way to trade Bush is to tag him, but that will be at 7+ mil.

    Oh, I think Dan Snyder over in D.C. would give up more than he should for a power back like Bush. Let the man make his money, and we can rebuild in the process.

  • UCLA the shots were for pain not cortisone.

    DMAC is a disgrace. Won’t ever hulk up for his team but collecting megamillions

  • raidertbone

    We should try and trade for Kuhn from Green Bay. He had that one fumble yesterday, but he’s a solid blocker, strong runner and a good pass catcher. Team him up with the speed of DMac and or T.J. and we’ve got something.

  • raidertbone

    aig-raiders Says:
    January 16th, 2012 at 10:37 am

    Since Al is gone, the player with the fastest 40 yd time just lost his guaranteed draft spot.

    Oh, you mean no more fear of another DHB as the 7th overall pick, right?

  • raidertbone

    I would like to see both Capers and Trgovic land in the Bay area, if at all possible.

  • ghostraiders

    By the time the game started… some packers fans were already drowning their anger and frustration with beer and shots of tequila. ..LOL… they knew their goose was cooked with all the coaching changes and lack of focus by future Raiders coaches… needless to say.. their not happy with the decision of packers GM Thompson letting Reggie I interview for raiders GM position… I think we have our head coach within 10 days..

  • 505raiders

    if next year is a contract year for mcfadden then i think he should stay because hell be playing for a job and we might get his best cuz the bulk of the contract is already paid
    but if its not his contract year then we got trade for what we can get for him cuz he will spain an ankle again

  • raidertbone

    GoodOle00 Says:
    January 15th, 2012 at 5:55 pm

    faiders rebuilding for years. Walrus puss is going to do whatever he wants and wreck everything.

    Good luck getting that stadium while your 4-12 team sucks for years!

    Signed, Jaguars fan

  • ghostraiders

    Chris there’s enough delusional haters on this blog… please don’t go there. . Your speaking outta anger and frustration. . I understand we were close but we have to move on.. depending on who we hire I think we might be 8-8 again Next season. ..

  • I hope Wylie stays. Was our best coach by far this season.

  • raidertbone

    Dmac’s not going anywhere for at least another year; same thing with #3. We’ve got to hitch our horses and build around them. It can be done …

  • raidertbone

    I think we have the pieces in place to possibly go 9-7, depending on next year’s schedule. I think we have AFC North and NFC South (though not positive). If we just instill some discipline (i.e., cut way down on penalties) and get some consistent tackling, better days ahead …

  • 505raiders

    so next year is a contract year for mcfadden thats good 4 us cuz he ll be playing for his next job

  • Seymour Bush

    MistaBrown Says:
    January 16th, 2012 at 8:27 am

    I suggested Capers about the same day as Reggie’s presser as DC not head coach before his name was mentioned here.

    You also said cut DHB, cut Seymour and cut Jankikowsky. And you also supported Gingrich who has fallen so far off he is an irrelvant wack job. Just like you.