The Dennis Allen file


Broncos defensive coordinator Dennis Allen, reportedly the subject of a second interview with general manager Reggie McKenzie in the search for a new head coach, came to Denver after three years coaching defensive backs with the New Orleans Saints.

Allen, 40, presided over a defense that ranked 20th in total defense, 24th in scoring defense, sixth in third-down conversions, 28th in interceptions and 10th in sacks. The Broncos were 18th in passing yardage allowed and 22nd in rushing yardage allowed.

He described his defensive philosophy this way before the Broncos started in the season in an interview on the club’s Web site:

“We’re going to be built off of speed and athleticism. We want to be a very fast, violent, aggressive type of defense. I firmly believe that defensive football is not nearly as much about X’s and O’s as it is about the way you play the game, the culture of your defense. I think if you look at where i’ve been in the past, speed and athleticism and aggressive football players is the type of thing we’re looking for.”

Allen started his coaching career as a graduate assistant at Texas A&M, where he played as a defensive back. He was the secondary coach at Tulsa in 2000-01, served as a defensive assistant with emphasis on the defensive line and quality control with the Atlanta Falcons from 2002-05 and was hired as the assistant defensive line coach by the New Orleans Saints in 2006 before being promoted to secondary coach. He was the secondary coach on the New Orleans team that won the Super Bowl against the Indianapolis Colts.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • DKnight007

    92.HairyBush Says:
    January 23rd, 2012 at 11:59 am
    RaiderDuck Says:
    January 23rd, 2012 at 11:53 am
    HairyBush Says:
    January 23rd, 2012 at 11:52 am

    This coaching situation is a nightnmare. Seriously.


    How do you figure? Reggie’s interviewed a bunch of highly-respected candidates, and (possibly) come up with an under-the-rader-but-respected DC. Worked out pretty well for Atlanta and Mike Smith, no?
    Are you kidding me? Highly respected candidates? That’s funny. Do you really think that before the announcement of Reggie’s hiring that he wasn’t aware he was being hired? Of course he knew, You would think he had a plan. He is wasting valuable time with these BS interviews. We should already have a coach and be evaluating the players and staff right now. Come on’ man.

    I agree. It sounded like McK had a plan or was he just saying that. If your going to fire your head coach on a gut feeling, than you better have a plan for UPGRADE and to replace him with someone LEGIT and not some tired RETREADS like Moringwheg, Tice and Capers.

    The plan sounded like Moss was his guy, but what went wrong IF something did go wrong?

  • HairyBush

    I will be surprised if our next head coach is a step up from Hue. I look at the whole pie not just 1 bad slice regarding Jackson, My opinion may not be popular but until I see a reaason to believe otherwise I will be skeptical with Mr Mckenzie. Reggie better have something good up his sleeve. Can’t wait for more friggin rebuilding.

  • SnB offense defense specialteams

    For the last time, Hue was not a very good head coach.

  • bcz24

    To get outclassed by Sterling Moore? Routt should give money back just for that
    Wow… smh. Moore makes 1 play and all of the sudden he is the best damn CB in the league… what about all the plays he got burned on IN THAT GAME! Torry Smith’s touchdown comes to mind when he showed his ‘Raider’ tackling ability at its finest.

  • DKnight007

    103.SnB offense defense specialteams Says:
    January 23rd, 2012 at 12:08 pm
    For the last time, Hue was not a very good head coach.

    For the 100th time….it was first year as a head coach and he did the best he could in a VERY difficult first year.

    He needed a better DC who has a LEGIT scheme.

    Despite all the tough cards Hue was dealt with….

    Al dying, losing his best weapon DMC, Campbell and Ford for half the of the season, Moore being out 4 games and being strapped wit a CRAPPY Defensive Coordinator with a non existent NFL scheme and STILL coming within one games of taking the division, was actually a solid job by Hue despite all the crappy circumstances.

  • bcz24

    Yeah, don’t dislike Seymour but I am not close to being a fan. His best game to me was his first game when we almost upset Denver during a Monday night game. Not enough push when it counts to put him on the A list.
    SD… not Denver. That was pretty special, since he had been with the team for like 3.5 days

  • DKnight007

    No way Moore makes those plays if he was still on the Raiders.

    He would have been called for a holding/pass interference penalty on that pass break up on Pitta also by the goaline and he would have been dusted by 5 yards on the pass to Evans if he was still on Raiders! LOL

  • Raider guy

    We all have to keep in mind that we are looking for a coach that will be with us for the next five to ten years. That in itself is a change from the hire him fire him pattern that we have had. I am thrilled that Reggie Mac is taking his time to hire right so we can get someone in here for more than two years. That, more than anything, will turn us around. Since he is taking his time, I am on board with whoever he goes with because I know that dude is busting his ass to get a guy he believes in. He fels the pressure of bringing someone good in more than we could imagine, i m sure.

  • Raider guy

    When gruden. Was hired, not one of us could tell you a thing about the guy…as fans, we have to know what we don,t know and trust the people and process. I feel better about Reggie than I did about al.

  • cfrylopez
  • daraider09

    Yeah, don’t dislike Seymour but I am not close to being a fan. His best game to me was his first game when we almost upset Denver during a Monday night game. Not enough push when it counts to put him on the A list.
    That was the Chargers, not Broncos.

  • CorkOnTheNFL Steve Corkran
    Reggie McKenzie set to interview Broncos defensive coordinator Dennis Allen for a second time. Bears off. coord. Mike Tice up Tuesday.
    21 minutes ago Favorite Retweet Reply
    Come on Cork! Get up a little earlier. Don’t you have any aspirations to be a good reporter at all? Quit your late night binge drinking and do your damn job.

  • I like the idea of Del Rio getting the HC job. Jags unfortunately drafted poorly and were too cheap. Keeping Saunders as OC would provide continuity, if not for Palmer and the young Raider receiving corp and O-line. Del Rio was a straight shooter with Jags.
    I would also still go with at least an interview with Trestman for the HC post.

  • Raiderfusion

    Now that the 49rs are out of the playoffs, tough loss. They at least played like warriors, that’s more than I could say for our Defense. Vic Fangio would be the best pick as our Head Coach because: That defense is something we’ve been lacking for years, and he’s been around Jim Harbaugh for quite awhile and that type of tenacity is what this team need.

  • raidertalk

    Where did you find that the Moss interview “was not going good?”


  • raidertalk

    A defensive coach like Moss might mesh well with our competent offense. Let Saunders and Plamer run the offense while Moss schemes the defense and plans the overall gmaeplan and down-distance stuff.

  • If Dennis Allen is annointed as HC and the Lions don’t franchise Cliff Avril the Raiders should entertain the possibility of signing the LDE to a contract. . .then start teaching gap control. . .leave the offense in Saunders hands & reload the “D.”

  • raidertalk

    Where did people find that the Moss interview “was not going good?”


  • kidseven

    Allen, nicknamed Mr. Death or Mr. D, was believed to have been involved in up to 13 underworld murders, including the dismembering of a Hells Angels biker with a chainsaw.


    I like this guy’s energy. I say give him a chance. My guess is he’ll have everyone in the locker room paying close attention, lest they be hacked to pieces.

  • In my opinion, I would love to see Kevin Kilbride become the Raiders new HC. Kilbride always come through for the crazy Giants plus Mr. Davis wanted to hire him.

  • Zwarte Piet

    It seems as if Mr.McKinze hired former SF49er director of college scouting David McCloughan,if so,nice work Reggie….

  • oops! Typo mistake. Kevin Gilbride should be Oakland’s HC.

  • Raider4Life209

    This just in….Reports have confirmed an overwhelming number of Returns of San Francisco 49ers attire, namely Jerseys with tags still attached. Retailers describe this as the “Bandwagon Effect” and are now rejecting returns. Hats and Beanies are being deemed “worthless” due to severe sweat marks from an apparent stressing overtime loss and will instead be used as Urinal Cakes.

  • alex7

    So, Allen’s Broncos =

    20th in total defense,
    24th in scoring defense,
    28th in interceptions,
    22nd in rushing yardage allowed.


  • Hold your horses Raider Nation….. I think I found our new coach! http://raiderchaos.blogspot.com/2012/01/diamond-in-rough.html

  • 303Raider

    You need an All-Pro QB to win it all. Only twice since 1993 has a team won the SB with a questionable QB, Ravens in 2001and the Bucs in 2003.

    You need a Hall of Fame QB to win the SB,period, end of story.