McKenzie has ‘handshake agreement’ with Allen


Spoke with several people at the Raiders since word broke that they had agreed to hire Dennis Allen as the replacement for fired head coach Hue Jackson. Every person interviewed said this is general manager Reggie McKenzie’s show, and they are waiting for word from him just like everyone else.

Allen and McKenzie reached agreement last night in Mobile, Ala., where they were to watch players practice in advance of the Senior Bowl. McKenzie was scheduled to return to Alameda today. No word on whether Allen stuck around for another day or two.

As of now, a news conference introducing Allen as the Raiders 18th coach — Art Shell served two stints — has not been scheduled. McKenzie told Comcast Bay Area via text message that he and Allen have a “handshake agreement” for Allen to be the Raiders new head coach.

It’s likely that Allen will sign the contract real soon and a news conference will take place before week’s end.

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Steve Corkran

  • Twocents

    Perhaps I am mistaken and Hue will get a HC job and win a Super Bowl. We’ll have to wait and see.

  • Just Fire Baby

    Spoke with several people at the Raiders since word broke


    Several people, lol

    Does that include the two people who put you on hold, and Trask’s secretary who took your message and threw it in the trash?

  • Raiders for life

    When did the Raiders sign NT Travis Ivey to the practice squad? I just noticed that.

  • JB

    Raiders for life Says:
    January 25th, 2012 at 6:19 pm

    When did the Raiders sign NT Travis Ivey to the practice squad? I just noticed that.

    According to Raider website – January 3rd, 2012

  • stevenTyler

    JB (49) that Madden interview is sick!

    Must watch as Madden and the host praise dennis Allen hire.


  • stevenTyler

    That ivey signing could indicate some change on def line! Get rid of those bums

  • JB

    A couple of NT’s. a couple of OLB and we’ve got a 3-4 defense.

  • RaiderWeaponX

    Aside from sources I think Allens’ the man because Mac stopped interviewing people days ago…

    Granted, theres no signed contract far as we know but c’mon…

  • JB

    There’s a handshake verbal contract. They are all at the Senior Bowl scouting talent. They’ll sign the paperwork as soon as that’s over. Hopefully they’ve called Al Saunders & told him he’s still employed as the OC. I’d hate to lose him & have to start the offense all over again.

  • Just Fire Baby

    No 3-4 defense happening.

    Bronco’s had the 3-4, and Allen came in and promptly changed it to a 4-3.

  • Raiders for life

    57.JB Says:
    January 25th, 2012 at 6:23 pm
    A couple of NT’s. a couple of OLB and we’ve got a 3-4 defense.


    I was wondering the same thing. But if Ivey was signed around Jan. 3rd that would have been Hue….hmmm interesting. Anyways, I’m looking forward to seeing who McKenzie brings to the roster.

  • stevenTyler

    Broncos ran a 4-3 but von miller is more of a 3-4 lb….and that guy can ball

  • stevenTyler

    Hopefully ( best case scenario ) kam wimbley is the raiders von miller

  • irmoscraider

    YoungAmerican Says:
    January 25th, 2012 at 5:57 pm
    Raiders also met with these players at the Senior Bowl today:

    Quinton Coples
    Melvin Ingram
    Dwight Jones
    DeQuan Menzie
    Alfred Morris
    Be nice if Melvin Ingram would be available during the draft. Hell of a player from Univ. of SC. Probably late 1st/early 2nd pick IMO

  • stevenTyler

    That is the type of player big reg and d allen will be after… The hybrid. Guys like von miller and mathews on gb. Look for them to look for players with the same attributes

  • joker94583

    Why are they scouting talent when they have a 6 and a 7 round pick? Maybe a late 3rd comp pick. Yeah those picks should help…

  • al d. davis

    Big deal: we were 8/8 under Hue as an OC then H/C. Of course the offensive got a lift when JaMarcus was dismissed, with or without Hue or Cable. When McGlassToes finally decided he was going to run we received another boost, irregardless of Hue. The fact that Ford then Moore were drafted gave us a boost also.

    We finally drafted some good O line components for which AL was responsible, and not Hue, finally giving us some sort of line.

    Hue admitted when we lost to Buffalo he discovered the losing character of the team, and had neither the moxy nor intelligence to confront and manipulate a dying old man, whose face was full of running sores. (I wouldn’t have faulted Hue for applying a chokehold on AL, putting him to sleep early.)

    Then Hue began making horrific mistakes in play calling, game management, clock management etc. which cost us games.

    Worst yet, was Hue’s unwavering support for Jason Campbell who has neither the talent nor football moxy to lead us to the playoffs. After all JC’s bottom lip hangs down to his knees; he is an apt game manager but patently stupid. JC’s winning record derives mainly from the fact we played all bottom tier teams with him at the helm, that had losing records. That is nothing to shout about.

    Hue’s most egregious negligent act was his hiring of Carson Palmer, which Hue claimed as the “greatest trade ever”: greatest trade for CP and Bengals on a washed up QB, injury prone, who gave up on his former team after earning $120M in 8 seasons. Palmer was no better than JC, was immobile, a statue in the pocket, couldn’t scramble and was completely non-elusive: thus high INT and fumble ratios, in failing to avoid the rush.

    Palmer will never be better than he was this season. If CP still “has it” why did no other team pick him up?

    As a result of the CP trade, Hue forewent the Raiders immediate future in draft picks and cash. Fact of the matter is Boller, if given a chance, and/or Pryor would have produced the same 8/8 figure.

    Now then, Hue lied, exaggerated, misrepresented our chances in getting to the playoffs knowing full well that we wouldn’t make it: he admitted it in his loud press conference after the SD fiasco, then threw the entire team under the bus.

    I for one believe we are well rid of Hue the Pimpin Magnificient. Fact is Hue is a bully: action cannot support his talk, cannot solve the trouble he himself created, runs like the yellow dog he is from trouble.

    Of course, once he became ego-manical toward the end of the season, he sealed his own fate. So it is written.