Reminder to keep comments respectful

Some recent comments on this site crossed the line and were downright offensive. This is your forum to converse on all things Raiders. It’s a privilege, not a right. Keep it clean, respectful and within the bounds and things roll along without further moderation.
If things get out of hand, comments will be deleted, posters will be blocked and much-stricter controls will be put in place.
For the most part, you do an admirable job abiding by the groundrules and making this site the most viewed and popular around. Let’s keep it that way.
As always, feel free to contact myself or Jon Becker if you notice something that needs to be addressed.

Steve Corkran — scorkran@bayareanewsgroup.com
Jon Becker — jbecker@bayareanewsgroup.com

Steve Corkran


Steve Corkran