Raiders without more than head coach right now; Tice scratched

Raiders general manager Reggie McKenzie is in Mobile, Ala., for the Senior Bowl. He arrived there Monday, with eight scouts in tow and no coordinators or assistant coaches. For good reason: all effectively are out of work.
For now, at least. The Raiders removed the coaches page from their official website. That lends further credence to McKenzie’s stance that whoever he hires as the replacement for the fired Hue Jackson will be allowed to hire his own staff.
Given that, some, most or none of the coaches from Jackson’s staff will be back in 2012, even those whose contracts haven’t expired.
Defensive line coach Mike Waufle and wide receivers coach Sanjay Lal already bolted, with Waufle going to the St. Louis Rams and Lal to the New York Jets in the same capacity they served the Raiders.
During his few days in Mobile, McKenzie intends to interview some prospective candidates for the Raiders head coaching vacancy.
His scheduled interview with Chicago Bears offensive coordinator Mike Tice on Tuesday has been canceled, according to multiple reports from Chicago.
“I was disappointed I wasn’t able to complete the interview process,” Tice told ESPNChicago.com. “But let me say this: I’m very excited about the opportunity and the new position I have with the Bears. I strongly believe everything happens for a reason. And I think there are some great reasons to be in Chicago.”

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