Wisniewski retained on Allen’s staff


Not sure how the responsibilities will break down with offensive line hire Frank Pollack, but the Raiders have retained the services of assistant line coach Steve Wisniewski.

Both Pollack and Allen were assistant line coaches last season, Pollack under John Benton and Wisniewski under Bob Wylie.

Pollack was a tackle as an NFL player, Wisniewski a guard. Haven’t heard whether they’ll be co-line coaches or if there will be a line coach and an assistant.

The Raiders had co-line coaches one time in 2006 under Art Shell and it was a disaster, with Irv Eatman and Jackie Slater essentially taking their cue from Shell.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • RaiderSam

    Hardline Says:
    February 1st, 2012 at 10:42 pm
    RaiderSam, #218

    Nice accounting of potential draft picks Sam. The problem is we only have 2 (picks) after HueJack made “the greatest trade in football.”

    oh yeah, thats right…..well maybe they can swing some trades? (LOL)

  • FormerlyGoodOle00 Says:
    February 1st, 2012 at 10:57 pm
    Reality, Hayes. Try it sometime.
    You already make it clear you will always toe the company line, like good little sheep do.
    They rush to squash any talk that doesn’t praise all.
    You said it above. “They all get the benefit of the doubt from me.” Yes, a sheep.
    You’re so pathetic you actually believe that if you question the team, you’re less of a fan.
    Actually you’re just more of a mouse.


  • doriangray

    ya know , i was watching the interview with cam newton and the guy says to him. ” youre like -6-5 ? 240 , right ” ? ” theres not many guys like u that can run and throw wit yur size ” . and i instantly thought about terrel pryor. hes taller weighs more and im sure he can run faster , pryor also has a strong arm . all we have to wonder about is if he can throw accurate passes and can he operate in a pocket ? reading defesnes & such .

  • Hardline

    Mum-O-killowe, #247

    interesting theory

  • RaiderSam

    Hardline Says:
    February 1st, 2012 at 10:53 pm
    RaidO, #234

    You are correct RaidO. CP is almost totally immobile in the pocket, incapable of evading the rush, cannot roll out to improvise success out of a busted play, and cannot scramble whatsoever. Hence his high rate of INT’s throwing as he gets hit.
    Brady isn’t exactly Michael Vick, and he does just fine. You did see him side step and shuffle out of trouble to hit Denarious Moore on a strike v. San Diego.

    Palmer didnt like the WCO at Cincinnati, but ITS DONE. Let’s let the season play out, and judge then.

  • armond

    211.J Hill Says:
    February 1st, 2012 at 10:34 pm
    stop falling in love with changing YOUR tune about players day to day like a woman. u always speculate about a 3-4 and the sh!t doesnt happen. how do you know shawny couldnt play end in a 34?


    What players have I changed my tune about?

    I specualte about the 3-4 when the coaches try and hire 3-4 personell.

    ShoNasty has never played OLB before, has he? You fine with experimenting with that type of dumb da dumb dumb shyytee then I think all that bad buffet food is phuggin with your brain.

    You like the team the way it is. Don’t want to trade anyone to try and get better at other positions that are CLEAR needs.

    Got it.

    How’s that working for the Ws????

    ——————————————————-fugg you and that biotchazz dubs comment. u have changed your mind on shawny,dmc and ford to name a few. u have advocated trading more than just 1 guy. who in the fugg said that the team should COMPLETELY stay as is? we will get some FA’s and draft picks. i dont believe in trading quality players that make us have an advantage over teams. ford is better than u give him credit for. A wr and returner who can be a game changer. are u so simple you dont understand that we can upgrade those other positions without getting rid of our core? i think bri@n is right about the jerri juice fuggin with your head. most of the pieces are in place and yall either too stupid or blind to notice. u got alot of nerve thinkin that im with the dumb da da dumb sh!t when YOU thought trevor scott was gonna be a MLB a few years ago. u speculating on us going to a 3-4 when dennis allen just said 2 much is made of that. u never saw me say shawny playing anything other than DE.

  • Hardline

    HayesDaze37, #250

    That may be true Hayes, but CP for SC a long, long time ago before suffering severe knee injuries in the pros.

    He’s lost at least 4 or 5 steps since then. I watched every game he played in for us and I noticed his lack of mobility, inability to evade the rush and roll out.

    He still can pass, but it’s tough to do without throwing many INT’s as a bevy of 300 lb lineman are bearing down.

  • djohnnyg


    That’d be pretty low of Ron Wolf to take advantage of Mark like that, knowing he doesn’t know anything about what to do with his dad gone and seizing the ooportunity to advance his son’s cause.

    I will say that the McKenzie hire seemed to be pretty well heralded across the media outlets as being a solid one.

    For what that’s worth of course.

  • lefty12

    pryor also has a strong arm . all we have to wonder about is if he can throw accurate passes and can he operate in a pocket ? reading defesnes & such .
    Yeah,that’s all,just those minor things.

  • HayesDaze37

    00 — I don’t know what you didn’t get about me saying I disagree plenty…but I’m always a fan.

    Never said you weren’t a fan…just said you don’t know what you’re talking about regarding CPalmer. Sorry I hurt your feelings, dude.

    Raiders have a GOOD chance to be a Playoff team next season. Why can’t I believe in the guys putting the team together? Can’t we see how the team comes together before condemning it? Hey, if not, do your thing.

    But…if somebody comes in here just to say they’re quitting being a fan, or jumping ship…who cares? A fan who is on the wagon, off the wagon, back on when they’re winning isn’t a real fan. He’s a loser. That’s just the way it is.

  • Hardline

    I know CP is our QB next season, and I wouldn’t try to cut or trade him since he cost us way too much to get. I am just saying that we saw the best CP has to offer this past season. The well is dry after that and the light is off.

    Hopefully the OC will install a scheme so that CP sheds the ball more quickly, beef up the O-line to take pressure off him.

  • doriangray

    oh yeah.. new post . lol

  • Hardline

    djohnnyg, #258

    Johnny, I wouldn’t discount a mercenary spirit in Wolf regarding his son. Much more egregious acts have been committed by lesser men. And Mark, well, he’s not the brightest bulb in the pack; he could fall to such manipulation, especially with John Madden’s recommendation, who by the way has had nothing to do with football management since the stone age.

  • RaidO

    Carson Palmer tried to run the west coast offense at USC under Paul Hackett and looked worse than Jamarcus Russell did trying to run it…
    and that one of the reasons he wanted out of Cinci. Jay Gruden was brought in and runs a WCO.

    Palmer will be traded.

  • RaiderWeaponX

    lefty12 Says:
    February 1st, 2012 at 8:50 pm
    We will have the same QB,the same RB(McFadden),the same WRs,the same nucleus in the Oline.We will have most of the same starters on Def.How does that equate to rebuilding the team?Since you seem to be the one without a clue,I’ll answer it for you-it doesn’t.


    It equates to rebuilding the team because the concensus is by value and skills sets of who they hired Allen is going to change the O to a ZBS and hybrid the D more.

    It equate to rebuilding when you keep 1 or 2 staffers and let the rest walk for people that are not condsidered by some to be an upgrade.

    Seems like a rebuild to me or a serious over haul. Pulling that big of a change with the questionable group of acquaintances and freinds Allens made in his short time seems like a tall order to have us competing for the play offs next season but sure hope so.

    Lot of talent. One of the best teams Davis assembled. Have to see who stays and goes. Could get crazy, could stay pretty much the same roster wise but I think many may go.

  • Hardline

    RaidO, #264,

    The question is, traded when ?

  • Hardline

    RaiderWeaponX #265

    Weapon, hmmmmmm……one of the best teams Davis every assembled? I could go on and on, but consider this: can you really compare the running tandem of Marcus Allen and Bo Jackson, to McGlassfeet and Bush ?

    If you can, that is a huge leap of faith and logic.

  • RaidO

    Hardline Says:
    February 1st, 2012 at 11:17 pm
    RaidO, #264,

    The question is, traded when ?

    Before the draft would be the best bet. I hope the Raiders don’t gamble on Carson running Knapps WCO next season. Very bad gamble. “INT and pick 6 city”

  • HayesDaze37

    New Post —————->>>>>>>>

  • Hardline

    RaidO, #268,

    As much as I would like to see that happen, I doubt that it will. Management’s view point is move the ball down the field with safe passes and runs, and allow the D to win the game.

    Plus, we would take a total bath money and pick wise to trade CP. The Raiders are not the most solvent club in the group.

  • lefty12

    Perhaps you should read more instead of just selected items.I stated we are rebuilding the organization,but the team we put on the field,the players, will be pretty much the same team we put on the field last year.

  • Hardline

    As far as trade value for CP, I didn’t see any team jumping to pick him up after he quit on the Bengals. I think his trade value, cash and picks, is light – very light.

  • Hardline

    lefty12 #271,

    only god can help us then Lefty, and doubt he wants to be involved.

  • Hardline

    I just can’t see us going better than 6 and 10.

  • lefty12

    Management’s view point is move the ball down the field with safe passes and runs, and allow the D to win the game.

    You don’t know this to be fact.This is just something you are assuming.But don’t let facts get in the way of a good argument.

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