Los Angeles suddenly long-shot option for Raiders


Raiders owner Mark Davis said Jan. 10 that he already has received offers from investors who want to build stadiums in the Los Angeles area about the prospect of the Raiders relocating to the part of the state they left after the 1994 season.
Davis declined to go into specifics. However, he made it abundantly clear that Los Angeles remains a viable option as long as the Raiders don’t have a better option than the Oakland Coliseum in its current state.
“Los Angeles is a possibility,” Davis said. “Wherever’s a possibility. We need a stadium.”
NFL commissioner Roger Goodell splahsed a tub of cold water on the Raiders, or any other NFL team, moving to Los Angeles by saying, “We want to keep our teams where they are.”
Further, Goodell said if the NFL returns to Los Angeles at some point, it likely would be with one or two expansion teams.
The Raiders lease extension with the Coliseum expires after the 2013 season. At this point, their options are: sign an extension or find a way to get a new stadium built.
The 49ers moved closer to getting their new stadium by receiving a $200 million loan from the NFL, with no language providing the 49ers be joint tenants with the Raiders.
Not that that matters anyway. The 49ers and Raiders want their own stadiums. Until now, Los Angeles seemed like the Raiders’ best option.
“There’s offers on the table, but I wouldn’t talk about them,” Davis said of Los Angeles. “If there was an offer that we liked, we would’ve taken it. Let me put it that way. And there’s not.”
The clock is ticking.

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Steve Corkran