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Raiders make Tarver official as DC

By Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer
Monday, February 6th, 2012 at 12:01 pm in Oakland Raiders.

The Raiders confirmed the hiring of former 49ers and Stanford assistant coach Jason Tarver to be their defensive coordinator Monday as coach Dennis Allen continues to put his staff together.

Tarver, 37, served as the co-defensive coordinator for the Cardinal in 2011 and before that worked from 2001 through 2010 through five different head coaches with the 49ers.

Under the direction of Tarver and co-coordinator Derek Mason, Stanford’s defense ranked either first or second in the Pac-12 in eight categories, finishing first in rushing (93.3), first in red zone defense (74.0), first in third-down conversion percentage (30.9 percent), first in total defense (331.4) and first in fewest first downs per game (17.8).

Stanford was second in sacks per game (3.2), scoring defense (20.3) and tackles-for-loss per game (7.3).

The Cardinal was fifth nationally in rushing defense, an area where the Raiders have struggled, giving up 5.1 yards per carry in 2011 under Chuck Bresnahan.

Tarver, who attended Foothill High in Pleasanton, was first reported as a candidate Saturday by ESPN, which was confirmed by a source with knowledge of the situation. The Web site reported Saturday Tarver had accepted the position.

The Raiders now have all three coordinators in place, with Greg Knapp replacing Al Saunders and Steve Hoffman taking over for John Fassel, but still have a number of assistant coaching positions to fill.

On offense, the Raiders still have not hired assistant coaches for quarterbacks, wide receivers and tight ends. Oakland went without a quarterbacks coach in 2011 with head coach Hue Jackson and offensive coordinator Al Saunders handling the position, but are likely to hire one this season to assist Knapp.

Allen’s background is entirely in defensive football.

On defense, the Raiders have not hired assistants for the defensive line, linebackers and the secondary (Oakland had two coaches for defensive backs last season, Rod Woodson for cornerbacks and Kevin Ross for safeties).

The Raiders could also be in the market for a special teams assistant for new special teams coordinator Steve Hoffman.

Hall of Fame cornerback Willie Brown, a member of the Raiders organization for 41 years, including the last 15 listed on the coaching staff as being in charge of “squad development’’ is currently not on the coaching roster.

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  • Silverandblack666

    “Who is we you and your alias’s ?

    Just because you are the resident virgin who lusts after his cousin dont try and slap some stupid sh!t on me you cross posting kunt.”

    Sounds like a very angry celibate person in need of a release. Go downtown and find an Asian massage parlor and get a happy ending then come back in here with your new perspective on life!

  • RaiderInTexas

    With our 1st pick in the 3rd round (supplamental, I’m guessing) I would love to see the best LB on the board.

    We are going to have to make a BIG impact in free angency with currently only 2 LATE picks

  • RaiderRockstar

    I don’t think a nerd like Tarver is gonna say or do anything to convince McClain he needs to earn his paycheck. Al Davis gave him $23 million guaranteed

    Reggie McKenzie & Dennis Allen are the no-nonsense guys that need to get him in line. I’ll be interested to find out who they choose as his LB Coach

    Marshall, Haluchak, Bresnahan & Biekert didn’t do much for his “development” – but then again thats like blaming Kiffin, Knapp, Defilipo, Cable, Hackett & Tollner for how JaWalrus turned out!

  • RaiderRockstar

    new post !!

  • RaiderInTexas

    **If we go 3-4 that is

  • raidertalk

    I’m not too worried about the D-Coord hire because its gonna be Allen’s system.

    The thing that worries my is Knapp. Hopefully he is smart enough to let CP run the offense and plan to his Strengths not his weaknesses or try to fit round pegs in square holes

  • HayesDaze37

    JLofty is correct!

    Defensive schemes have many D-Linemen and LB’s covering players downfield…players you wouldn’t expect to see doing it. That’s because there are more weapons/ways to use them on O nowadays…and it works more often than not.

    Tom Brady (under)threw a 40-yard INT last night to a hybrid D-lineman in coverage on Gronkowski (the new best TE ever!).

    Multiple schemes, and having people in the right place, are key to modern Defenses. I’m glad we brought in another fresh face…with a ton of experience for his age, and young enough to watch grow as a coach.

    ReggieMcK and D.A. are putting together a strong staff…on paper. I’m betting they’re as good as advertised.

  • Mistic1 Tha Supavillain

    Are we going 3-4 as our base defense now that the new dc is in? This question could determine the fate of rolando maccalin.

    We know he needs a major attitude adjustment outside of football. Everything from his refusal to acknowledge how different college football is compared to college, to his self imposed ban on the media, it has been a clear pattern of entitled snob-ism, and inability to accept responsibility. I wouldn’t say this if he was playing well, but the fact remains after bad games he is glaringly silent. This bad attitude culminated in dogging it on play in game, and an alleged dirty harry reenactment. This marks the second time romac has been involved with gun play, or at least reports thereof.

    In part because we dont seem to have yet had a fully engaged player it is difficult to grade his talent level for his position. Yet the fact that he hasnt been able to dial in and maximize his talent is also a part of his over all grade. this isnt lost on allen and big mack, as allen in his presser noted that he wanted to romac go full blast on every snap.

    With this in mind you are left weighing romac inconsistent play in the 4-3, against his draft stock at his college position if ilb at alabama. Is his play victimized by his peculiar fascination with Scarface role play? Or is he just a fish out of water being asked to cover so much space, and far better off in a 3-4 alignment?

    My personal take is after watching for two years I think if his heart was in it he would make a solid 4-3 mlb. I think he could be a star in the 3-4, where he doesnt have to cover as much ground laterally and with less gap responsibility. This way we wont have to see him flying into the wrong holes quiet as often. Either way he needs to pull his head out, Im sure he is on the bubble.

  • Jaysohn

    I know a lot of fans are worried about rookie owner, rookie gm, rookie hc and some rookie assistants but I think this isn’t just a 1 or 2 year plan. The plan is to build a consistent winner again. Some fans say hey we were 8 – 8 and only needed some tweaks on D and a healthy McFadden but the problems ran deeper than that. We really didn’t have one dominate game all season and we beat only one quality team. We were fortunate to be in a weak division and barely beat horrible teams. Though the Raiders should always honor the past the organization needs a new foundation to be build on. I like the youth in the coaching staff and hopefully there just the right mix of experience as well. The reality is none of us know right now if any of these choices are good or bad. The majority of even so called great coaches have failed over time. What we do know is that for the first time in decades the decisions are being made by the GM and the coach, like most winning NFL teams do it.

  • RaidO

    Yeah, not really worried about the D either. Once again last season if JC and DMAC don’t get hurt this is a playoff team even with that crappy D.

    The big “?” is Knapp

  • oldschoolraider

    The more I learn about Tarver, the more I like the guy.
    People are drawing comparisons to a young Jon Gruden and that can’t be bad.

  • Renoraider68

    Im anticipating at least 4 new starters on D this year and probably Bush will not be back….lots of movement in the draft and FA I think……

  • runtmc91

    I like Tarver, but I’ve seen Breaking Bad. This will not end well.

  • DKnight007

    # RaiderRetribution Says:
    February 6th, 2012 at 1:32 pm

    Raiders need to draft/and or sign two good linebackers.


  • alex7

    who is?


    oldschoolraider Says:
    February 6th, 2012 at 2:50 pm

    The more I learn about Tarver, the more I like the guy.
    People are drawing comparisons to a young Jon Gruden and that can’t be bad.

  • edward teach

    RaiderRockstar Says:
    February 6th, 2012 at 1:53 pm
    I don’t think a nerd like Tarver is gonna say or do anything to convince McClain he needs to earn his paycheck. Al Davis gave him $23 million guaranteed


    Something tells me that if he wants to play he’ll get on board.

    This new regime is as much about culture change as it is anything eesle.

  • ArtilleryShell

    Knapp is crap in my opinion. Has he ever coordinated an outstanding offense

  • RaiderReggie

    I think this young coaching staff is going bring the Raiders back to being respected around the NFL. We are going to make the playoffs this year. That’s right I said it!

  • RaiderReggie

    Reggie McKenzie is probably going to get rid of several players on the current roster. There are a lot of good free agents on the market.

  • zopi

    Someone up in the posts commented about the Raiders and a 4-12 record next season. That could be very possible mainly because there will probably be massive personnel movement to fit the style of the new HC and staff.

    The Raiders are stuck with Palmer, which now will have to adjust to a new offensive scheme, instead of one catered to him by Hue. There will be no Housh. So, if Palmer was mediocre in a system catered to him, here and in Cincy, he’ll most likely continue to spiral down the toilet on a system he is not used to, if he even manages to finish up the season healthy.

    However, the Raiders do have a solid core of young players who can only get better, except for RoMac, who should get dump asap, and have the middle linebacker position be a high priority alongside a couple of stud defensive tackles, with no Seymour or Kelly.

    So, the 2012 season will probably bring a new excitement with the young rookie GM, coaches and the revamp roster, would probably have a better disciplined team (anything would be better), however don’t expect many wins.And, if RegMac is worth all of his salt, we could probably begin to see winning seasons and playoffs in 2 or 3 years.

    What I see is a team that needs to be built up from the core of young players, and add by subtraction by getting rid of the garbage, RegMac and Allen shouldn’t have any trouble find it, but in case they need help finding the garbage, anybody here in this blog could pretty easily give them a list, free of charge.

  • space man spiff

    people still going on about carson palmer. bottom line he came off his couch and played football.should have never came in the chiefs game. he did show some great throws that only a few qb’s in the league can.personally i think the west coast offense will help . he won’t have to sit back in the pocket and wait on all receivers to run their deep routes. shorter routes’ and our receivers will be awesome.
    palmer is asmart qb. an offseason with the new play-book he’ll catch on.

  • mikeschoice

    The fans w who thought third place afc west was progress and were happy are losers

  • Woj

    These ‘hires’ starting with Allen to the retread Knapp to the youngster Tarver has Josh McDaniels trainwreck written all over it.

    Three huge problems with Raiders exist: Lack of discipline all over, too many penalties, and a terrible defense.

    To remedy said problems: We canned the OC and HC most responsbile for the offensive resurgence and brought in a bunch of retread and/or a youngsters promoted 2 levels above where they should be. But hey, McKenzie got ‘his guys’. These hires are making me ill.

    Was Mark Trestman not available? What about Terry Robiskie? Was the Bed and Breakfast guy tied up with other commitments?

  • ohioraider

    Hall of Fame cornerback Willie Brown, a member of the Raiders organization for 41 years, including the last 15 listed on the coaching staff as being in charge of “squad development’’ is currently not on the coaching roster.
    Poor Willie lost his scholarship! I urge McKenzie to bestow Emeritus status on him, give him a small office, mail slot, etc. Gotta keep one of the old ghosts around.

  • RaiderWeaponX
  • RaiderWeaponX
  • RaiderWeaponX
  • RaiderWeaponX
  • RaiderWeaponX
  • RaiderWeaponX

    Reggie better be right!

  • RaiderWeaponX

    Cuz if not its gonna be a long couple years…

  • RaiderWeaponX
  • RaiderWeaponX
  • RaiderWeaponX

    even if that means dealing with guys like rmr

  • RaiderWeaponX

    Stabler, Plunked or Brown first?

  • RaiderWeaponX
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