Raiders 2012 coaching staff taking shape


Recently hired head coach Dennis Allen methodically has assembled his first coaching staff, with a mixture of holdovers, first-timers and NFL veterans.
Allen still has several hires to make before his first major undertaking is complete. For now, let’s take a quick look at how this year’s coaching staff compares to the one that served under Hue Jackson in 2011:

Title: 2011 — 2012 (former team)
Head coach: Hue Jackson — Dennis Allen (Denver Broncos)
Offensive coordinator: Al Saunders — Greg Knapp (Houston Texans)
Defensive coordinator: Chuck Bresnahan — Jason Tarver (Stanford)
Special teams coordinator: John Fassel — Steve Hoffman (Kansas City Chiefs)
Wide receivers: Sanjay Lal — Ted Gilmore (Southern California)
Running backs: Kelly Skipper — Kelly Skipper
Tight ends: Adam Henry — Vacant
Offensive line: Bob Wylie — Frank Pollack (Houston Texans)
Asst. offensive line: Steve Wisniewski — Steve Wisniewski
Defensive line: Mike Waufle — Vacant
Linebackers: Greg Biekert — Vacant
Asst. linebackers: Ricky Hunley — Vacant
Safeties: Kevin Ross — Vacant
Cornerbacks: Rod Woodson — Vacant
Strength and conditioning: Brad Roll — Al Miller (Atlanta Falcons)
Asst. strength & cond.: Chris DiSanto — John Grieco (University of Louisiana-Monroe)
Offensive quality control: None — Justin Griffith (None)
Defensive quality control: Eric Sanders — Eric Sanders

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Steve Corkran

  • Veldheer playing C
    Fargas over DMAC & Bush
    B Campbell playing G

    What is the Fat monkey doing in Seattle?

  • DMAC

    Time to cut McClain and sign EJ Henderson.
    Instant upgrade!

  • doriangray Says:
    February 8th, 2012 at 9:55 am

    why the espn folks always pick san diego to win our dividoin every year ? when the last time they won it ? & whats all this ‘ talent they see? i see rivers , floyd , jackson , gates and weddle. who else ?

    next season KC will be the team we compete with to win the division imo..

  • RaiderRockstar

    What is the Fat monkey doing in Seattle?



    he convinced Pete & Co to overpay for Robert Gallery & Zach Miller … who did nothing

    Their O-Line ranked 29th in the NFL, allowing 50 sacks and a league high 114 QB hits!

  • DMAC

    New post semi-slackers!

  • DutchRaider77

    but Royal is without a history with injuries, and he has the ability to run routes through/to the end which Murphy doesnt.. Murphy’s hands are doubtful, I wouldnt mind a swicharoo at all


    Royal has had a lot of injuries! He was injured a lot last year alone. It has been all down hill since his rookie year.


  • Rekleiner

    retread greg take a knapp. whew. show me that you’re a better offensive coordinator than the 7 STEP DROPS you made jaCARCUS russell make. even though russell was a terrible player, you put him in the worst position. 1-2-3-4-5-6-7 steps, OH sack. the season of sacks. it was horrid. his offensive playcalling stunk.

    ooo wow texans make it to the playoffs–their team was established before take a KNAPP got there. we got the most predictable offensive mind in football. every fan in the stands knew what play was gonna happen, and you can imagine the other team did as well. i hope he’s changed. HAHAH.

    i dont know why he came back. maybe theyre gonna pay him more probably, because al wouldnt have paid him much to begin with, but are you coming back for a paycheck? i cannot hardly believe that greg knapp is ready for the verbal beatings that hes gonna get here in oakland. if i were him id stay far away from the silver and black, because the taste that he left in my mouth–IS STILL THERE. its bitter. very bitter and very sour.

    even with jabustus and the offense he had, his playcalling was not imaginary, did NOT put the players in the best position to win. this is some buuuuuushiiii. you serious? you kidding me? art shell came back #2 that was successful…tom walsh came back #2 oh that was successful…how many retreads do we need to have in oakland to know that it just doesnt work out? and WHERE are the great offensive minds of the decade? you mean to tell me that dennis allen couldnt find someone better than greg knapp to call plays? lets just take last yrs playbook and schitcan it.

    for the most part the plays were pretty dynamic last year. they were exciting, and we didnt do too bad at 8-8. i expected more, we shoulda done more, but that was on the DEFENSIVE SIDE OF THE BALL folks.

    and FASSEL. lets get rid of the guy who has done the best job here in years in special teams! he was a great special teams coach! he had our special teams playing awesome football. and hes gone. we lost the best special teams coach in the division for sure, and we lost a good, solid offensive coordinator.

    Al Saunders was the guy! all the mistakes were made by hue jackson–stupid mistakes. head coach dumb moves. saunders was the guy who made up the offense, why not let saunders call the offense that he made? it would have come out a much better season offensively, and we did pretty good offensively! THATS NOT THE PROBLEM WITH OUR TEAM! how could you let fassel go, saunders go, and hire greg LETS TAKE A knapp 2. totally new offense.

    if i hear that freakin word REBUILDING im gonna throw up all over the door of the alameda facility. did they get rid of al saunders because it would now be an excuse to go backwards and start all over and have an excuse to have a 4 win season next year? is that what this whole thing is about? because raider nation, thats how it is! i feel like they schitcanned al saunders to give them some wiggle room in the losses and wins for next season. now they can use the old and tired excuse of “well we had to put in a new offense, and the players didn’t get it.” thats bullschit. if i was making millions of dollars a year i better get that playbook down, and i better do it quick.

    i still dont see how greg knapp can fit into the mold of our current quarterbacks. jason campbell and carson palmer–BOTH of which are long ball quarterbacks. they are guys who have to stay in the pocket. jason campbell had a way better pocket presence by a MILLION TIMES than palmer. he could at least get to the outside and make a play, where palmer’s legs were like stuck in the mud or in concrete. he can NOT evade a tackle in the pocket to save his life or our team for crying out loud.

    he’s a good quarterback when it comes from passing from the pocket, but any pressure on him and he can not evade for dogcrap. and we’re gonna expect him to run the west coast offense??? knapp is gonna expect palmer to run to one side, run to the other side, keep the play alive…well let me tell ya partna it aint gonna happen. it didnt happen last year and certainly not gonna be something that happens this season. i dont care what the excuse was last year, carson palmer has legs of stone, and they dont move very fast at all.

    greg knapp = bad hire.

  • DMAC,

    I’m real excited to have him back my latino brother. I love you people… lol

  • daraider09

    We are fine at the WR position.
    Theres just no 2 ways about it.

    We need to focus 1000% on the defensive side of the ball. Whether its 4-3 or 3-4 that is the problem of this team.

    Offense was extremely injured and went through a lot of BS circumstances and bad luck and still finished 9th in the entire NFL in total offense. Those arent excuses, they are facts.

    People penalize raider WRs in their evaluations for missing games due to injury, but ignore the talent when they’re actually on the field.

    Look outside of a box score for once.

    ALl the WRs get back on the field in week 17, STILL WITHOUT DMC and Carson throws for 417.

    Why is this ignored?

    The entire season is the defense’s fault. Not the WRs or QB.



    Is raider o really the assistant coach Randy something that cable punched in the jaw, why so much hate on cable? Cable did decent for the time he was here.

  • raiderzmaverick

    1960AutumnWind Says:
    February 8th, 2012 at 7:47 am

    Marley Bob Says:
    February 8th, 2012 at 7:39 am
    So now we have 3 coaches with ties to Lane Kiffin, Knapp was his OC, Filippo QB coach and Gilmore was his choice for WR’s coach before he backed down.

    I’m guessing Knapp’s input was the primary reason we brought those guys is.


    If you remember the Raiders Offensive staff was gutted after the disastrous 2006 season and Kiffin hired Atlanta’s offensive staff almost lock stock and barrel at the Senior bowl after Mora was fired as HC there. It was a package of Cable and others that came with Knapp. These guys have history and background together from Atlanta and I mean DA as well.
    Problem with this was that they weren’t particularly successful in Atlanta (never finished in above #16 in scoring or total yards). And it also didn’t turn out so good with us (yeah, I know we had crappy personnel).