Raiders sever ties with Herrera

The Raiders and senior executive John Herrera, who has served the organization as a spokesman and in a front office capacity for the better part of his adult life, have parted ways.

According to someone familiar with the situation, the decision was made on the business side of the Oakland operation, and not by general manager Reggie McKenzie or coach Dennis Allen.

Herrera could not be reached for comment, and Raiders officials had no comment.

The first clue Herrera’s role had changed came Wednesday, when McKenzie held an off-the-record meeting with an informal lunch with Bay Area beat writers, and Herrera was not in attendance.

Herrera joined the Raiders out of high school, hired to run errands by owner Al Davis, and eventually moved up in the operations, leaving for stints with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and as a general manager in the Canadian Football League but eventually returning in 1985.

He was known as a fierce defender of Davis, which prompted the occasional run-inwith writers covering the team, most notably a confrontation with San Jose Mercury-News columnist Tim Kawakami that was caught on film and became a popular YouTube stop.

Since Davis died on Oct. 8, and the transfer of power with to son Mark Davis and McKenzie has general manager, Herrera’s departure is likely to be only one of several moves as the organization is restructured.

A source familiar with the situation said Hall of Fame cornerback Willie Brown, a longtime Raiders employee who has been in charge of “squad development’’ and has assisted coaches, will remain with the team, but his role is being “redefined.’In other news, the Raiders have signed Brandon Underwood, a defensive back who last played for the Green Bay Packers. He was a sixth-round draft pick by Green Bay in 2009, where McKenzie worked in the personnel department.

Underwood’s time with the Packers was marred by off-the-field issues, with two arrests in domestic disputes. He played in 23 games in two years, mostly on special teams.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Seymour Bush

    TP is not ready IMO, and JC is a FA.

    Pryor may NEVER be ready. And we have seen enough of JC to know Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers, he ain’t.

  • Seymour Bush

    Maybe Brien can come out, 5’11”, 190, undrafted, an absolute star in the Raider parking lot C, and completely blow everyone away. But I am putting my money on a Heisman Trophy winner Palmer.

  • djohnnyg


    Boller starts in 2012.

    (for the Edmonton Eskimos)

  • Marks hair

    Maybe draft kellen moore? Late pic looks like a wc guy. Might be a nice back up if tp fails.

  • Dj,

    Is my boy F Joseph still playing LB for the Eskimos?

  • Seymour Bush

    Method To My Madness Says:
    February 16th, 2012 at 9:11 pm

    Palmer gotta go

    I said this awhile ago. Other teams embrace their players. Modern Raider fan doesn’t. Raider team doesn’t develop ANYONE. Coincidence??

  • Chris in NY

    You guys kill me.

    Get rid of Wimbley.

    Get rid of Curry.

    Get rid of Palmer.

    Trade McFadden.

    Good riddance Stan Routt.

    Just answer me this: are there more than five players on this roster who you’d prefer to unknown, undrafted rookies and other teams’ castoffs? Because if you dump all these guys that’s basically the bin you’re picking from to replace them with.

  • Marks hair

    157? Yes. A.D drafted and tried to develope many bad picks.. The fans had nothing to do with it. Even the lame fans who hope our players fail..

  • Seymour Bush

    Chris in NY Says:
    February 16th, 2012 at 9:29 pm

    You guys kill me.

    Get rid of Wimbley.

    Get rid of Curry.

    Get rid of Palmer.

    Trade McFadden.

    Good riddance Stan Routt.

    Just answer me this: are there more than five players on this roster who you’d prefer to unknown, undrafted rookies and other teams’ castoffs? Because if you dump all these guys that’s basically the bin you’re picking from to replace them with.

    Exactly. This is what I am talking about. So, we cut routt. And throw in some 4th rounder who plays actually well his lst game. Next thing you know, Raider fan is saying, he didn’t get four picks his lst game. Get rid of him.

  • Marks hair

    We just need to adjust a few wack contracts.. The guys who wont help out should go. But Dmac earns his $$. When he plays, we are special.

  • Seymour Bush

    Marks hair Says:
    February 16th, 2012 at 9:31 pm

    157? Yes. A.D drafted and tried to develope many bad picks..

    How do you know they were bad picks? Raider fan booed them off the stage. Sterling Moore wasn’t a bad pick…

  • Marks hair

    Im a little surprised with wimbley. its his second nice deal, and he could really help us out.

  • Marks hair

    162. Moore wasnt a pick at all. If he was al would have given him a scholorship.

  • Hardline

    Seymour Bush, #160

    True enough. But our 4th rounder needs to get more than 11 INT’s in 8 seasons – like our supposed “shut down corner” Nnamdi.

  • Chris in NY

    Gotta remember it’s a business. Can’t get on Wimbley’s case without knowing the details. For one, it could just be part of the negotiating process. Two, we have no idea how much of a real cut they’re asking him to take.

  • Chris in NY

    Wimbley seems like a good guy. He’s no punk.

  • uglyorc

    Nobody outside the Raiders front office really knows what exactly his job was so its hard to speculate on why he was let go. Mark Davis obviously isnt going to run the organization the same way Al Davis did. So some people are going to have to either change and adjust to Mark or take a hike. I imagine Herrera made a lot of money to do whatever he did. Mark is having to dish money for McKenzie and is likely paying the coaching staff more than before. He doesnt need to be paying senior executives who’s services are no longer needed.

  • Hardline


    I think Mark and crew are eliminating non-needed staff members. Remember: attenuate the taint.

  • Chris in NY

    Nnamdi is a shutdown corner. Absolutely. He shuts down whoever he’s guarding 99% of the time. It’s why he only give up about 16 catches per season most of the time. Teams don’t throw at him, thus the low pick totals. I wouldn’t necessarily call him a playmaker. But shutdown corner? Absolutely.

  • Master Beeecham


    Whut Whut the Clip Joint is in full effect, getting ready to “Lazer the Blazers” (patent pending)

    Griffin, Paul & Co getting fly on fast break basketball. Last time I was in Portland I got baked on pot brownies and got my nads polished by a horny hippy named Freedom.

    Freedom to unleash my signature load! Yo, that’s just how the Beeech Dawg keeps it real

    Yo Hardline check these mo fresh lyrics, word

    Clip Joint rocking, Dem Blazers will fall
    Lob City frontin’ with Jordan and Paul
    Yo, Blake Griffin, homeboy gots to get meaner
    While the Beeech Dawg get another Bj on his weiner


  • Marks hair

    I like wimbley, im just disappointed he’d rather play somewhere else.

  • Hardline

    Chris in NY,

    I didn’t say Nnamdi wasn’t a good player. IMO, he’s not great.

  • Marks hair

    Its 52clips 60blaz beging of the 4th. Zzzzz

  • Hardline

    Master Beeecham, 171

    Somebody hijacked your screenname today, and posted twice on it, brah. Unless, that is, you are suffering from schzophrenia and multiple personality syndrome.

    Just though you should know.

  • Marks hair

    And the Lakers put down the most lobs.. Check it

  • Hardline

    can’t help but mention the Lakers spin,
    aint no question about Jeremy Lin,
    boy is tweaking and is bad as sin,

    hits em high, hits em low,
    just where he will come from no one knows,

    meanwhile Beeecham sits quite dandy,
    with his crew and his girls, he getting sweet candy,

    someone here came off as a fraud,
    didn’t fool me cuz I’m a big dog,

    Beeecham never shows in the afternoon,
    he sleeping in late with his puerta Rican June,

    We’ll be waitin for some lyrics describing the life,
    Unless Beeecham gets stupid and finds himself a wife!

    zzzuuurip, zzzuuurip, zzzurrrip…..burp

  • zopi

    A total clean up and rebuild job is under way. Got to believe that whomever is advising Mark Davis, could be both Madden and Wolf, said clean it up boy. Herrera, was old school Raider Nation, groomed by Al Davis for over 40 years. Just think about that for a minute, through thick and thin I am sure, from gopher and errand boy, to senior mouth piece and enforcer. Heck, I am sure many of us here wouldn’t mind taking a few shots at Kakawami and the rest of the cess pool of “reporters” in the Bay Area, who have trashed the Raiders at will since the return of the team to OakTown. Too bad is Herrera that goes and not the cess pool.

    But, if the clean up is under way, why sign Packer trash?
    Can’t understand this Underwood move. I thought RegMac was serious about changing the old attitude and getting rid of our own trash. Maybe RegMac needed a gopher.

  • UCLA Raiders

    I guess Kawakami could walk the raiders hallways again without threat f John jumping him.

    Yet another embarrassment has been erased from the organization. Addition by subtraction.

    Thank you to whoever made this move.

  • djohnnyg

    156.Raider O Says:
    February 16th, 2012 at 9:24 pm

    Is my boy F Joseph still playing LB for the Eskimos?


    Not anymore.

    Good ole “Franzy” is now playting for the Spokane Shock (arena league).

    Jerome Boyd can join him.

  • djohnnyg



    Layin’ down some mad lyrics in the sizzhouse.

    Don’t tell me you joined the Certified Platinum Posse?

  • djohnnyg

    I have a ?,

    IF Hue “had to go” becuz the Raiders failed to live up to expectations then that is saying that in Mark’s (or whomever’s) opinion, the Raiders had a good enuff team to make the playoffs and win the west; and possibly go deep in the playoffs.

    Ok. Then why do we need to “blow up” the team that supposedly was good enuff to do these great things that Hue was not able to get the most out of.

    On the other hand, if this team is so awful that it needs to be “rebuilt” and “blown up” etc. then actually Hue did a pretty darn good job of coaching by getting a team that needs to be “re-built” and “blown up” to an 8-8 record.

    Which is it?

  • djohnnyg

    My post above is not meant to infer that I don’t like the Dennis Allen hire. I do. Absolutely behind it, I just didn’t hate Hue.

    May I ask, if Hue did get an OC gig somewhere does that take the Raiders off the hook for the 2 mill. they owe him?

    I was wondering if that had anything to do with him not getting a shot as an asst. anywhere else.

    I’m thinking the Raiders would still have to pay him, but just curious.

  • djohnnyg

    Well, so much for talking to myself.

    I bid you all a very pleasent evening and an even more pleasent tomorrow.

  • joker94583

    Who cares what was behind Herrera’s firing the bottom line is that A hole is gone! Thank goodness! No more diapers to change and chins to wipe so he became even more useless. Herrera couldn’t be reached for comment, oh man is that just perfect or what. See ya!

  • fingers

    Herrera gone…!…ok…not much of an issue with me…… Fix the pitiful defense … Plug the holes on offense…. Those are my issues…. Don’t care either way about Herrera …