Winston added to assist players


The change that is expected throughout the football operation under general manager Reggie McKenzie manifested itself Tuesday with the hiring of former Skyline High school product Lamonte Winston as the Raiders’ director of player engagement.

Winston, who spent 17 seasons with the Kansas City Chiefs, including 14 as the director of player development, will consult with players on life skills issues including preparing for career after football.

Typically, hires for player development are made by the general manager in conjunction with the head coach, as Winston will be responsible monitoring and assisting how Raiders players conduct their lives outside of football.

Winston went to Skyline and Merritt College in Oakland before moving on to Westminster College and San Francisco Statae.

The NFL’s “Winston/Shell Award’’ annually recognizes the NFL’s outstanding player development director. It was named after Winston and former Pittsburgh safety Donnie Shell because of their contributions in player development.

Previously, Raiders cornerback Willie Brown served on the coaching staff in “squad development,’’ although he also had on-field responsibilities and worked with defensive backs. Longtime employee Pete Caracciolo, who works in the football operations, also has worked in that area.

Brown remains with the organization _ he accompanied owner Mark Davis to the NFL scouting combine _ but has been re-assigned to duties which have yet to be announced.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • RaiderRockstar

    Even back in the day…wasn’t UOP a bad place?


    not really. that wasn’t my experience anyway

    I played basketball there all the time

    I owned the courts 🙂

  • RaiderRockstar

    My father & favorite uncle are Raider fans. My father loved Lamonica & Fred B.


    sweet, O!

    you guys all go to the games together?

    probably closer for you to go to Qualcomm, like it is for me @ Arrowhead

  • RaiderRockstar

    ***you guys*** sorry o

    meant YOU PEOPLE



    where is Florida Pete anyways?

  • hwnrdr

    Nice, Rockstar!
    Dirt Lot…lol…I know!

  • hwnrdr

    The one guy I wanna hear from in Florida is 4eva!

  • DMAC

    probably closer for you to go to Qualcomm, like it is for me @ Arrowhead

    I need to go to a game in KC or Denver this season w/ my Raider gear on full effect (it would be awesome)

  • RaiderRockstar


    I thought 4eva was living with some chick on a farm in Texas? Seems like I was talking to him about hog hunting last year

    maybe I’m wrong … or he moved?

  • hwnrdr

    There were a couple of people in here that tried to get a hold of him through email, and they said that it was hacked or something…he never returned any emails…not sure about Texas,one of the last things I remember was when he was hapy his daughter was coming back to live with him!

  • luvmarvhub

    I seriously doubt Oakland can get this complex done. As the council person said, “We have no money.”

    The A’s want to move and it’s going to stay that way. In fact, for decades now, Oakland has not been able to support a baseball team, even a very good, even excellent ones.

    The one length of time that was an exception was when the Strauss family owned the team, saved it from being moved. I recall with fondness all their efforts. I remember the son-in-law, Roy Eisenhardt, working his tail off to promote the team. They brought in Billy Martin and Billy Ball. They promoted the family atmosphere that the Strauss family wanted. People here in Contra Costa County pooled their money, two and three families at at time, and bought season tickets. It was a fun time at the ball park. Still, they had to do give-away nights and free things on weekends; they had to offer practically free bleacher tickets; they had really good prices on season tickets, and while attendance took a huge jump over that in previous years, it was nothing to what their efforts would have earned them elsewhere.

    However, as the owners said, it wasn’t their goal to make money but rather to keep the team in Oakland. In those days, the burbs weren’t as populated as they are today so if they had held on, and if they had been built a real baseball park, they would have continued to be a success, but Oakland was never going to do that. Maybe it’s fairer to say the city was never in a position to do that–and never will be.

    I would have liked to have seen the A’s move to a site in Contra Costa County, since that is where the fan base was in those days, and I would have loved the Strauss family to have held on–great owners, but alas, they couldn’t. Then again, they also were dedicated to Oakland so moving out of Oakland wasn’t their ultimate goal.

    San Jose is a great destination for the A’s. People who can now go to the Coliseum can still travel a bit further to see the team if they are that devoted as fans. I’d like to see the team survive in Northern CA and the only way that will happen is for them to move to SJ.

  • RaiderRockstar

    03/07 = Peyton Manning day !!!

  • RR,

    I told you my father passed away in 05 when your mom passed. The rest if my family moved. I’m all alone. I will move after I finish my MBA. I will be back. SD will always be home. My father is buried here.

  • RR,

    Have seen a post from Pete in a long time.

  • New post.

  • Mistic1 Tha Supavillain

    luvmarvhub Says:
    March 7th, 2012 at 11:38 am

    I seriously doubt Oakland can get this complex done. As the council person said, “We have no money.”

    San Jose is a great destination for the A’s. People who can now go to the Coliseum can still travel a bit further to see the team if they are that devoted as fans. I’d like to see the team survive in Northern CA and the only way that will happen is for them to move to SJ.

    flawed logic

    1.) oakland is seeking private money from investors and the like, so the fact that oakland is cash strapped is going to be a major hurdle.

    2.)People want star power. The a’s have been lacking this since the bash brother days. A new state of the art facility will generate the cash to bring in star players for our team. After the novelty of the new site provides the initial surge, the star power will continue to put butts in the seats.

    3.) You are only considering the stadium, and you have ignored the rest of the district that will come with it. Oakland will thrive as people from all over will see the new oakland just as they view china basin in sf. Sports if that your thing, but night life and shopping will also be there.

    4.) san jose is a glorified cow town that simply cant compete with the centrally located easily accessible coliseum city. people can come to game and continue the party in oakland, or drive for 20 minutes and head across to sf. Dont want to drive no sweat, bart stops right there. San jose cant offer that, where are you going to go, and how will you get there? nobody wants to hang out in sj then drive to campbell?

    5.)This deal makes too much sense fro it not to work beyond sports. Jobs are sorely needed, tourism revenue is sorely needed and a remake will do just the trick. For anybody that thinks it cant be done just visit the new uptown oakland. That place was a wasteland, now it is one of the best destinations in our city, and the shop owners and businesses are raking in the cash. Any investor with half a brain will realize the growth potential in an under served and over looked diamond in the rough.

    6.) most important the people of our beloved yet beleaguered city are behind this as we want and need to create jobs, and business opportunities. Everybody knows this here so we will cough up some change if we know that it will help our embattled city rise to new heights.

    Think of it, we have the best weather, the most beautiful people, and now we will have two solid entertainment districts, complete with brand new sports venues!! oH AND DID I MENTION THAT OAKLAND IS ONLY ABOUT 10-20 MINUTES FROM EVERY MAJOR CITY IN THE BAY SF, AND BERKELEY? THIS IS GOING TO BE SWEET!

  • cfrylopez

    I was @ the city council meeting last night, & though it took forever, it was a great night. Oakland is not in this alone; Alameda County is in this too. I learned last night each Raider Game creates 12,000 jobs; each Warriors & A’s game represents over 7,000 jobs in Oakland & Alameda County. If all 3 teams left it would be devastating to our economy. The plan is to build a transportation hub next to the Oakland Air Port, so AM tracks, interstate 880, BART & Oakland Airport all connect. Next Oakland is going to design a state of the Art Tech Business Park Next to the Air Port just as close to down town SF as SFO. Then Oakland wants to build a world class sport & entertainment venue (possibly named “Coliseum City”, some want to call it “Oakland Live”, I like “OAKLAND R.A.W.”)Next to the Business Park & airport. The city has paid the developers to come up with a game plan taking no longer than 15 months to figure out the best way to get this done that will include the Environmental Impact Report, foreign investor for the Tech Business Park and Sports & Entertainment facilities, as well as the architect designs. The County will also put a down payment on a loan. The Developers Oakland has hired to plan & negotiate this are the same developers responsible for the Cowboy & Colts stadiums, & are currently developing the Nets new stadium & sports village in Brooklyn. What Oakland really has to offer these teams & investors is the only location in the country that has an Airport, major subway system, major highway as well as Am track around the sport facilities and Business Park as well as all the parking you could ever ask for. Oakland can do this some much cheaper than other city in the State because the city already owns this land, & most of the infrastructure is already in place.

  • Raider Weapon X http://www.raidernationstation.com/

    Denver interested in Peyton Manning per RNS


    Hope not but we’ll crush him anyway…

    Have a gr8 day Raider Nation!