Report: Seymour, Huff restructured


The Raiders have begun to whittle away at their salary cap issues by reportedly restructuring the contracts of defensive tackle Richard Seymour and free safety Michael Huff.

According to Mac’s Football Blog, an independent outlet run by Brian McIntyre, who is well-sourced among agents and NFL teams in financial matters, Seymour dropped his base salary to the league minimum ($925,000) and converted the remaining $6,575 million to a guaranteed roster bonus for cap purposes.

Huff’s salary dropped to $700,000, moving additional money into a bonus structure that would drop his cap number from $9.828 million to $3.988 million.

The Raiders, according to various reports, have been anywhere from $10 million to $20 million over the salary cap and have committed $6.2 million to Tyvon Branch by virtue of the franchise tag.

The Raiders must still resolve the matter of linebacker of Kamerion Wimbley, due $6.5 million in guaranteed money and $4.5 million in salary this season. Quarterback Carson Palmer, due $12.5 million in salary, is a candidate for restructure who could help the Raiders easily get under a salary cap projected at approximately $120 million.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

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  • YoungAmerican


    Raiders restructure contracts of Richard Seymour, Michael Huff and Carson Palmer.

  • No Mas Diamante

    Palmer restructures contratc along with Huff and Seymour

  • http://www.nfl.com/news/story/09000d5d82776cb3/article/positionbyposition-look-at-nfls-top-free-agents-in-2012?module=HP11_content_stream

    No worries. Bush will be retained by the Raiders. We’ll have the best 1-2 punch of any backfield in the NFL. We’re also going to have the best WR corps with a QB that can get them the ball. And with the new defensive GM and the new defensive HC, we’ll be in the top 5 rankings on defense. Hell yeah!

  • Are we so sure Jason Campbell is gone? What GM in the world wouldn’t want him as a legit #2. I say we’ve already sealed the deal to keep him. Has Boeller packed up and moved on yet? Smart money says he has been long gone.

  • r8eray

    In addition to FS Michael Huff and DL Richard Seymour, Raiders QB Carson Palmer has restructured his contract.
    Mar 8 – 9:17 PM

    Source: Rotoworld

  • The only thing that worries me is HueJax has a lot of pull and could influence some of our top guys his way. Or make a trade for CP3. He could even negotiate for Moore. That would be awful losing him. He may go after DMAC, DHB or even Wiz2. Doubt Lechler and Seabass would go.

  • hwnrdr

    So Ray, I just saw that somewhere also…are we under?

  • Just say no to PM. He’s had his glory in the sun, but I worry for him because one fierce blow to his head and he could become immobile. Don’t want to see that happen to one of the classiest QBs’ ever to play the game.

  • raiderlization

    Funny how people get a chance to post and end up posting something totally untrue. The Spokesman for the project said that the City had set the money aside and his words were “we do have the Money!” Why Mislead with untrue remarks! Oakland will build a Complex and it wont be due to lying about it! See Santa Clara! LOL!

  • Raider Weapon X http://www.raidernationstation.com/

    Good job Carson! Thanks!

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  • r8eray

    I don’t think we’re under yet….I see us making a couple more cuts and maybe another restructure or two.

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