Raiders cut two players, clear even more salary cap space


As expected, the Raiders released veteran defensive backs Chris Johnson and Hiram Eugene. The moves save the Raiders approximately $6 million in salary cap space for 2012.
It’s conceivable that one or both players will be re-signed before the season starts. However, the Raiders had to come up with more cap space before the Mar. 13 deadline, and Johnson and Eugene offered obvious targets.
Eugene missed all of last season with a hip injury that he sustained in an exhibition game. Johnson suffered an injury in the regular-season opener, aggravated the injury soon thereafter and missed most of the season.
Both players carved out niches with the Raiders after arriving as free agents. Neither factored much into the Raiders fortunes last season, and they aren’t expected to be key roles moving forward, either.
Cutting Eugene and Johnson are the latest in a series of moves designed to remedy a serious overage on the cap for 2012. The Raiders entered the week some $28 million over — including the $6.2 allotted for safety Tyvon Branch via the franchise tag. They shaved $21 million or so by restructuring the contracts of quarterback Carson Palmer, defensive tackle Richard Seymour and free safety Michael Huff.
In other words, the Raiders are just about in compliance with the league-mandated amount. Even so, they still need to free up quite a bit more money so that they can be active in free agency and sign their 2012 draft picks.
Much of that can be taken care of by cutting defensive tackle John Henderson ($4 million) and restructuring the contract of linebacker Kamerion Wimbley ($11 million salary for 2012).

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Steve Corkran

  • DJ Johnny


    It wasn’t fair to you guys.

    After seeing that… now I think I’ve seen it all.

    Didn’t u have the feeling that if they could’ve just held ’em down there we were gonna come back and score? And win the game?

  • lefty12

    1960-comment 542-you know darn well that a few of the knowledgable fans entered the discussion.Normally,this place is full of the SnB type posters who hate and want T.Kelly gone yesterday.Take a poll on here.More people that comment would want him gone than realize he is a good player.



  • Raidernationdave

    RaiderLen Says:
    March 9th, 2012 at 4:21 pm

    Mark Clemens Says:
    March 9th, 2012 at 4:18 pm
    Do we have any defensive backs anymore?
    Yep, I’m gonna try out. I can act like “toast’ at a very cap friendly number.
    My mother has been dead 4 years (RIP Mom) and I know for a fact she can cover better than Stanford “Burnt Toast” Routt, Chris Johnson or Hiram Eugene!!

  • Raider On High

    DJ Johnny Says:
    March 10th, 2012 at 8:22 pm
    Imo ANY PLAYER on the defense who was on the field on that last drive against Detroit and SD’s last scoring drive is considered suspect and open to being cut, traded, or sent to a Bolivian prison.

    I am still not in any frame of mind to accept that anybody on that defense has any value or usable skills or can contribute in any positive way to the Raiders.

    Except Tyvon Branch.

    In all my years wayching the Raiders I have never seen the defense fold their tents and bend over like that horrendous unit.

    It was beyond even my worst Raider nightmares.

    I remember thinking and saying out loud on more than one occasion “This isn’t really happening is it?” “This can’t be happening can it?”..etc.

    I take solace though when I hear Tommy Kelly say “They saying we’re choke artists, but we ain’t no choke artists”.

    Then what WAS it?


    The D was awfully bad. It was surreal watching them give up 99 yards and knowing they couldn’t stop 99 1/2 yards yet trying to fathom if you were really watching a D mailing it in for some reason unknown or watching a D that was so bad it was that hard to understand.


    NEW POST..

  • Marks hair

    New post lames

  • hwnrdr

    DJ Johnny Says:
    March 10th, 2012 at 9:01 pm

    It wasn’t fair to you guys.

    After seeing that… now I think I’ve seen it all.

    Didn’t u have the feeling that if they could’ve just held ‘em down there we were gonna come back and score? And win the game?

    I believe they thought that it should have been a safety, in which we would have gotten the ball back…seen it before…that is why i don’t necessarily blame the tuck Rule for losing that game in the snow! We let them come back that night! We let SD have their way on the first day of the year! Not a good way to start the year, but…