Brown on transition to McKenzie


Here is Tim Brown to say about the transition of the Raiders from Al Davis, who headed the entire operation, to a an organization in which general manager Reggie McKenzie is heading up the football operation in a partnership with coach Dennis Allen:

Life without Al Davis being involved in every corner of the organization

“That’s going to be the big change. It’s going to be a matter of people having to accept the fact that things are a little different now. A lot different, let’s say that. The fact of the matter is, there’s not one man in charge any more, and the guys who are here now they have a lot of responsibility, and they know if they don’t get certain things done there’s going to be trouble for them. I just think, there has been so much going on, so many changes, do many different things happening, that you would like to see some stability, and being that Mr. Davis passed, you knew there was going to be some shakeups, probably didn’t expect as many as happened, but I think at the same time now it’s a matter of let’s get this thing going and start building, and if we can get that done, it would be an incredible, incredible deal.”

On having seen Reggie McKenzie as a future GM _ they were teammates in 1988

“No, I mean were all young and dumb in those days. You can’t, certain things you can’t project, but certainly over what he’s done for the last 15 years of his career, it was inevitable that he was going to be in this position. I guess nobody would have thought about it here, because of what has gone on here, but I think he’s going to do a great job. He knows the game. He’s played the game. And he’s learned it in the front office, too.”

Some lineage with Ron Wolf . . .

“From that standpoint, he knows, I talked to him, when he got the job, he told me, look, T, if I don’t do the job, I’m gone. I’m out. I know that. So I’m going to get my guys in here. I’m going to do what I have to do and we’re going to make this thing happen. I think from that standpoint, it’s going to be very interesting man, because this guy’s not going to sit on his hands. If things need to be done, they will be done.”


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer


    Hugh got what he d served he sucked at being a head coach no discipline through the team under the bus I was so glad when they fired his a–!!

  • DJ Johnny

    We tend to blame Bresnahan for the D’s failings but Hue WAS the HC and that was ultimately his responsibility too.

    It’ll be interesting to see what kind of team takes the field in about…19 weeks? Uggggh.

  • Dakota

    If manning signs with the broncos I hope we end his career the first time we play them.

  • Just Fire Baby

    Hue did a great job motivating players for the first 1.5 years he was here, and I think he was a pretty decent X and O’s guy as far as game-planning through the week, and I think the practice tempo was in dire need of a change when Hue got here, and he definately improved upon it.

    But the man was ROUTINELY outcoached on Sunday’s, would get his pants coached off him in half-time adjustments, and by the end of his time here, the team was getting worse, not better.

    Hue Jackson will be addition by subtraction.

  • Just Fire Baby

    Not at all worried about Peyton.

    They aren’t going to win a Super Bowl in Denver, and hell they just won the division and a playoff game, I don’t even think they would improve upon that.

  • SnB offense defense specialteams

    The relationship of dollars for production mean everything. Despite what some around here say.

    TK could be replaced and not miss a beat. That’s $6M to fill other needs.

    Wimbley? His production is not worth the $4.5M additional they have to pay over and above the $6 guaranteed.

    You telling me he made $4.5M worth of plays….plus you clear him out now and you gain a bunch of money next year.

    Some fans are just happy to see the Raiders play some ball.

    Some of us want to see them win some games.

    Being proactive in demanding production for the amount of pay is essential.

    Clean house Reggie!

  • Just Fire Baby

    The relationship of dollars for production mean everything. Despite what some around here say.



    The whole “it’s not your money, why do you care what a player makes, why are you obsessed with what another grown man earns” is the stupidest, and most adolescent argument on here.

  • Just Fire Baby

    You talk to teams that win Super Bowls, and they will all tell you that you win Super Bowls in May and June, not in December and January.

    Part of that, is the managing of the cap, draft and FA’s and roster cuts.

    Not rocket science.

  • SnB offense defense specialteams

    In a world with no salary cap and no guaranteed money….then the argument about “it’s not your money” is somewhat relevant.

    But that is not how the NFL works. Overpay for Seymour, TK, Wimbley and Routt…..can’t make moves to get guys like Williams or Finnegan….or others.

    The Raiders are gettting no production for all the pay….and can’t substantively improve the roster to get production from someone else.

    Why? Because TK, Wimbley, Routt and Seymour have this team way over the cap.

    Salary cap management is just as important as 3rd down conversions…..

  • 38Cs

    I just want to see my beloved raiders win games i dont care how they win as long as they win. All this talk about how terrible palmer is and how old Seymour is and Wimbley getting too much $$ i say eff it, pay em wat you will at the end of the day its not my money i just watch and go to the occasional game when i can afford the drive up there from LA 😉 if the guy is playing with the raiders n wears the silver n black support em its your freaking teammm!! You should want each and every single one of em to succeed just saying. Anyway im done. Paz.

  • bayareaplayer


  • ohioraider

    Hardline Says:
    March 10th, 2012 at 10:26 pm

    Why doesn’t Tim Brown, (or any interviewee for that matter), tell the truth.

    The Raiders were ruled by a madman, who didn’t fully own the team, and who should have been kicked to curb 20 years ago.
    You rock, dude. A man after my own sentiments. Just look at the salary cap mess he left behind. And what to show for it?

  • sfoklnd

    After what Tim Brown said a few years ago about John Madden, I don’t listen to a single word he says, and, quite frankly, Cliff Branch deserves to be in the HOF more than Brown does.

  • Snoopy

    Reggie didn’t have any guys this is his 1st GM gig…

    So to say “his guys” means his choices… What’s the confusion?!?!?!?!?!

    RAy guy will finally make into the HOF in the next 4/5 years Then Plunket, Flores and Lester Hayes. Timmy the Brown will take mnore time had we kept Chucky he would be sporting a ring as well as a HOF one. losing to chucky will be the excuse thety will use to keep him out thou eventually he should make it…

    May he live a long time But that won’t happen until after, (unfortunately) he’s dead.

    GO RAIDERS!!!!!