NFL Network: Raiders will release TE Boss


Kevin Boss, the tight end brought in to replace Zach Miller last August, will be released by the Raiders, the NFL Network reported Monday.

Boss signed a four-year, $16 million contract after Miller signed with the Seattle Seahawks. Boss missed the first two games of the season with a knee injury sustained against the San Francisco 49ers in the preseason and later had a concussion during the season.

In 14 games, with 11 starts, Boss caught 28 passes for 368 yards and three touchdowns, his lowest figures since his rookie season with the New York Giants.

Given that Miller left the Raiders and received a reported $17 million in guaranteed money, Boss, with reportedly $8 million guaranteed, seemed like a bargain.

The Raiders were still working Monday to get under the NFL salary cap, reportedly set at $120.6 million.

In other news, Oakland reportedly will not be the beneficiary of $1.6 million in cap relief because of a minor violation regarding salary structure in the uncapped season of 2010.

ESPN reported theWashington Redskins lost $36 million and Dallas $10 million because of major violations that included front-loading contracts during the uncapped season. That money would be allocated in terms of cap relief to the remaining teams except the Raiders and New Orleans Saints, who had unspecified violations.

The NFL confirmed irregularities in contract practices to a “small number’’ of teams but did not specify the infractions, the teams or the amount of money those teams were penalized.

There has been no movement to the Raiders with regard to linebacker Kamerion Wimbley, whose agent said there has been no contact with his client in recent days. Wimbley, should he be on the roster March 17, would be in line for $17.5 million in guaranteed money.

The Raiders would like Wimbley to accept a cut in pay, but will still owe him $6.5 million if he is released.

One linebacker who will return is Aaron Curry, who was due $5.75 million in the original deal he signed with the Seattle Seahawks as the No. 4 overall pick in the draft. Curry agreed to restructured deal, terms of which were unavailable, the club announced.

In other transactions, the Raiders confirmed tenders to restricted free agent defensive Desmond Bryant and fullback Marcel Reece, essentially tying both players to the Raiders. Exclusive rights free agents Mason Brodine (defensive end) and Bryan McCann (defensive back, return specialist) were also tendered.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • J Hill

    It’s kinda hard to talk basketball with you, JFB.

    If you can’t understand that their best player is Carmelo followed by Stoudemire, then it is what it is.

    Jeremey Lin and Landry Fields are not better offensive options than their consensus 2 best players.

  • Just Fire Baby

    If you are a 23 year old athlete, making 6 figures a year, and you are “tweeting” about taking Viagra on Saturday night to let some chicks on the internet know, I am going to openly question your sexuality.

    Seriously. Sounds like a front to me.

  • Just Fire Baby

    It’s kinda hard to talk basketball with you, JFB.

    If you can’t understand that their best player is Carmelo followed by Stoudemire, then it is what it is.


    Carmelo plays selfish basketball. Don’t think he is a selfish-dude, that’s just his game. Nobody else is involved, nobody gets in a flow, and his defensive is awful. He has to score like 25 a night to be a net gain for the team.

  • edward teach

    Just Fire Baby Says:
    March 12th, 2012 at 7:37 pm
    Jacoby Ford has 7 total TD’s to 6 fumbles, and averages less than 2 catches a game so far.

    He is dynamic, and again not dying to see him go, but let’s not act like he is some world-beater.

    He also wimped out at the end of the season, than tweeted about going out partying the night before the biggest Raider game in 10 years, than proceeded to cap our season off by running a poor route that ended with a pick.


    And you’re suggesting we can trade him and two late-rounders for a 2nd?

    You’re kinda contradicting yourself there, JFB.

  • joker94583

    Good luck Boss, best thing for you now you can go to a team that actually uses a TE. Raiders are toast for the next 2-3 seasons anyway.

  • raidertbone

    Goodbye, Michael Bush — you deserve a big money contract and a chance to be the full-time starter … we’ll see you when we make that trip to Cincinnati. As for you, Mr. Wimbley, go grow a set of scones and find a team that will pay you heavily for little to no production … and best of luck to ye!

  • jesusraiderjim

    joker94583 Says:
    March 12th, 2012 at 7:57 pm
    Good luck Boss, best thing for you now you can go to a team that actually uses a TE. Raiders are toast for the next 2-3 seasons anyway.
    Joker your opinion and negative attitude belong on the Donk, Queefs, of Dis-Chargers blog. Call Ford borrow some of his Viagra and go F..ck urself

  • Raiders for life

    248.J Hill Says:
    March 12th, 2012 at 7:42 pm
    Ok, so if we are not packaging Ford, who do we trade to get into the 2nd rd?


    JFB put up a good list but didn’t include DMAC.
    (I want all those guys to stay)
    I would ask the question who is worth trading up to get that can provide more bang for the buck than Ford

  • alzadoX

    Just Fire Baby Says:
    March 12th, 2012 at 3:39 pm

    Brandon Loyd netted a 6th rounder last year, and he is a much better receiver than Ford.


    No leverage in midseason trades, so compensation is almost laughable at times (like the Lloyd trade).

    No leverage in MIDSEASON trades? How about trying to get trade leverage with a zillion free agents available to sign for free starting in a few days. There is less leverage at this time of year than ever. Except for rare talents not available in FA market, there is no trade leverage in the free agency era, except under certain circumstances (usually in midseason) (ask Hue Jackson, Carson Palmer, Mike Brown, and the Raiders management)

    If you don’t want someone or they don’t fit into new system, trade them, but don’t expect much in return. Better than nothing, but don’t expect us to get any 2nd round picks, unless McFadden is traded. We could package picks, but compensatory picks CAN’T BE TRADED. But as far as players who we don’t need as starters who could bring the most in trade, Jacoby would probably be tops, and thus more likely than anyone else. Still, could never get value for him.

    otherwise, don’t trade anyone unless you really want to get rid of them. I think Jacoby offers some things that Denarius doesn’t. Denarius obviously offers a lot that Ford can’t. As a starting receiver, I think Denarius has great potential and expect him to fulfill a lot of it starting this year. Ford (between injuries) is improving rapidly overall but does still leave his feet or slip at times. But I’d still like Ford back as a dynamic role player and with our injury prone sprinters it’s not like we can get by without some depth. He’s young with dynamic potential, so I’d rather keep him. I’m sure he’s still on his 4th round rookie contract, so who the hell could be a better bargain? But if he doesn’t fit with new regime’s plans and is coming up for free agency soon, it only makes sense to listen to trade offers, but don’t expect much value.

    Boss okay player but never showed anything special in any phase of the game and is expensive and extraneous, and probably hurt. The other options, both on roster (Myers decent journeyman, Ausberry & Gordon raw potential + Reece etc) and on FA market are capable of replacing him and Boss has obvious injury issues, so with a 2 million bonus coming up and an inflated salary numbers this is another no brainer. Like all of Reggie’s major moves so far-sound businesslike decisions, no more Al Davis gift scholarships. That he was our biggest name FA signing last year is irrelevant. Next: Goodbye Henderson and Wimbley. Like Wimbley but not at that price.

    RT Eric Winston cut by Texans, 5 year starter, Texans use Zone Blocking. Knapp knows him, if Knapp likes him, and the price is right, could be in Oaktown soon. Is Joe Barksdale really suited for Zone Blocking? OT bookends are critical. Free agent Khalif Barnes has the ability, if he can keep his head in the game. He was brought in during Cable years to play LT in ZBS. Better but still too many penalties. He will expect a pay raise. Probably a lot cheaper than Winston though. One nice thing I can say about Hue is he got some production out of Barnes. Young prospects + vet competition+ threat of being dumped = good motivating combo. Now lets do it at DB & LB to Rolando etc.

    QB Leinart cut by Texans too but had like 3 shoulder/ arm surgeries in college, then a couple more in NFL and never had much arm strength to begin with. Better check with the doctor and work him out. Did want to stay in Texas with Knapp instead of going to Pete Carroll as potential starter in Seattle last year, leading some to think he is scared of failure…Then there’s the ego/ attitude/ Hollywood stuff. Basically, he has Chad Pennington’s arm problems without many of the positives. If healthy must be better than Boller, and he actually did well in NFL as a rookie, remember?

    Grubbs wants a lot of money and you can find acceptable guards for cheap. Look at our CBs & LBs and tell me you want to spend money at OG? Most of the guys who were cut are overpaid, old, hurt, or a combo of above. Levi Jones really expensive.

    Goethel aside from getting hurt all the time looked awfully average to me – in preseason. Don’t even want to think of him being given a starting position without having to beat out significant competition.

    Mason Brodine is a longshot anywhere. He is smart and tall and can use his arms to rip off blocks and accelerate a little to QB against preseason scrubs but I was surprised he ever made regular season roster. He’s a stiff upright longlegged guy who has trouble changing directions not much of an athlete but he does try hard and he’s alert and has some speed once he gets rolling. At least he’s a little bit intriguing but I doubt he makes it in NFL at any position, but you never know. Sometimes tall guys get more athletic when their body matures. Quite frankly, I was surprised they tendered him but he is a little intriguing and maybe he has piqued the interest of a position coach. Has played DE (mostly RDE in preseason 2011+ a little on kick coverage) and could get look as OLB. Was he ever game – activated after being called up from practice squad last year?

    We need some legit NFL starting talent to compete for starting positions, not Darryl Blackstocks.

    And counting a late draft pick to start right away is not reasonable. With volume, a few will work out some sooner some later but you can’t pick a guy and pencil him as a starter. If you can’t land a stud, get legit talent to compete and the best man wins.