Bush signs with Bears

Running back Michael Bush will back up Matt Forte instead of Darren McFadden _ and get a lot more money in the process.

Bush signed a four-year contract worth $14 million, with nearly $7.8 million guaranteed, according to the Chicago Tribune. That represents the figure Bush would have been paid by the Raiders had they decided to franchise him instead of safety Tyvon Branch.

Forte has been franchised by the Bears but wants a long-term deal.

Bush’s departure leaves Taiwan Jones as the backup for McFadden. Both players had injury issues last season.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • PlunkforHOF

    Hendu and O.. best of luck.. you never know..

  • fingers

    Lol…were finally having a sane offseason and some peckerheads are freakin …
    Let’s wait and see how the product turnsout when finished …The Raiders haven’t played a game yet with the New front office in place and I’m sure they aren’t finished building the team ….and if your waiting for a blockbuster signing to happen … It not gonna happen ..relax

  • Reggies Freckled Face

    NFL network is reporting that the Raiders are working a deal to send Darren McFadden, Darrius Heyward-Bey, and Matt Shaugnessy to the Steeler in exchange for Mike Wallace and two 2nd round picks. WOW.

  • Reggies Freckled Face

    ESPN is reporting that the Raiders have signed free agent RB Hightower to a 5yr $31,000,000 deal. $11.5 million garunteed.

  • JLofty

    I hope Carlisle can scoot to LG and Wiz gets better at C. He was pretty d@mn good at LG. Not a bad line especially if Barksdale can beat out Barnes at RT. Or Beast Campbell can push for a spot.

    Which one of you guys was posting about Lonae Miller out of Fresno? Can the guy catch out of the backfield?
    That may have been one of MBush’s best attributes was those soft hands and decepetive glide in the flat.

  • PlunkforHOF

    IBA reports that RMR has combined the banality of Master Beeecham and the anti-Raider tirades of ChargedUp! into his latest sockpuppet creation; Reggies Freckled Face!

  • JLofty

    JB, can Lonyae Miller catch?

  • Reggies Freckled Face



  • JLofty

    Come on Plunk, sometimes Beech can be funny. Not often but sometimes…

  • Seymour Bush

    Can Reggie McKenzie find a good outside linebacker for cheap? Well, Robert Francois was undrafted and last year he started 2 games, had 2 int’s and a forced fumble. Yeah, I think he can find a guy or two.

  • Reggies Freckled Face

    PlunkforHOF = Troll feeder

  • Reggies Freckled Face

    I wonder who has the most oddly shaped forehead, Reggie McKenzie? Or Jim Plunkett?

  • hendu

    Hey Plunk,thanks for the positive vibes,and post 385 is spot ON!I will look forward to Beech anyday over rff,period.Oh,and Plunk should be in the Hall of Fame,as well as Snake,IMO

  • Twocents

    RMR takes delight in aggravating people. The lowest form of humanity.

  • Lowdown_in_Beijing

    “…but Wiz2.0 was no good at Center…”

    Gee, really??

    What was the first clue?

    No OTAs?

    No Mini Camps?

    Truncated camp?

    Spending his limited time on the team @ LG while getting a crash course on the playbook?

    Yeah, it’s all becuz Wiz2.0 sux at Center.

  • Reggies Freckled Face
  • raidertalk

    LBs please…
    I guess 2013 is the year the Reggie MAc Raiders start to take shape we should have most of our own picks; with seymore and others finally gone we’ll have some cap space to make some more signings. Then we’ll start looking for stud DTs and LBs.
    I’m kinda happy with the depth at CB now tho. Way better than last year. Probably upgrdaded talent wise on the whole.
    Who knows maybe next year we’l be able to actually find a 1000 yard receiver?

  • Master Beeecham


  • fingers

    417…agree… Our Cb’s were a disaster last season…. Nice to see Reggie and Allen know it too..

  • Macho Man Randy Savage

    fellas, fellas…gotta give it up for Reggie Mac. the temptation to go out and sign a blockbuster just to make a good first impression must huge. the man is stable, steady and has a plan…I like this, a lot!

  • Seymour Bush

    Seymour signed an extension so he may play at least a couple more years. Seymour played well last season. I would expect that to continue. We certainly need more depth on the Dline tho.

  • fingers

    We may already have next yrs 1000 yrd recievers on the team right now…. Can’t wait to see what they do with camps and a full preseason.. Carson too..

  • Reggies Freckled Face

    All of the posts, in one post…

    I think we should sign “so and so”

    What is the Raiders thinking?!

    What are we gonna do if “so and so” gets hurt? We need more depth!

    We should trade “so and so” and get “so and so”

    I dont care what happens, Raiders till I die!

    We need to stop drafting guys that can run fast and start getting football players.

    I agree with what our GM is doing.

    I disagree with what our GM is doing.

    Did you hear “so and so” signed with (insert team name here)

    and finally,

    *********BREAKING NEWS****************

    the Raiders have just traded “so and so” to (insert team here) and will recieve (insert compensation package here)

  • fingers

    I’m gonna give Richard Seymour the Benefit of doubt… He played pretty good till he was injured ..

  • RAIDER WEAPON X http://www.raidernationstation.com/raider_nation_station

    414. Sad life.

    Just goes to show you Charger fans are the ones who are really f’ed up…

    Have a gr8 day R8R N8tion!~

  • Macho Man Randy Savage

    Hey, DHB went for 975 yards with Jason Campbell and couch potato Palmer, lets see what he does with fully prepared Palmer… ooo yeah!

  • Seymour Bush

    fingers Says:
    March 22nd, 2012 at 3:59 pm

    I’m gonna give Richard Seymour the Benefit of doubt… He played pretty good till he was injured ..

    He also played well at the end. I watched the Detroit game a couple of days ago, and he was outstanding in that game. Not his fault the CB’s, LB’s and Safeties can’t cover anyone.

  • mcfadden20.

    Code black

  • fingers

    427…correct…our secondary killed us… Horrible… Couldn’t cover a pissant with a blanket

  • fingers

    Our secondary couldn’t cover or Tackle …

  • Macho Man Randy Savage

    Fingers Says:
    March 22nd, 2012 at 4:06 pm
    Our secondary couldn’t cover or Tackle …

    Dont tell that to the stats inc people who had Routt and CJ pegged as the #2 and #5 CBs in the league…those stats inc dudes are full of zit!

  • raidertalk

    I don’t know about seymore anymore, seemed like he gave up at times, or maybe let his emotions get the best of him. When he twisted that RBs facemask after he was already down…
    I don’t mind having him on the team, I just don’t think he is worth 7.5 million guaranteed next year. Also I hope that the defense plays him sparingly until the final stretch, seemed like he broke-down toward the end of the season

  • Hardline

    Macho Man Randy Savage, 426

    DHB is going right down the toilet. It’s true he made receptions amounting to almost 1000 yds. However, he only scored 3 TD’s. He was an AD scholarship project and force fed the ball per AD’s explicit orders. Then when AD passed Ford and Moore went down, Hue cut Hagan, resulting in more force feeding of DHB. DHB dropped many balls in critical situations and afterwards sat smiling on the sidelines.

    DHB can only catch the ball by trapping in his chest with his forearms. He lacks ability to position his body and leverage out opponent CB’s and also lacks body knowledge in order to consistently catch the long ball.

    DHB will be overshadowed by Ford and Moore and most likely be released when his contract expires.

    Also if you are wondering what real greatness is look at Jerry Rice who gained 1061 yds and 23 TD’s in his 3rd season. Compare those stats to DHB.

  • Chris in NY

    Macho Man,

    DHB’s production will hinge on two things:

    1) Does he win a starting spot with the new regime.

    2) Does Knapp have the wherewithal and flexibility to dial up plays that accentuate DHB’s strengths as Hue did in 2011, or will he force the kid to fit the plays he wants to call.

  • chet_gordon

    Yeah right, a first and a fifth for McFadden? If only.

  • alex7

    You would think if DHB was being forcefed…

    defenses smarter than you would see it to and shut him down.

    Yet he continued to produce.

    U r not bright. 🙂

  • fingers

    Macho… Yep… To bad stats don’t tackle…. We saw it… It was what it was … That’s why all the Cb’s being signed ..

  • kellygreenninja
  • alex7

    We have such even and above-average talent at the WR position, we might have none of our WRs break 1,000 yards, yet Moore, DHB, and Ford might all have 700+, despite DMAC also racking up receiving yards by the boatloads.

    It’s a talented offense.

  • fingers

    I still get sick to my stomach watching that Detriot game…

  • alzadoX

    Vittorio Tafur ‏ @VittorioTafur Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
    Also, McKenzie said getting a backup QB now, just like adding a backup RB now, is “low priority”. He’s not worried about it
    Retweeted by Steve Corkran

  • Chris in NY

    Seymour was a monster before he got hurt. He had I believe 5 sacks and was averaging 4.5 tackles per game through the first 5 games. Surreal numbers for a DT. Then, as you may remember, he basically couldn’t practice for awhile because he was too banged up.Production fell way off. Came back some the last couple of weeks.

    If the guy stays healthy he’s still capable of great things.

  • fingers

    Alex… Yep… We do have talent on O… I can’t with to see it working like it should… And not injured ..

  • Hardline

    Alex7, 436

    Of course DHB was force fed. He is a mediocre talent; why else would he get so many passes and only score 3 TD’s?

    Common sense and logic can be used to intrepret the situation.

  • fingers

    Wait to see it…

  • kellygreenninja

    Ugh, sorry for that way outdated link above. Mah bad!

  • alex7

    Nobody is arguing that he’s a super talent.

    Force-fed is what the Raiders did to Jacoby Ford in the first Denver game, and the results were disasters.

    Defenses roll coverages if you’re force-fed, and limit you unless you’re a superstar. If the Raiders were force-feeding DHB, and he STILL was open enough on down-the-field routes, he obviously is doing something well.

    Star? No. Above-average? Yeah.

  • DKnight007

    434.Chris in NY Says:
    March 22nd, 2012 at 4:11 pm
    Macho Man,

    DHB’s production will hinge on two things:

    1) Does he win a starting spot with the new regime.

    2) Does Knapp have the wherewithal and flexibility to dial up plays that accentuate DHB’s strengths as Hue did in 2011, or will he force the kid to fit the plays he wants to call.

    Exactly. I would think this is where Saunders expertise and experience will be needed with him sitting upstairs in the coaches booth seeing where defenses can be attacked by certain plays, like he did last year.

  • Macho Man Randy Savage

    Hey. DHB has improved every year. is he in Megatron and Andre Johnson´s league? hell no. but 1000 yds in this day and age?… last year 19 guys caught 1000 plus, DHB ranked 20th

  • r8eray

    Raiders GM Reggie McKenzie confirmed that Stefen Wisniewski is slated for a move to center this season.
    Veteran Cooper Carlisle is expected to move to left guard with newcomer Mike Brisiel slotting in at right guard. Wisniewski was rated by most analysts as the top center in last year’s draft; the transition should be smooth.
    Related: Cooper Carlisle, Mike Brisiel
    Source: Vittorio Tafur on Twitter


    So it looks like we’re done with the O-line…now let’s concentrate on our D!

    Starting with our LB group and D-line!