Goodson speaks with local media


Recently acquired running back Mike Goodson broke from his busy schedule to speak with the media about being traded from the Carolina Panthers to the Raiders, where he is expected to compete for playing time behind starter Darren McFadden and play a key role on special teams.

Here is the entire transcript from the conference call with Goodson, with huge props to the Raiders media relations department for tracking down Goodson on short notice:

Q: Looking forward to a fresh start?
Goodson: Being behind DeAngelo and Stewart for a couple of years has been difficult just wanting to play and being a competitor. I wasn’t looking to leave, but anywhere that gave an opportunity I’m definitely up for that.

Q: Had 452 yards and 3 TDs before your injury; see yousself building on that performance?
Goodson: I thought going in, with the way I performed I’d definitely get an opportunity to play. Some things happened I didn’t get the opportunity I thought I should have. Then I got injured, and it really didn’t go the way I wanted last year.

Q: Explain how this transpired and what you’ve been told about your role?
Goodson: Earlier today I got a call after working out from the Panthers’ GM and then right after that the Raiders’ GM gave me a call, told me he was excited about getting me and what was going on with the trade. I talked to coach Skipper. I talked to a couple of the relations guys, but they just, everybody seems excited to get me and I’m excited to be here.

Q: Such a family at Texas A&M, ever met coach Allen when you were there?
Goodson: I haven’t met him yet. I haven’t had the opportunity but he seems like a great guy. I talked to him on the phone for a moment there, he seems like a great guy, I can’t wait to get a chance to meet him.

Q: When you spoke to Allen did he say anything that he’d followed you at A&M?
Goodson: He said that he saw me briefly at A&M, he went over my stuff but we really didn’t have along chance to talk.

Q: Fumbles an issue with the NFL, was it an issue in college, something you’re working hard on?
Goodson: It just kind of came on in bunches like you said, I’ve been working hard on it in the offseason, trying to get bigger, and work on my size, but I just think it’s a mind-thing, something you’ve got to continue to work on.

Q: How does your style complement Darren McFadden’s?
A: “I watch Darren McFadden a lot. He’s one of the backs that I say that I like in the league. D-Fad runs the ball real hard. He’s a real hard-nosed runner and he’s fast. I can come in and get the ball out of the backfield a lot and complement his speed. I’m a big speed guy. I like to see speed on the field and I know that he’s fast.”

Q: Is your style suitable to the zone-blocking scheme, with your one-cut style?
A: “Yeah, it does. I’ve always been a fan of that offense, the one cut, get you up field. You don’t have to make a lot of moves in the backfield, you kind of just get going, you use your speed.”

Q: Are you most comfortable running between the tackles or on the perimeter?
A: “I don’t really mind either way. Speed kills everything. If you’re fast going up the middle, around the corner, either way it goes, you got to get around people.”

Q: What other special teams duties did you have in Carolina besides returning kicks?
A: “I played all special teams, from kickoff to kickoff return, not just returning but blocking. Punt return, I played gunner, I played in the vice. I love special teams, and you can’t win without them.”

Q: Are you healed from your hamstring injury?
A: “Yeah, I’m working real hard, ever since the injury, rehabbing and getting it back to 100 percent. So, I’m finally there, yeah, definitely.”

Q: When did you get hurt last season?
A: “Week 8.”

Q: Stuck behind Williams and Stewart before the injury?
A: “Yeah, besides my special teams stuff.”

Q: When will you be in Oakland?
A: “I’ll be there Monday.”


Steve Corkran

  • Raiderjambo

    Here’s hoping, “numero uno”, as they say!

  • 505raiders

    “Speed kills everything.”

  • Raiderjambo

    Better tell him it’s D-Mac he’s backing up, not “D-Fad”.

  • hwnrdr

    Welcome aboard!

  • r8eray


  • backstageatapuppetshow

    Absolutely fantastic pickup….

    Way to Go REGGIE!

  • arkraider

    Maybe all the NFL dudes call him d-fad QBS we got it wrong? Anybody know the skinny on D. McFadden’s nick name?

  • arkraider

    Maybe all the NFL dudes call him d-fad, and we got it wrong? Anybody know the skinny on D. McFadden’s nick name?

  • Anybody else notice that Reggie’s pickups so far all have produced everywhere they’ve been?

    We’re seeing very little of the “We don’t know if he can play football, BUT WHAT AN ATHLETE!!!” crud we had to endure for too long.

  • arkraider

    Sorry bout the double! Dang “smart” phones!

  • JLofty

    “I’ll be there Monday.” – Mike Goodson

    Good answer kid!

  • JLofty

    Nice media work here. Wtg Cork and Raiders media people. I see people are starting to elevate their games. Hope it works its way to the field…
    I bet it does!

  • arkraider

    I was told by my nephews that we call him DMC when I refered to him as D MAC! What do they know being a couple of young punks from Houston!

  • fingers

    76 Oakland Raiders…. Best ever ….

  • backstageatapuppetshow

    Bring the blitz on 3rd down and this Kat is going to make you pay…

    Love where this organization is headed!

  • Tjbwall

    Jason La Canfora‏@JasonLaCanforaReply

    LB Philip Wheeler agrees to terms with Raiders on one-year deal

  • YoungAmerican

    Jason La Canfora ‏ @JasonLaCanfora

    LB Philip Wheeler agrees to terms with Raiders on one-year deal


    Great recruiting job, Raider Nation.

  • Wheeler’s in da house!

  • BewareofRaiders

    Wheeler and Goodson signed in one night? Wow reggie was on the ball today good job

  • GG

    I liked the potential of Bruce Campbell, but realistically this was an excellent trade for the Raiders. Campbell was a likely cut, and in return they got a guy who is a Special Teams fixture, someone who does it all on STs, covers, blocks, returns, kickoffs, FGs and punts. A big-impact STs acquisition active for every game, versus, a borderline back-up OLman who is struggling to master the techniques, and isn’t a ZBS fit either.

  • GG

    Re: Wheeler…

    Reggie has been incredibly impressive. What he’s been able to do, upgrade and on the cheap, across the roster so far, with what he got lumbered with.

    Standing and applauding.

  • ottocrat

    Mikey Badhands. Fumbling fool. Yawn.

  • ottocrat Says:
    March 30th, 2012 at 6:58 pm

    Mikey Badhands. Fumbling fool. Yawn.


    Better than Bruce “Looks Like Tarzan, Plays Like Jane” Campbell.

  • hwnrdr

    Wheeler signed…shoot! Feeling good about this! Hopefully my lotto can hit too! An RB special teamer like Rock, and can actually play and Wheeler who can play the run! Way to go Reggie!!!

  • joker94583

    Welcome Goodson! I hope you’re tougher than McFragile!

  • Dakota

    Raiders sign lb wheeler.

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    Aaron Curry ‏ @AaronCurry51 Reply Retweeted Favorite · Open
    #Raidernation show @Philgood50 and @GoodNplenty33 some love

  • Thec

    GWheeler, a Good pickup….Draft younggins for depth…

  • RaiderRetribution

    Sorry hwndr, but I’ve got 640 million dollar winning ticket.

  • hwnrdr

    What’s up Thec? I agree…good pick up!

  • hwnrdr

    RaiderRetribution Says:
    March 30th, 2012 at 7:27 pm
    Sorry hwndr, but I’ve got 640 million dollar winning ticket.

    LOL, hey remember…this one multiple people can share…

  • RaiderRetribution

    Wheeler a Raider, now with Curry, Raiders will be atop ten run defense in 2012.

    McClain step up your game.

    Now Reggie can focus in drafting the best football players available.

  • RaiderRetribution

    We have the winning tickets, together indeed.

    Great day for Raider Nation of the U.S.A. and beyond.

  • RaiderRetribution

    San Diego just reclaimed the biggest draft bust in NFL history; Leaf just arrested for drugs, burglary, and theft.

  • imaquaman

    sounds like he may drop a few ???????????

  • alzadoX

    Goodson sounds good, but if he doesn’t stop fumbling we still need a goalline runner & short yardage specialist

  • fingers