Raiders live chat here at noon on Tuesday


The Raiders began the Dennis Allen era this week with an offseason conditioning program in Alameda. Steve Corkran will use Tuesday’s Raiders live chat at noon to discuss, among other things, the cultural changes the new coach is trying to implement. Join us then!


Jon Becker

  • YoungAmerican

    joebravo84 Says:
    April 3rd, 2012 at 10:16 am

    Just because I read it online doesn’t make it true young american. The jersey are changing despite what Mark Davis wants. He is not his father and will not fight the NFL. The whole NFL is moving to NIKE Jerseys that in itself is a uniform change. So in my own defense the uniforms are changing.


    The league is just using a new vendor. There is a new material for the collar, a material that stretches more for the jersey, and a new waterproof material for the pants.

    No different than when then NFL switched to Reebok and the design stayed the same. The uniforms will look the same as they always have. The “Combat” and “Conquest” uniform designs were a hoax – concept drawings by an independent artist.

  • DMAC

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  • RaiderRockstar

    I agree with Jhill in that if we roll with a 3-4 Defense, this is a solid group of DE’s

    Kelly, Seymour, Bryant, Houston

    just need a starter quality nose tackle …

    if we go 4-3 (again) then we’ll need about 3 D-Line depth players and a few of them might already be on the roster

    73 Jamie Cumbie DT
    62 Hall Davis DE
    95 Mason Brodine DE
    97 Travis Ivey DT

  • Marks hair

    337. Kelly couldnt stop the run in a 4-3. How can he stop it as a nt?

  • joebravo84

    I’d vote for Chapman except I don’t see the 3-4 being our predominate D.

    So…I really like Josh Robinson if he’s around. A CB with a 38.5″ vertical and he’s a backup KR there’s a lot to be said of that type of athleticism. He’s a solid pick with multiple uses.

  • joetoronto


    I have to decline, thanks anyway.

  • joebravo84

    YoungAmerican: This is a pointless conversation… We see things differently on what is considered a uniform change. I guess how I see it Nike is not Reebok and there for it’s a change. It’s like going out to by a TV they function the same but an old Zenith Tube TV isn’t a new Sony Bravia flat panel, 1080P, 3D, Blah Blah blah… The uniforms are completely revamped new necks new materials its a new uniform. Enjoy your tubed glass 1980’s television. 🙂

  • Jabels1488

    Dave Tollefson coming back to the Silver & Black? Good Move by The Reg if he gets this done.