McFadden finally speaks


Raiders running back Darren McFadden avoided the cameras, microphones and notepads for most of the past six months, while recovering from the foot sprain that forced him to miss the final nine games of the 2011 season.
On Monday, he consented to a brief interview with NFL Sirius radio, with most of the focus being on McFadden’s status. He didn’t shed much light on things, other than to say that he feels good, will continue playing the way he has in the past and not worry about the fear of being injured.
Here’s the link: http://siriusxmsports.posterous.com/raiders-rb-darren-mcfadden-gave-sirius-xm-nfl


Steve Corkran

  • Dakota

    Manning needs surgery on his neck again….expected to miss a minimum of 6 months:


  • Did you get your rocks off on post #101, Dakota?

  • Dakota


  • SaintKaufman

    Oh man!!!!!

  • DT42


    my pick for the draft:

    Alameda Ta’amu, DT Washington
    Nope, I’m going out on a limb. Alameda would be outstanding but I’m changing the pick……….

    Arizona State’s Brock Osweiler. Were going to trade TP to the Browns for picks!!

  • Marks hair

    I’ve always liked McPantywaist

  • edward teach

    What’s unfortunate about DMac’s situation is that his injuries couldn’t have been avoided by him running less aggressively. The turf toe, and whatever is/was wrong with his foot didn’t really have anything to do with whether or not he was trying to punish a tackler.

    I hope he has better luck this year. He’s a huge weapon, and the team needs him.

  • Marks hair

    If Dmac was as durable as Marcus Allen he’d be the greatest Raider ever..

  • fingers

    I always wonder how great Bo would have been had he not blownout his hip… Another unreal talent

  • alzadoX

    McFadden became a great runner when he started torpedoing tacklers to finish his runs. His body build does make him susceptible to injury, but a lot of runners get hurt. Don’t forget, just 9 games ago he was like a human missile

    We just need some economy priced depth, guys who can double on kick coverage. Goodson may be a good start, Jones is dangerous runner & receiver and get more playing time if he can learn to block, and we have a couple 1st year players. We need power runner for short yardage and goalline. Goodson has fumbled a lot in the past. Reggie Mac good at finding serviceable RBs for cheap.

    Realistically in the draft we’re going to need to pick mostly defensive players and take some gambles on guys who can be real playmakers and find a run stuffer for the middle of the defensive line. We could really use some HUNGRY PHYSICAL players who can DISMEMBER and ANNIHILATE ballcarriers and QBs while playing smart & disciplined until they pounce. And based on past performance, about the only player in our projected starting front 7 that comes close to fitting that description is Sho’Nasty. Solid CB prospects are hard to find later in draft but sometimes college playmakers who lack ideal physical ability or guys who have been hurt or in trouble can be late round gems.

  • Raidernationdave

    You ain’t nothin’ DMAC until you make it through a COMPLETE season. Anything short of a full year in 2012 makes you nothin’ but ‘over-hyped’.

  • Raidernationdave

    Marks hair Says:
    April 3rd, 2012 at 3:32 pm

    I’ve always liked McPantywaist
    Marks hair didn’t even need gel for that comment it was so tight.

  • Raidernationdave

    SaintKaufman Says:
    April 3rd, 2012 at 3:07 pm

    What’s getting me Sully is that McFadden is 24 yrs old and yet people want to ditch him. Unbelievable. The dude has taken over games for us when he is all that we’ve had. Just don’t get it. Sign that man to a long term.
    It cracks me up when people use “us” and “we” and other personal pronouns when they talk about the Raiders as if they’re on the team. Lame.

    DMAC is as durable as a box of Kleenex and if he doesn’t make it through a full season this year there is no way he should be resigned.

  • RR , who is the fastest player avail for KK’s red corvette please

  • 9nerh8r

    Who cares has he ever play a full season sucks to have a rb show up for half the season every year trade em shouldn’t be laughing and joking on the sideline all season while your team is getting pushed out of the playoffs the last 8 games