Raiders pre-draft live chat today at noon


Steve Corkran will chat Raiders draft, among other things, during his weekly live chat Tuesday at noon.


Jon Becker

  • The Beeech Dawg

    Don’t worry, blog bros – they can’t keep The Beeech Diggity or 2 Kewl 4 Skool down

    Here’s the bottom line:

    1) Krappy is a cowardly rat/tattletale. He runs to the mod of a football blog because I mention some names of realtors in his stupid office in a hilarious context? The same office who’s web site he’s posted on this blog dozens of times? And believe me when I say – I’ve never called nor ever will call the old goat at his place of pretend work, his 1 bd apt. or his glorious chateau in Switzerland

    2) Corkran/Becker are spineless wimps. Let me get this straight – they get an email from a mentally challenged, unemployed, 60+ year old racist blogger ordering them to ban another blogger and THEY ACTUALLY LISTEN TO HIM?

    That’s like 2 kids get in a fight, the one who lost runs to tell the teacher, and she automatically kicks the other one out of school no questions asked.

    Don’t care if they ban me, but at least be men about it. Cowering down to Krappy is about as low as you can sink. Losers.


  • DKnight007

    37.Marks hair Says:
    April 24th, 2012 at 7:52 am
    33. I think it’s hbo at their best.. it’s like the lord of the rings and the sopranos and a cinemax porno made a baby..

    Game of Thrones is freakin GREAT!

  • elstrano5

    Raiders take a cb