McKenzie: We took Carson Palmer


Raiders general manager Reggie McKenzie ventured into the media area Thursday night to get a glass of lemonade right about the time the Cincinnati Bengals were on the clock with the No. 17 pick in the first round.

“I just wanted you guys to know we took Carson Palmer,” McKenzie said.

Assuming the Raiders don’t trade into the first round, and it’s extremely unlikely unless a frontline player is being dealt, it’s the second year in a row and eighth time in franchise history Oakland didn’t have a first-round draft pick.

The big difference this year is Oakland won’t pick in the second round either, barring trade. That’s unprecedented. If Oakland stands pat it’s first pick won’t be until No. 95, the very last selection in the third round.

That pick, as well as the two other compensatory picks, cannot be traded. Meaning only picks No. 148 and No. 189 can be used in trade. McKenzie has already said he has no intention of trading future draft picks.

At the pre-draft press conference, McKenzie said he would follow along the first round and determine in his mind who he would have taken at No. 17. McKenzie divulged the name to two of his scouts, but not to the media. It was suggested maybe that pick would fall to No. 95.

A wide smile split McKenzie’s face as he noted the absurdity of the notion.

“That’s be sweet,” he said.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Just Fire Baby

    Was with a couple Donks season tix holders, and they were from the start of the draft hoping they would pick Hightower.

    Pretty funny to watch them trade out of the pick…..and watch the pick take Hightower.

    I think the Donks will regret that one. Some of their fans already are.

  • Carson Palmer!….I am cool with that pick!

  • Just Fire Baby

    I think Cousins will have a better NFL career than Tannenhill

  • Just Fire Baby

    Intereseted to see Weeden play, if he does.

    Got to root for the baseball players coming off the bump and playing QB.

  • xraided

    people just don’t realize NaPalmer threw for almost 3,000 yards in 9.5 games with no camp and out of shape for the first 3 or 4 games. that was with 3 receivers trying to break out on the scene, not even quite established yet! they become much better with CP running the show. now they have a full offseason together.. if they can actually stay on the field, this team is going places!

  • xraided

    JFB, yes i was glad to see the donks get out of the first and not get a good pass rusher or linebacker.

    i am pissed, however, that the Doltz grabbed Ingram. i don’t like the man’s potential one bit.

  • Just Fire Baby

    I have confidence that somehow Norv will fck it up. But yeah, Ingram will probably get a few licks on our QB over the next few years.

  • we had the best pick in the 1st round – Carson F’n Palmer…way to go Raiders!!!

  • Just Fire Baby

    Damn I have a layover in Phoenix tomorrow until 9:35.

    Probably will be in the air when we draft. Maybe that will help us in some weird way.

  • xraided


    yea MIN probably hustled them… good for them. guess i didn’t think that far into it. :X

  • Just Fire Baby

    RB’s just aren’t worth the top 5 pick, and trading up to get one to boot.

    Richardson may be great, or Doug Martin may look better than him, from day 1.

    Very bizarre the way RB’s emerge in the NFL. It seems like a combination of skill, system fit, and mostly good luck in health.

  • xraided

    yea, i didn’t even like DMC being picked then, although he’s a homerun hitter, that unlike in college, now cannot stay healthy, even when he breaks out(2010) … let us hope he’s not another Bob Sanders.

    after looking at Richardson tape, he really is a load to stop and does everything that a QB could hope for right out of the gate. we’ll see!

  • Hardline

    The NFL Draft……bah, humbug….it’s just a way for bloggers and media to keep football alive in the offseason.

    90% the draftees won’t be in the league in 3 yrs.

  • Hardline

    Lol…..so precious KK wasn’t banned afterall. Corky is probably afraid he’ll bring a discrimination action against Bay Area News Group.

  • Just Fire Baby

    Richardson seems like he can do it all.

    But so did Mark Ingram, and he looked fairly pedestrian last year.

    It’s just that you never know. Mark Ingram was nothing special last year, may be the same this year, than dominate for 4 years, than be out of the league 2 years after that.

    As opposed to a QB, who can play great for 2 months, and end up sticking around the league for 8 years.

  • xraided

    tell that to Al Davis with all the late round gems he’s had over the last few years! lets hope Reggie can match it.

  • xraided

    JFB, Ingram and Richardson do look eerily similar in styles don’t they? that’s who it reminds me of. lets hope he’s not a MJD type back then. well now that i think about it, just against us this upcoming year. i hope he owns the AFC North!! CHEERS to him if he accomplishes that and gets some division wins to take away their confidence!

  • was there a better player taken in the 1st round than Carson Palmer?

    Don’t think so…

  • Just Fire Baby

    On the same hand, Richardson may be the last true great RB. Clearly the position is moving away from the 25+ carry a game back.

    The point is, NFL RB’s are one of the few positions where later round picks end up doing just as well as 1st rounders.

    Not really like that with any other position. Sure you see the Tom Brady and James Harrison, but they are mostly the exceptions to the rules.

  • xraided

    maybe RGIII or Luck.. i’d say if RGIII is anything like Cam Newton, he may be the better QB next to Palmer. this year will tell all if our play makers stay on the field for at least 90% of the games.

  • who was picked in this 1st round that will have more impact than Carson Palmer?

  • xraided

    with McCoy as their QB, they will rely heavily on the run. they don’t even have any true receivers on the squad as of yet for him to throw to!

    it is true, RB’s can be found anywhere in the later rounds .. wasting a top 5 pick on one could spell trouble.

    as for the Raiders doing it with DMC.. he might have been the best pick at the time to be honest, esp. over Gholdston or Dorsey for example.

  • YaY…we got CP3!!!

  • xraided

    RDT, Luck or RGIII maybe. it depends on the team around them. the Raiders have more playmakers for Palmer, so yes that’s a huge advantage.

    in the next 2-3 years? ugh it’s hard to see either of those QB’s sucking azz.

  • better than Luck or RG III

  • CP3 is good already…NFL tested…getting comfortable with his team, we won this draft already.

  • xraided

    yea … i too hope i will be thanking Hue Jackson, otherwise it would not have happened. it’s not the greatest trade in the NFL history, obviously, but one that had to be made. wish we had our 2nd rounder at least. SNORE

  • purvisman

    Random Drug Tester Says YaY…we got CP3!!! better than Luck or RG III.$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Maybe for 3 or 4 years,YeahYa! I’ll take it!

  • Violent Hands

    Those crazy Seabirds took my 3rd round choice in the 1st round and blew up my board lol..i had him falling until mid/late 3rd round

  • joker94583

    Last pick in the third round? Lame! Nothing but scraps left. But if there is any player of value there Reggie will find him. Maybe one or two of the 20 plus undrafted rookies Reggie will sign will pan out. Just glad Al isn’t involved may he RIP.