NFL draft live chat Friday at 4 p.m.

Join Steve Corkran for a live chat on Day 2 of the NFL draft on Friday at 4 p.m., with the Raiders set to make their first pick at the end of Round 3.


Jon Becker

  • DMAC

    Bring Alameda to the O.

  • Method To My Madness

    Warriors find out in r0 minutes their draft lottery fate with a coin flip!

  • YoungAmerican

    I think Chapman will be fine against NFL competition, although guys like Martin and Jean-Baptiste might struggle. But Chapman faced the closest thing you can find to NFL-level players in the SEC.

    If Ta’amu falls, I wouldn’t be unhappy with the pick at all. But since defenses can move him around, and he has some ability to be disruptive in the backfield, I’m not sure he’ll be on the board. I’m hoping he will, but we’ll see.

  • Method To My Madness

    Yes dmac…..Alameda will be happy to fly to Oakland and go around the corner from the airport to HQ in Alameda

  • YoungAmerican

    Yeah, one thing’s for sure, with a name like that the kid was born to play in Oakland.

  • Method To My Madness

    Yea good point Ya…bama defense was stout and Chapman anchored it….Raiders did have him in alameda for a visit….so I’m sure if he is there in 3rd he is coming here

  • aig-raiders

    Yo JFB,

    I get your drift on Irvin’s personal behavior outside of football. Big risk there for sure. I hope the young man has turned it around. Dude has had a rough childhood.

  • guest123

    62 picks till we know for sure. I’m gonna need some alka-seltzer.

  • Method To My Madness

    G123 lmao

  • Method To My Madness

    Dennis Allen said dline was a strength of team…I highly disagree with him….Seymour is done but will pretend to play this season….Houston is outta position as is Shaughnessy…Tommy Faily needs to go….I’m sick of him

  • PlunkforHOF

    Welcome back Brien.. You’re a man of your word

  • Method To My Madness

    Too bad we don’t have a number 1 wr anywhere near our roster…but do we go after a WR this weekend?

  • YoungAmerican

    Marvin Jones from Cal is a WR I wouldn’t mind with the #95 pick.

    Raiders have also shown interest in Texas A&M’s Jeff Fuller, who could be around in the 5th or 6th. Also Beloit’s Derek Carrier, who is a WR with borderline TE size.

  • bcz24

    Too bad we don’t have a number 1 wr anywhere near our roster…but do we go after a WR this weekend?
    No. No #1 calibur WR available when we pick…

  • DMAC


    I personally think we go w/ a NT, DE, LB’s and OT. Not in that specific order.

  • Method To My Madness

    Plunk….don’t I always stand by my stuff? Lol…at least I picked a great time and some good semi pro convo is going down but where is Vegas Raider….and Raider O…Jhill? Real Raider Ray? La to Bay? Thec? Ya know the regs? And others I missed on the lis…Plunketthead? Exla?

  • DMAC

    Reggie said we need depth.
    We’ll see what happens.

  • bcz24

    There are quite a few semi’s absent from school today…. it is abnormal

  • Method To My Madness

    And bigman Bcz…how could I forget about the King of Western NY?

  • DMAC

    Don’t trip B.
    You still got your playa patna DMAC in da house.

  • Method To My Madness

    I hope Carson is ready mayne and that Knapp is designing a killer scheme for us to succeed in 2012…..Palmer and Knapp should be in Alameda this weekend to greet the new guys! Show some solidarity

  • Welcome back B.

  • Method To My Madness

    Yeah dmac you a true Raider…it was tough for us that day Jan 1st when we lost to SD….roguh times…but we get a chance to get em back on MNF….if I can get a ticket you can roll fa sho again mayne

  • DMAC

    Someone join me in the next post
    I’m a loner

  • hwnrdr

    180.Method To My Madness Says:
    April 27th, 2012 at 10:03 am
    Hwnrdr…..KC defense will be a factor man…let’s hope the offense doesn’t gain steam man

    Agreed! Bring Alameda to Alameda!!!


    I hate waiting this sux , we only get one pick out of the first 2 days . I like Kelly but if we can get a early 3rd rounder ill take it. He’s already gettin old so time to reload on some youth. Get nt and a de for Kelly make it happen regmack!!!!!

  • DJ Johnny

    199.Method To My Madness Says:
    April 27th, 2012 at 10:28 am
    Ya I like your thinking! Frank Alexander wouldn’t be bad as well…just time to find our RDE…been since 2000

    I saw a replay of the OK vs. Baylor game from last season and Frank Alexander DOMINATED. He was all over RGIII…bringing him down behind the l.o.s..chasing down and bringing down RB’s etc. etc. and I thought “how come no ones been talking this guy up?”

    Dr’s discovered a heart issue at the combine…thought it was serious but was later found to be no big deal.

    He could be a big steal if Reggie gets him in the 3rd. Kind of like a Ron Bartell…where u have concerns about his health even though he is supposedly healthy.

  • r8eray

    The Nashville Tennessean passes along “some buzz” that the Titans might be working on a trade for Osi Umenyiora.
    “Don’t get your hopes up,” beat writer Jim Wyatt cautioned. If Osi is going to be traded, it will almost certainly happen today in exchange for a 2012 second-day draft pick. It’s believed Umenyiora could be gotten for a third-rounder.
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    Source: Jim Wyatt on Twitter


    Oh well….