First round? Just grim, baby


Can’t hide from my first-round mock draft.

The final scorecoard:

Players who were drafted exactly where I said they would: (5) Andrew Luck (Colts), Robert Griffin III (Redskins), Ryan Tannehill (Dolphins), Michael Floyd (Cardinals), Shea McClellin (Bears).

Players who went to the right team but at a different slot: (3) Matt Kalil (Vikings), Trent Richardson (Browns), Fletcher Cox (Eagles).

First-round predictions who are still available: (8): Jonathan Martin, Cordy Glenn, Janoris Jenkins, Courtney Upshaw, Andre Branch, Stephen Hill, Amini Silotalu, Coby Fleener.

First-round picks that I didn’t have going in the first round (8): Bruce Irvin (Seahawks), Quentin Coples (Jets), Brandon Weeden (Browns), Nick Perry (Packers), Harrison Smith (Vikings), A.J. Jenkins (49ers), Bruce Martin (Bucs), David Wilson (Giants).

Actually getting eight guys to the right teams is better than I usually do. Placing 24 of 32 in the first round, I’m guessing, is way below average.

Probably another long wait in Alameda Friday and Friday night. Unless Reggie McKenzie has got a fairly established player or two he’s looking to unload to get a pick to go along with No. 95, Oakalnd’s pick will be the final one of Day 2. Remember Oakland’s three compensatory picks cannot be included in an trades. They must pick a player.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • realtruraider

    Yeah, I don’t think Reggie would of said who he would of picked, I know he said we will pick Palmer with the 17th pick. Some people like to make schit up

  • DMAC

    Dakota Says:
    April 27th, 2012 at 11:19 am

    I have a feeling that we will call the Giants and make an arrangement where we draft the player NY wants, and then we trade the player to the Giants for Osi.

    Can’t trade the pick, but once you pick a player you can trade him right?

    My understanding is yes.
    Bring on Osi 2.

  • Kirk

    We don’t need to trade up. We have had a good draft so far…

    Carson Palmer, Joe Barksdale, Taiwan Jones, Terelle Pryor, and Aaron Curry.

  • DMAC

    The Nashville Tennessean passes along “some buzz” that the Titans might be working on a trade for Osi Umenyiora.
    “Don’t get your hopes up,” beat writer Jim Wyatt cautioned. If Osi is going to be traded, it will almost certainly happen today in exchange for a 2012 second-day draft pick. It’s believed he could be gotten for a third-rounder.
    Related: Titans
    Source: Jim Wyatt on Twitter

  • Marks hair

    I get the feeling reggie has no plans to trade.

  • DMAC

    So did this NBA draft coin toss happen, yet?

  • Marks hair

    Yes the W’s prematurly drafted an 8′ 105lb c from shangra la.

  • DMAC

    Marks hair Says:
    April 27th, 2012 at 11:31 am

    Yes the W’s prematurly drafted an 8′ 105lb c from shangra la.

    Is he your uncle?

  • DMAC

    What are you guys thoughts on Melvin Ingram going to the Dischargers?

  • Marks hair

    Warriors.. Smh

  • DMAC

    Marks hair Says:
    April 27th, 2012 at 11:34 am

    Warriors.. Smh

    Don’t worry about my Dubs. Worry about your haircut Mark.

  • Marks hair

    I think it will be very tuff to improve our record from last yr.

  • Marks hair

    Im a believer that the nba he needs to drop 4 teams.. The w’s would definately have to go.. For the good of the league.

  • DJ Johnny

    227.DJ Johnny Says:
    April 27th, 2012 at 11:31 am
    199.Method To My Madness Says:
    April 27th, 2012 at 10:28 am
    Ya I like your thinking! Frank Alexander wouldn’t be bad as well…just time to find our RDE…been since 2000

    I saw a replay of the OK vs. Baylor game from last season and Frank Alexander DOMINATED. He was all over RGIII…bringing him down behind the l.o.s..chasing down and bringing down RB’s etc. etc. and I thought “how come no ones been talking this guy up?”

    Dr’s discovered a heart issue at the combine…thought it was serious but was later found to be no big deal.

    He could be a big steal if Reggie gets him in the 3rd. Kind of like a Ron Bartell…where u have concerns about his health even though he is supposedly healthy.

  • The AFC west will be a tough division this year. KC will have a good defense, Manning in Denver, and SD is a good team (they need better HC and GM).

  • Marks hair

    Marks in charge of how im styled..

  • hwnrdr

    If Alexander was bringing down RGIII, let’s bring him in…well, if he’s there!

  • Mustafa,

    Sorry to b urst your bubble but your Urban Meyer Weiner fantasy ain’t coming true…but since you want to talk about “streaks” let’s compare the Wolverines and Suckeyes rivlary record:

    > Alltime: Mich up 58-43-6
    > Win pct. Mich: .735, OSU: .718
    > First game ever: Mich won 35-0 (1897)
    > Most recent game: Mich won 40-34 (2011)
    > Natl championships: Mich 11, OSU 7
    > Largest win: Mich 86-0
    > Big Ten titles: Mich 42, OSU 34
    > Rose Bowls: Mich 20, OSU 14

    And this does not even reflect the vacated 2010 game.

    Face it. You will be an old man before you catch Michigan…EVEN IF YOU WIN EVERY GAME.

    Don’t go jumpin off a ledge now, Dusty.


    At least we have a first rndr next yr.

  • DJ Johnny

    Have u guys seen this video of Ron Bartell?


    This guy is major stud if healthy.

    (Man..i’m sick of all this “if he’s healthy’ crap).

  • Raider J

    59. I watched Ingram & he’s a versatile football player. He may be undersized for DL and too slow for LB to be a star in the NFL. He was more physical than most NCAA players and made big plays. He’s a gamer but not necs. a NFL caliber game changer. Im not concerned about him being in SD & I wouldn’t be very excited if he were a 1st rd Raider pick.

    I don’t see much of a difference between Ingram and the # of OLBs expected to be available @ #95.


    I saw alexanders highlight s a while back when someone brought his make up, he’s a machine and all over field. Man o man I would like to see him in silver and black this yr. But a nt is more important at this point.

  • Preppie,

    Who cares about history from 1897?!?! In 1897 Palestine was part of the ottoman empire!
    Your last win is 40-34, and that’s after we lost our starting QB and HC. impressive! LMAO
    Get ready for a new streak? I think the last one was 8 consecutive wins.
    We produce more NFL players . Ranked 3rd after USC and ND.

  • Marks hair

    Bartell’s our big pick up this yr for sure.

  • shutdown

    I’m very much okay with what RM does. I know he values getting players who love the game. He knows that stopwatches and benchpresses tell you only so much.

    Monte Poole says, “If he’s as astute as I think he is, he realizes the need for young talent with leadership potential. The quick analysis and dismissal of Stanford Routt — paid like a leader, played like a follower — would seem to indicate that McKenzie is indeed aware of this.”

    So far, this shedding of Routt, the overpaid symbol of Al’s misunderstanding of talent, human nature, and performance, stands as Reggie’s statement for the Raiders: you must want to play, want to get better, and if you want top dollar, you had better be a leader.

  • DMAC

    Bartell is our #1 CB. I’m not too convinced w/ Spencer as our #2. Would like to see Chekwa win that #2 spot.

  • Raider J

    75. Reggie Mac was a player with the potential to be a GM so, I believe that he has a good idea of how to identify young students of the game. He seems to be building the Raiders around people with the potential for long NFL careers.

  • We produce more NFL players.


    Not QBs. None. What else matters.

  • Raider J

    70. Nice Bartell clip. Never heard of him in StL.

    I’m more curious about how much the change in organization structure & scheme will impact the team than personnel.

    If Al the Don’s methods were as dysfunctional as depicted, then its fair to expect 9+ wins regardless of new acquisitions.

  • DMAC

    Bartell was a very underrated player, before his injury, because of his lack of Int’s. The guy can cover though. Thats for sure. Hope he can stay healthy.

  • Raider J

    Draft OLBs

    Reggie Mac seems to like getting versatile players. I’m hoping for OLB/DE/special teamer types of playmakers.

    Lets get 2 of the following (in order)

    Bradham, Kendricks, Kaddu, Brown, Massaquoi


    You think reg would of kept namdi if he was still on our team with that huge contract,??????

  • Dakota

    Draft a MLB as insurance for Slowlando.

  • DMAC

    I think Romac surprises a few this year, just like DHB did last season.

  • DMAC

    No excuses for Romac.
    Healthy knees and a new defensive scheme to help out.
    He needs to produce this season.

  • Dakota

    84.DMAC Says:
    April 27th, 2012 at 12:14 pm
    I think Romac surprises a few this year, just like DHB did last season.


    He surprises a lot of RBs by giving them giant holes after filling the wrong gaps!

  • HairyBush

    Marks hair Says:
    April 27th, 2012 at 11:51 am
    Bartell’s our big pick up this yr for sure
    I’m thinking that Texan lineman we got may be the pickup of the year. Bartell does have upside though.

  • Plunketthead

    Method To My Madness Says:
    April 27th, 2012 at 10:48 am
    Plunk….don’t I always stand by my stuff? Lol…at least I picked a great time and some good semi pro convo is going down but where is Vegas Raider….and Raider O…Jhill? Real Raider Ray? La to Bay? Thec? Ya know the regs? And others I missed on the lis…Plunketthead? Exla?

    Welcome back B!
    Draft a big plug for the middle!

    Best year ever!!!!!!!!!

  • HairyBush

    Jerry , Love your work but…Just grim baby? Little cheesey don’t ya think lol

  • DMAC

    They would of been all over Al and the Raiders, if he were the one who drafted that WR from Illionis in the 1st round the Whiners drafted.
    I fk’n love the haters.
    R.I.P Al

  • aig-raiders

    I think it was Dakota that said Romac’s draft hilite film was nothign special. I think he was proven right so far. You look at Irving/Hightower vs Romac’s college film and you see a big diff. Romac is usually flat footed waiting to make the tackle while the other guys are flying at people. What we saw in college is what we saw in the Pros so far. The tape doesnt lie.

  • Plunketthead

    Raider O Says:
    April 27th, 2012 at 11:42 am
    The AFC west will be a tough division this year. KC will have a good defense, Manning in Denver, and SD is a good team (they need better HC and GM).

    Been a longtime coming but I cant wait. I hate to see mules/bolts/squaws win but it makes us look better and gets more press.

    I want the entire NFL to hate playing us and the rest of the AFC West.

  • DMAC

    The AFC West is back, but its still ours for the taking this season!

  • DJ Johnny

    I agree that Brisiel from Houston is a huuuge pickup as well.

    When I see other teams getting angry that he picked Oakland, it’s a good sign.

    IF guys are what they are supposed to be, then we have the potential to be pretty to very good.

    -Palmer: He showed signs that last game against SD, showing he’s getting better as time went on. 417 yds. that game and some big time tosses. Let’s not forget that ball he through to DHB in OT at KC in the clutch.

    -Bartell: The neck injury is the only worry. If it is indeed healed (and he wouldn’t have gotten cleared and passed the physical if he wasn’t) then we have one of top corners in the league imo.

    -Brisiel: One of the highest rated o-linemen in FA.

    -DMAC: The old “if healthy” thing again. IF he is then that is huuuuuge.

    I will say, that if he gets some lame injury again with his ankle or foot and is out a number of games…i never wnat to see him a Raider uniform again.

  • DMAC

    Gotta bounce.
    Peace Nation.
    Go A’s!
    Go Dubs!
    Go Cal Bears!
    Go Raiders!

    Ya’ll have a solid, safe, weekend bros.

  • 303Raider

    Nuggets taking down the Flake Show in 6!!!

    Metta World War played his last game for The Flake Show when Ron Artest jumped in his body!

    Raiders winning the Division in 2012!!!!!!!


    Shaughnessy , Houston or Chapman, seymore , Alexander
    Curry. Romac , Sammy Brown or mossoqua

    My front seven prediction


    Turd nuggets will be a speed bump . Get fuggin real gasol Bynum will dominate the paint.

  • cfrylopez

    Our corporate cousins at Pro Football Talk have compiled a list of the Raiders’ reported visits and workouts. Note the interest on the defensive side of the ball:

    Running back
    UCLA’s Derrick Coleman

    Beloit’s, Derek Carrier
    Slippery Rock’s, Devin Goda

    Tight end
    Cal State Fullerton’s, Andre Hardy (signed on April 12)
    Morgan State’s, Lamont Bryant

    Offensive lineman
    East Carolina, offensive tackle Steven Baker
    Defensive linemen
    Nevada, defensive end Kaelin Burnett
    Alabama, defensive tackle Josh Chapman
    South Florida defensive end Claude Davis
    USC, defensive tackle Armond Armstead
    Vanderbilt, defensive end Tim Fugger

    Houston’s, Sammy Brown
    Washington State’s, Alex Hoffman-Ellis

    Defensive backs
    Iowa, safety Jordan Bernstine
    Albion, cornerback Chris Greenwood
    Utah, cornerback Conroy Black
    UCLA, safety Tony Dye
    The funny thing is that a lot of these players are the kind of players Al Davis would have drafted. A lot of very fast athletic guys who either went to small schools ,or played 2 sports, or played in Jr. college, or had great senior season but not a lot of playing time prior to that, or had great Junior season but got injured their senior years. A lot of very athletic guys who have been over looked by other teams for one reason or the other. Of course the MO on Reggie is that he can watch just a little film & can tell if a player has heart or not.

  • 303Raider

    Bynum, yes he is good.

    Gasol sux, your bench sux.

    Lakers are primed to fizzle. Plus your Coach is lame..

    Raider Nation Holla’!!!!