Raiders should trade for Jenkins


It would be easy to envision Al Davis making a huge splash by trading for Colts defensive end Dwight Freeney or Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora were he still around to make the calls for the Raiders.
However, this is a new era under general manager Reggie McKenize and owner Mark Davis. Therefore, big splashes aren’t as likely, at least for now.
That doesn’t mean the Raiders can’t make some small waves. What better way to do so than to trade for Dallas Cowboys cornerback Mike Jenkins?
The Cowboys reportedly are interested in dealing Jenkins in light of their signing Brandon Carr in free agency and selecting Morris Claiborne with the sixth pick of the NFL draft Thursday night.
Some reports say the Cowboys might part ways with Jenkins for as little as a fifth-round draft pick. It just so happens that the Raiders have a fifth-rounder that they can trade — that’s one of only two picks they have this year that can be traded.
Sure, the Raiders signed veteran cornerbacks Shawntae Spencer and Ron Bartell in free agency, as well as Pat Lee. They also have second-year players Chimdi Chekwa and DeMarcus Van Dyke, as well as Brandon Underwood, on their roster, too.
Jenkins was a first-round draft pick in 2008. He intercepted one pass and tied for the team lead with 10 passes broken up last season.
He is projected to be the No. 4 cornerback in Dallas. He could compete for a starting spot with the Raiders, no doubt. So, why not take a flier on a player who once was regarded enough to be taken in the first round?
It’s unlikely that the Raiders can find a comparable cornerback in the fifth round, if at all, in this year’s draft. Al Davis would have pulled the trigger on such a move, regardless if it meant dipping into next year’s draft bounty.
It remains to be seen whether McKenzie is as interested in making a bold move in hopes of turning someone else’s afterthought into a dependable player.


Steve Corkran

  • lefty12


  • YoungAmerican

    If Ta’amu is still around, very possible Chapman will be around in the 4th. Or they’re targeting other players. We’ll see soon enough. Very interesting though. Expected OL to be play, but hard to know how they evaluate OL.

  • Al_is_theraiders

    an ol i wont complain but will question…as a zone blocking o these linemen are easier to find since only a few teams are looking for these sizes….

  • Marks hair

    Im happy. Hopfully he can start at guard or tackle

  • marios

    Chapman will probably be available late in the 4th while Alameda is not a good fit in a 4-3

  • Plunder

    Reggie following his board.

    I’m always down with some O-line.

  • JB


    I didn’t want to see Carlisle start again. Veldheer, Bergstrom, Wiz 2.0, Brisiel & Barksdale or Barnes. That’s a very solid O-line. Much better than last year. We’ve got to protect Palmer & open hole for DMac. Overall, a good decision for Reggie.

  • Good solid pick.

    -Jon Gruden

  • mcfadden20.

    OK might not be the sexy pick but i guess Reggie thinks he could get that D talent in round 4 … I’m get we won’t have to wait long for that to happen … Rounds 4-7 start tomorrow at 9 PM Pacific

  • Dakota

    woot Reggie is smarter than all of you!

  • Al_is_theraiders

    still boring as heck….reggie fails

  • YoungAmerican

    Positives: Mature, seasoned right tackle. Has the agility, technique and size to contribute early in his professional career. Quick, active hands to latch on to defenders. Adequate foot quickness to remain outside. Can get to the second level with surprising agility when adjusting to moving defenders. Underrated athleticism, agility, balance and even straight-line speed to contribute. Impressed at guard and tackle at the Senior Bowl. Negatives: Susceptible to speed rushers. Has only average quickness off the snap and doesn’t possess the acceleration or arm length to corral defenders once they cross his face. Anticipates speed rushers attacking the edge and will over-set to the outside, leaving inside rushing lanes wide open for defenders to jab-step outside and re-direct through the gap.
    Drops his head too often on contact, which causes problems against swim moves. Went on a two-year LDS mission following high school and will turn 26 in August

  • Carl Weathers

    Here’s a quote from our new right offensive tackle:

    …(Your best strengths?) I’m a finisher. You watch me on film and I finish players not just plays.

  • you know where Reggies’ at. Wants to protect Palmer. So he got the big guy. Reggie Mac Code Black!

  • Lowdown_in_Beijing

    Dude is a Moron? Super….

  • beach

    Priest, most of us were looking for defense at # 95. I haven’t even looked at Bergstrom. I trust in Reggie. I think Chapman, Taamu, and Crick are not good for us.

  • aig-raiders

    At least it wasnt a db. 🙂

  • xraided

    yea priest, we cannot judge this quite yet. did read he isn’t much of a blocker, but is athletic in space. perfect for a ZBS. it’s possible that Barksdale doesn’t fit the system and we CANNOT go with Barnes again if we want a consistent offense… we will see.

    Ta’amu, Chapman, Martin …. they should be there in the 4th. we will know how serious they are about a 3-4 after tomorrow.

    i think if Spence is still there, that’s the pick.. they need linebackers very badly..

  • beach

    That’s his job, Dakota! You have to take what is best available to you, and Mike Martin was gone!

  • alzadoX

    Bergstrom good fit ZBS. But we need D D D D D

  • r8eray

    Homeboy is 27 years old????

  • Plunketthead

    Moron? What are you talking about?

    He will be a great Raider

  • beach

    513. I love that statement!

  • xraided

    martin got taken, correction! i fell asleep lol

  • xraided

    man i really need to wake up… squeelers got spence… FCK!

  • r8eray

    We got one of the worse DEFENSES IN THE NFL!!!!!!!!
    And we’ll continue to have the WORSE DEFENSE if we don’t get playmakers!!!!!!!

  • 303Raider

    We need as much O-Line help.

    All the great teams have good O-line depth…..

  • Lowdown_in_Beijing


    Yes, he is an LSD, Joseph Smith fan…you know, Moron. Like Steve Young.

  • NFLDraftScout.com predicted that the Ravens would draft Bergstrom. The Ravens always draft well so maybe this is a good pick. I’m still hoping we trade for Osi because his services are really needed.

  • alzadoX

    Al_is_theraiders Says:
    April 27th, 2012 at 8:05 pm

    still boring as heck….reggie fails


    Lets look back in 5 years before we pass judgement. I have faith in Reggie Mac’s ability to judge talent more than any of the “draft” experts, who, by the way, rated Bergstrom a good player…and a good fit for ZBS

  • 303Raider

    Carson needs to be upright next year for us to have any chance….

  • art shells clipboard

    The Bully was duped again!!!

  • downsouthraider

    303Raider Says:
    April 27th, 2012 at 8:12 pm
    Carson needs to be upright next year for us to have any chance….

  • downsouthraider

    Much appreciation to RaiderRockStar for keeping up with the #95 pick list…^5 to ya brah

  • beach

    Please do not judge the guy based on religion. We had an awesome tight end from BYU named Todd Christensen.

  • beach

    You cannot have enough depth on the offensive line. Bergstrom is our guy now!

  • xraided

    they are a pure zone blocking team now.
    funny how that’s the opposite of what Al wanted for this club. when they went pure power blocking, things were better than ever. hopefully this new direction has them playing even better! pass proection is key for Carson.

  • jesusraiderjim

    I live in Utah and love the Utes. This guy will be good for the Raiders. Get as many Morons on the team as you want just don’t let one into the White House. Pleaseeeeeee!!!!! Romney can not sustain his block and is lousy in the ZBS anyway.