McKenzie and Allen transcript


Here is the transcript from the post-draft news conference with Raiders general manager Reggie McKenzie and coach Dennis Allen:

McKenzie: “The day is over. Ah, shoot. Let’s open it up, guys. Questions?”
Question: Just an overview of how you think the day went?
McKenzie: Well, it went better. We had more picks today. We set out to try to upgrade the team and by the end of the day we felt like we did that. Remains to be seen just how good they will be, but we anxiously will await their presence here in Oakland and also into camp. So, we’re excited. It was a good weekend. We feel good about where we’ve come so far.

Q: Are the D-lineman you drafted projects you can be patient with and bring along slowly?
McKenzie: Yeah, with all these guys, to a certain degree, they’re going to have to be brought along. But yes, the D-linemen, they did get into football late. But they are very good prospects so even though they’re a little raw, we feel like we can coach those guys up and they will eventually be pretty good players.

Q: There’s a report you could sign Matt Leinart, what could he bring to what you’re doing here?
McKenzie: What we’re doing, we’re bringing in Matt Leinart for a tryout. Signing and all of that, that’s secondary. But we’re bringing him in for a tryout.

Q: What do you like about him?
McKenzie: The fact is he’s an experienced quarterback and we just want to take a closer look at him, watch him throw the ball and see how his injury has come around.

Q: How do you evaluate a guy like Bilukidi who was at Georgia State?
McKenzie: Well, for one, it’s not his fault who he plays against. But with that being said, he’s a big man with a great deal of athleticism and he hustles to the ball. You can see that type stuff in watching him play. You can see his ability to move laterally, see his ability to play hard. But yes, playing against some SEC, Pac-12-type players, he did not have that chance to do that. But what you look for, did he dominate at his level? And that he did. Bottom line, he’s a big man with really good athleticism and he plays like he loves to play the game. So, we were down there in the draft and felt like we needed to take a look at him. You know, we had brought him in for a visit and interviewed him, spent a lot of time with him and we felt like we needed to take a further look and get this guy in.

Q: What did you like about Burris and is he the one guy today who has the most chance of making an impact this season?
Allen: I don’t know if he’s the one guy that has the most significant chance of having an impact. But he is one of those guys that we feel like… and Reggie said this from the very beginning, guys. What we wanted to do is we wanted to go out and get quality football players. And that’s what we feel like we got in Burris. I think he’s a tough physical player that’s got good athletic skill, has instincts for the game, plays the game the right way. And that’s really at the end of the day when we looked at it, we said hey, we’ve got a quality football player that’s got a chance to come in and compete for a position on this team and we wanted to try to bring him in here.

Q: How involved were you, Dennis, in the pick-by-pick and what were you emphasizing–let’s get the toughest guy? Something like that?
Allen: First of all, I think Reggie and I, when it got time or it got close to the pick, he and I were in constant communication on where we thought we ought to go with the pick and who was the best player available. And at the end of the day, really, what we went off of was, when we looked at the tape, what players jumped out at us, that were productive, quality football players? And I think everyone of the guys that we were able to pick understood how to play the game, they were tough, they were smart, they were disciplined, they played the game with instincts. Those were the qualities we looked for in a football player. And then they’ve got to be above a certain line athletically, and all these guys were.

Why all the basketball players, Reggie?
McKenzie: “You know, even when college scouts go in and do their research, you see this guy played baseball, this guy played three years of high school basketball. Yes, it helps when you talk about how athletic especially big men are. Do we go in and look for guys who played basketball? No. No. But when we research and get down into the scouting part of it, yes. That’s part of the process. It’s just like when we look at defensive backs – if they play center field and outfield, learning how to track balls, that’s part of scouting. But for a specific sport? We don’t go out looking for basketball players, defensive linemen who can play basketball. That doesn’t give them a boost up in a round, no.”
Allen: “We’re close to having a starting five, though.”

And how about all the players with such strong faith?
McKenzie: “You know what? I think when you talk about high-character guys, how they were brought up, work ethic, I think part of that is kind of reflective on your faith. At least I know it was with me. But did we go out and say we’re going to get faith-based players specifically? No. No. That’s not our intent. But I think just by nature good quality players have a strong foundation in their faith.”

Surprised Criner was still there, and was his speed a red flag?
McKenzie: “Yes, we were surprised that he was still there, but excited that he was. And the speed, it was a factor but it was not a red flag. Because if it was a red flag we probably wouldn’t have taken him. But the guy, for a big guy, he’s quick. So if he was a slow guy with no quickness, it would have been a struggle to get him there.”

How did the trade come about?
McKenzie: “After looking at the board, we felt we could have an opportunity to move down, and pick up, we had quite a few players around that level, so we felt like we could get one of ‘em. And also by picking up another pick, that was just gravy. So if we got a team to do it, we would’ve jumped on it. And we did. So that’s how it went down.”

So you approached them?
McKenzie: “Yes.”

Q: Why didn’t you draft any defensive backs?
Allen: “Well, first of all, I appreciate the guru comment. I don’t know if I classify it as a guru. But, really, at the end of the day, we set out on this process and our goal was to get the best football players we could for this team. If there was a defensive back that was available at the value that we were looking for at that time, then that’s a decision that we would have made. But, really, at the end of the day, we played the board out exactly how we went through the process. That’s a credit to Reggie and the scouting department on how we set the board. And we didn’t panic. We just went right off the board and the best player available was the direction that we went. We feel good about the guys that we picked.”

Q: What are the rules for contact with the rookies between now and the mini camp in two weeks?
McKenzie: “Well, there’s a lot of rules. For fear of not abiding by the rules, I’m going to just leave that alone. Yes, our hands are tied. Now, we’ll get them in in a couple of weeks, as far as the rookie mini camp goes, but it’s hands off. It’s an off-limits-type of thing. Those guys have to be back into their college towns no later than tomorrow night if we would have brought them in today. So, it has to be a short turnaround. Just come in, meet you guys, and they’re pretty much out. That’s the way the league, along with the NCAA, has it. So, it’s for fear of taking these guys out from school. That’s the main purpose. Yeah, we wish we could get them in and do a whole playbook sessions, but we can’t do that.”

Q: What did you learn about Reggie during the draft process, coach?
Allen: “I said it before, and I’m not going to restate it again, other than, I’m just going to say, listen, you get the same guy, no matter what. He’s not going to fold under the pressure, the stress is not going to get to him, he’s got a plan, he’s going to work that plan and, at the end of the day, those are the guys that make the best decisions. The ones that don’t get emotional about making a decision, they have a plan attack, they have a thought process about the way that they’re going to operate and, at the end of the day, they work that plan. And that’s what he did during this draft, and that’s what he’s done with everything since he’s been here.”

Q: What is the latest on Tyvon Branch and Marcel Reece and their tenders?
McKenzie: I haven’t, our contract negotiators have been in contact with them specifically, but communication’s been well. With either of those guys it’s not been an ugly situation. They know we love ‘em and we feel good about our chances of getting them back, hopefully sooner than later. But the communication has really been pretty good.

Q: Neither has been signed?
McKenzie: No, not yet.

Q: Relief that it’s over, knowing you came into this without a lot of picks?
McKenzie: Coming into this thing, knowing that I had two picks, thinking about it was a struggle, because I didn’t want to think about that. But the hope of the possibility of getting compensatory picks, that gave you a brighter outlook, and when we got ‘em, needless to say we were excited. But to come away with six draft picks on the day, we feel great about. Where they came, really doesn’t matter, it’s the fact that we have some draft picks, and, but the anticipation of it, didn’t matter what round, it was exciting. We’re getting ready to pick our guy, and it was constant communication. It was a good process. It was good for me. This was a good weekend.

Q: What caught your eye about Hardy, no football experience at all?
McKenzie: In high school, he played. He was a basketball player in college. For one, the video tape, watching him, in the tryout showed his athleticism, ability to catch the ball, adjust and all that. You can tell his hands are not going to be a problem. And he ran pretty well, the frame, his physical frame, he looks the part. It was one of those deals, let’s see him try out in person. And I sent the scout down and everything was positive, so we brought him up. He’s had a little injury since he’s been up here, and that’s kind of slowed down his progress which he needs a lot of progress, but it’s one of those, `let’s take a look and see’ we know it’s going to be a project, but we’ll try to figure out if it’s going to be a good one or not.

Q: Injury is a minor injury?
McKenzie: Yeah, it’s minor. It’s minor.

Q: Now you have four tight ends. Are you comfortable with four or looking to add one more?
McKenzie: It depends on if something comes available. I’m just not going to let a player that we like that comes on a waiver wire or whatever through a tryout. If it’s a guy we think we can add and upgrade the competition, we’ll add him.

Q: More incentive today to address the defensive side?
McKenzie: I think we went into the draft from day one to address the defense. You got to understand we have a defensive head coach and a defensive-minded general manager, so let’s win on defense. But as the day went, the defensive players were the players that were on the board. So we didn’t intentionally just go defense, defense.

Q: With the two defensive linemen, Christo and Crawford, do you have positions you think they’re going to be at?
Allen: Yeah, right now we’re looking at Christo going inside and playing inside and we’re looking at Crawford as a defensive end.

Q: In terms of Crawford’s leaping ability, he’s batted down a lot of passes at the line of scrimmage, maybe could be used for blocking kicks, is that the kind of thing you look at for something he could be used for?
Allen: Yeah, he’s big, athletic, runs really well. And he’s had some production, and so again we look for versatility in guys and we try to find roles for specific guys and I think as you look at him as we get a chance to work with him, I think we’re going to be able to define a pretty good role for him.

Q: Undrafted free agents?
McKenzie: That will be an on-going process. It’s going as we speak. We’ll wrap this up pretty soon. That process has started prior to us coming down. That thing goes for a while. We are hopeful that we get some good players that way too.

Q: Will this be an all-nighter?
McKenzie: Yes, absolutely.
Allen: Every night is an all-night thing.

Q: What’s the back and forth like with those UDFAs?
McKenzie: Let me tell you something. I’ve been at this for all these years. It’s ongoing until we have the signed document. It is a constant struggle because you have the recruiting part of it. It gets competitive, especially when you’re dealing with contracts, money, opportunity of course. Everybody gets into the recruiting aspect but we have the closer here next to me so we should be fine.

Q: How were you able to sign Hardy before draft?
McKenzie: Technically his draft year was in ’11, 2011. He was technically a street free agent at this point.


Steve Corkran

  • RaiderRockstar

    Reggie picked Jack Crawford at #158 over these guys in Round 5:

    Master Beeecham: Jonathan Massaquoi (Troy)
    Peaceacake: Jonathan Massaquoi (Troy)
    Devilr8er: Jonathan Massaquoi (Troy)
    DKnight007: Jonathan Massaquoi (Troy)
    NoLuv4Hoes: Jonathan Massaquoi (Troy)
    Raidah Flavah: Jonathan Massaquoi (Troy)
    The Realist Dirty Raccoon: Jonathan Massaquoi (Troy)
    PrideNDpoise: Darius Fleming (Notre Dame)

  • SR Raider

    Hopefully TP will develop, and Leinart can ride the bench at #3

  • I know Burris can start. I was right about Kirk, Chaz, and I’m going to be right again about Burris. The kid can play in the NFL.
    Criner ran a slow 40 and has some off the field issues, but the kid can play.
    I think the Rookie OL will compete with Cooper and Barnes.

  • RaiderRockstar

    Reggie picked Juron Criner at #168 and Christo Bilukidi at #189 over these guys in the top 230 picks:

    Mikep562: Markelle Martin (OSU)
    Exlaraiderseasonticketholder: Billy Winn (Boise State)
    Alex7: Kheeston Randall (Texas)
    Bank-Bank: Kheeston Randall (Texas)
    CDERaider: Kheeston Randall (Texas)
    Purvisman: Trevor Guyton (California)
    MEX_GHOST: Travis Lewis (Oklahoma)
    Raider94073: Alfonzo Dennard (Nebraska)
    Oldschoolraider: David Molk (Michigan)

  • Good Job Reggie. Not bad for your 1st draft as GM without a 1st and 2nd round picks.

  • RaiderRockstar

    Reggie picked Nathan Stupar at #230 over these guys in Round 7 or undrafted:

    SilverNBlackPA: Cam Johnson (Virginia)
    C2E: Manny Abreu (Rutgers)
    Marks Hair: Logan Harrell (Fresno State)
    Raider Guy: Adrien Cole (Louisiana Tech)
    Jon Becker: Cliff Harris (Oregon)
    Araiderso: Vontaze Burfict (Arizona State)
    Buckeyeraider: Vontaze Burfict (Arizona State)
    Chris in NY: Vontaze Burfict (Arizona State)
    Steve Corkran: Vontaze Burfict (Arizona State)
    Heartthrob Bob and the Juneberry Performers: Vaughn Meatoga (Hawaii)
    GG: Michael Brewster (Ohio State)
    Hellsbells: Michael Brewster (Ohio State)
    J R Myers: Michael Brewster (Ohio State)
    Raiders for life: Michael Brewster (Ohio State)
    Jhill: Sammy Brown (Houston U)
    Blackmamba_20: Sammy Brown (Houston U)

  • Good job RR. You should that every season.

  • RaiderRockstar

    Stinky Feet: Jack Crawford (Penn State)


    the only guy who picked a player at #95 that ended up a Raider and Reggie got him with pick # 158 instead. that in his opinion should be considered VALUE!!

    Congrats to Stinky Feet (whoever you are) !!!

  • Interesting that some of us were gunning for Brewster in Round 3, and he wasn’t even drafted.

  • aig-raiders

    RRS, I did not like the Crawford pick at all. However, Massaquoi is not impressing either. I think Cristo will be better than both Massaquoi and Crawford. Crawford did seem like he is quite disciplined to seal his corner.

  • I never thought Posey will get drafted before Brewster.
    Steelers had a good draft. The G from Stan, Adams from The OSU, Spence, and Ta’amu.

  • RaiderRockstar


    crazy to think about … the Raiders may have been able to get this in the draft

    Alameda Ta’amu (Washington) at #95
    Josh Chapman (Alabama) at #129
    Jonathan Massaquoi (Troy) at #158
    Markelle Martin (OSU) at #168
    Alfonzo Dennard (Nebraska) at #189
    Cam Johnson (Virginia) at #230

    defense fixed !!

    then get Michael Brewster (Ohio State) & Sammy Brown (Houston U) undrafted !!

  • Carl Weathers

    WAKE UP JER!!!!

  • DMAC

    Yeah I know its still early, but I’m just trying to spark up a little conversation.

    Which one of our drafted rookies will see the field most this up coming season?

  • Mr. Condo, there’s the door!

  • guest123


    I’d have taken Ta’amu, Kaddu, Massaquoi, Marv Jones & Cam Johnson with no trades and called it a day.

  • Carl Weathers

    Congrats to Stinky Feet (whoever you are) !!!

    Btw, I agree with O, good job with that list.

  • JT

    Watched some tape and my thinking is that this Christo Bilukidi is going to be a nasty player for us. Reminds me of the old raiders players in the 70’s that overpowered the other team offense.

    Same for Burris, this guy has heart and motor, alas Romanowski and Urlacher…

    I also like some of Regies FA undrafted guys, like Lucas Nix, and the Wisconsin safety, all players.

    We might be seeing the makings of a tough mother defense for our raiders….


    Gotta love a backer who loves stickin his facemask in there da way Burris does on his film

    But don’t have much film on him dropping back in coverage…

    but didn’t see Dennis Allen putting Von Miller in much coverage in the his scheme in Denver…


    I’m not sayin Burris is Von Miller maybe a poor man version…

    But I am instrested to see what he does as a RAIIIII DUHHH

    One Nation

    Unda God

  • Just Win Baby

    Of all the picks, I think Bergstrom has the best chance to start simply because he is tabbed as the prototypical ZBS lineman and he is not really buried in the depth department. Criner, on the other hand has quite a few guys to work his way up over and if he was that good I think he would have been selected sooner. I hope all these guys are studs, but I wouldn’t expect it to be the case right away.


    I wld love 2 see Christo in dat stand up nose from time to time in Allen’s and Tarver Dee on passing situations…

    Cld confuse da protection of the o-line

  • DMAC

    Did anyone roll the dice on Burfict?

  • Carl Weathers

    I’ll go with Bilukidi for most playing time just because he’s from my home town!

  • Bo Schembechler Jackson Says:
    April 30th, 2012 at 11:04 am
    Mr. Condo, there’s the door!


    Jon Condo’s a good long snapper. Can’t understand WHAT you have against the guy.

  • DMAC

    Christo and Burris are nasty pass rushers. Interesting to see how Burris plays the pass. Maybe he’ll just be used to rush the passer.

  • JT

    I hope Reggie finds another RB in the undrafted free agent list… I just dont trust McFadden for a whole season… Why didnt Reggie draft a RB…

    1173.DMAC Says:
    April 30th, 2012 at 11:12 am
    Did anyone roll the dice on Burfict?

    Bengals got him…

  • aig-raiders

    Here is the youtube of Luke Kuechly LB Boston U 9th overall to Panthers.
    you compare that to Miles Burris and you tell me who’s got a more exciting hilite tape. They were both rated first team all conference.

    Luke played in a big division while Miles played in a weaker division.

    Luke ran 4.58 40 vs Miles 4.68
    Luke 20 yd shuttle 4.12 vs Miles 4.20
    Luke 3 cone drill 6.92 vs Miles 6.81

    I’ll take Miles.

  • RaiderRockstar

    Bengals got Burfict? Really?


    how fitting ..

  • RaiderRockstar

    Jaguars got Ohio State center Mike Brewster

  • RaiderRockstar

    In addition to the Palmer trade, the Raiders also sent a pick in next year’s draft to Seattle in exchange for Aaron Curry, with that pick going in either the fourth or fifth round, depending on Curry’s playing time. For Raiders General Manager Reggie McKenzie, one of the first orders of business was making clear that there was going to be no more trading away of future draft picks. But he’ll have to wait another year before he can start to build up a draft pick surplus like the other team in the Bay Area. -PFT

  • DMAC

    Kellen Moore went undrafted.

  • RaiderRockstar

    Mary Paoletti of CSNNewEngland.com is reporting that the Patriots will re-sign veteran defensive tackle Gerard Warren.


    sorry Jhill!

  • DJ Johnny

    1178.aig-raiders Says:
    April 30th, 2012 at 12:09 pm
    Here is the youtube of Luke Kuechly LB Boston U 9th overall to Panthers.
    you compare that to Miles Burris and you tell me who’s got a more exciting hilite tape. They were both rated first team all conference.

    Luke played in a big division while Miles played in a weaker division.

    Luke ran 4.58 40 vs Miles 4.68
    Luke 20 yd shuttle 4.12 vs Miles 4.20
    Luke 3 cone drill 6.92 vs Miles 6.81

    I’ll take Miles.

    670 am in Chicago was talking up Keuchley(sp.) as if he were the second coming. “His range is incredible”. “He can do so many different things”. “Best linebacker prospect coming out in years”. etc. etc. etc.

    Alot of guys here are dissing him. Why? They think the Burris contingent here is overreacting with excitement.

    Well, sue me. I’m excited.

  • RaiderRockstar

    Panthers get OT Matt Reynolds (Brigham Young)


    RaiderRockstar Says:
    April 30th, 2012 at 12:12 pm
    Jaguars got Ohio State center Mike Brewster

    was hoping Reggie would get this guy .

  • RaiderRockstar

    me too, Mike

    no competition for Wiz II at center..

  • DMAC

    Wiz is a beast. He needs no competition, but he does need a back-up.

  • Carl Weathers

    Why was there so much talk about this Burfict dude if he went in the 7th round? Was he a Bruce Campbell or V. Ghouls ton?

  • RaiderRockstar

    I have a feeling Reggie is going to sign some players when we get to roster cutdowns … both times, then sign some dudes off other team’s practice squads

    there will be no “weak links” on the 53 man roster by Week 2 of the regular season

  • DJ Johnny

    I wonder how Keuchly does w/o all the dramatic music and slow motion video.

  • RaiderRockstar

    new post!!


    i agree DMAC.. guess we look in free agency and the wavier wire now.

  • Hardline

    AIG, #1178

    Of course Burris’ highlight reel is better than Luke’s. But that just may be differences in the camera work!

    Anyway, Burris is a monster. Hopefully he will develop into a Clay Mathews type of linebacker.

  • DKnight007

    # RaiderRockstar Says:
    April 30th, 2012 at 10:29 am

    Reggie picked Tony Bergstrom at #95 over these guys in Round 4:

    Deja vu: Nigel Bradham (Florida State)
    Sacraiderfan: Nigel Bradham (Florida State)
    408RAIDER: Nigel Bradham (Florida State)
    Suprafresh: Nigel Bradham (Florida State)
    The Oracle: Nigel Bradham (Florida State)
    PercEpTivE: Nigel Bradham (Florida State)
    Mcfadden20.: Nigel Bradham (Florida State)
    Raider J: Nigel Bradham (Florida State)
    Just Win Baby: Robert Turbin (Utah State)
    ELWAYs TEETH: Robert Turbin (Utah State)
    Kvnbntly: Robert Turbin (Utah State)
    R8eray: Alameda Ta’amu (Washington)
    Hwnrdr: Alameda Ta’amu (Washington)
    DMAC: Alameda Ta’amu (Washington)
    Thec: Alameda Ta’amu (Washington)
    No Lo: Alameda Ta’amu (Washington)
    Wasbanned: Alameda Ta’amu (Washington)
    ArmChair GM: Alameda Ta’amu (Washington)
    Plumbers Crack: Alameda Ta’amu (Washington)
    valleyflyin: Alameda Ta’amu (Washington)
    909RaiderLifer: Alameda Ta’amu (Washington)
    Raiderlization: Alameda Ta’amu (Washington)
    Papertiger418: Alameda Ta’amu (Washington)
    Raidertbone: Alameda Ta’amu (Washington)
    R8dercain: Alameda Ta’amu (Washington)
    Yo Raiders: Alameda Ta’amu (Washington)
    BigZ@CSM: Alameda Ta’amu (Washington)
    Horrordude0215: Alameda Ta’amu (Washington)
    1960AutumnWind: Alameda Ta’amu (Washington)
    Raidertalk: Alameda Ta’amu (Washington)
    Lowdown_in_Beijing: Alameda Ta’amu (Washington)
    Inonewordraider: Alameda Ta’amu (Washington)
    Jesusraiderjim: Alameda Ta’amu (Washington)
    Dakota: Ladarius Green (Louisiana-Lafayette)
    RaiderSam: Kyle Wilber (Wake Forest)
    Marley Bob: Orson Charles (Georgia)
    Raiderinparadise: Keenan Robinson (Texas)
    Sweep The Leg: James Johnson (Nevada)
    Tjbwall: Ronnell Lewis (Oklahoma U)
    765Raiders: Ronnell Lewis (Oklahoma U)
    Raiderboi18: Ronnell Lewis (Oklahoma U)
    # Raider O Says:
    April 30th, 2012 at 10:31 am

    Future starters. I don’t think we should give these kids anything, they have to earn it, but I think 3 of them will be future starters.
    # Just Win Baby Says:
    April 30th, 2012 at 10:32 am

    I wouldn’t speculate that any of them will even make it through pre season until I see them take a snap with pads on.
    # hwnrdr Says:
    April 30th, 2012 at 10:34 am

    Ok, what’s going on with this site???
    # RaiderRockstar Says:
    April 30th, 2012 at 10:38 am

    Reggie picked Miles Burris at #129 over these guys in Round 5:

    Twocents: Greg Childs (Arkansas)
    RaiderRockstar: Josh Chapman (Alabama)
    Carl Weathers: Josh Chapman (Alabama)
    R8ER MIKE: Josh Chapman (Alabama)
    CJ Legend 34: Josh Chapman (Alabama)
    RaiderDuck: Josh Chapman (Alabama)
    PlunkforHOF: Josh Chapman (Alabama)
    HairyBush: Josh Chapman (Alabama)
    John David Booty: Josh Chapman (Alabama)
    Raiderfankirk: Josh Chapman (Alabama)
    Big Mama Has It Goin On: Josh Chapman (Alabama)
    DonManoukiansNeighbor: Josh Chapman (Alabama)
    LakeNormanRaider: Josh Chapman (Alabama)
    RaiderLen: Josh Chapman (Alabama)
    Goldie7: Josh Chapman (Alabama)
    El Tato: Josh Chapman (Alabama)
    Xraided: Josh Chapman (Alabama)
    303Raider: Josh Chapman (Alabama)
    FreddieB: Josh Chapman (Alabama)
    Hendu: Josh Chapman (Alabama)
    Rellik30: Josh Chapman (Alabama)
    505raiders: Josh Chapman (Alabama)
    Breaking_Black: Josh Chapman (Alabama)
    Car Wash Dude: Josh Chapman (Alabama)
    Realtruraider: Josh Chapman (Alabama)
    Raiderfusion: Josh Chapman (Alabama)
    RaidaRay: Josh Chapman (Alabama)
    RaiderintheRockies: Josh Chapman (Alabama)
    raiderimmortal: Josh Chapman (Alabama)
    Raider2DaHeart: Josh Chapman (Alabama)
    Guy: Josh Chapman (Alabama)
    DEATHROW 55: Josh Chapman (Alabama)
    ENGLANDRAIDER: Josh Chapman (Alabama)
    Duct Tape: Josh Chapman (Alabama)
    HitManMorris: Josh Chapman (Alabama)
    CarolinaRaider: Josh Chapman (Alabama)
    Mcthompso: Josh Chapman (Alabama)
    Jabels1488: Josh Chapman (Alabama)
    Imaquaman: Josh Chapman (Alabama)
    Wolferaider: Josh Chapman (Alabama)
    Dr Ice 2012: Josh Chapman (Alabama)
    Try Some Reality: Josh Chapman (Alabama)
    860Todd Christensen: Josh Chapman (Alabama)
    VanHeathen: Josh Chapman (Alabama)
    Dan78: Josh Chapman (Alabama)
    RIPAL: Josh Chapman (Alabama)
    Greg: Josh Chapman (Alabama)
    Aig-Raiders: Josh Chapman (Alabama)
    8RaiderReign8: Josh Chapman (Alabama)
    DutchRaider77: Josh Chapman (Alabama)
    BewareofRaiders: Josh Chapman (Alabama)
    R8drinOK: Josh Chapman (Alabama)
    YoungAmerican: Josh Chapman (Alabama)
    Silverandblack666: Josh Chapman (Alabama)
    Fingers: Josh Chapman (Alabama)
    Paul Gutierrez: Josh Chapman (Alabama)
    Chuck: Malik Jackson (Tennessee)
    Five Gallon Oil Can: Malik Jackson (Tennessee)
    Scott Wright @ DraftCountdown.com: Taylor Thompson (SMU)
    Lefty12: Tank Carder (TCU)
    PurpleDrank81: Tank Carder (TCU)
    ArtilleryShell: Senio Kelemete (Washington)
    Gomer: Josh Kaddu (Oregon)
    Smokin Catfish: Josh Kaddu (Oregon)
    RaidersNextGM: Josh Kaddu (Oregon)
    Antispy3: Josh Kaddu (Oregon)
    Bunk Moorland: Josh Kaddu (Oregon)
    Raiderbuck: Shaun Prater (Iowa)

    This is where McK and the scouts and coaches, should know more and have more in depth information than us fans.

    Lets hope McK and Allen wind up being right and not us. Otherwise, it will just hurt the football team in the end.