An Al Davis tradition lives on _ Raiders in Napa


Here’s a sneak preview of some Sunday stuff for print which has already been posted on-line . . .

Raiders embark on first camp without Al Davis

Five questions for training camp

Training camp facts

Training camp roster/depth chart

Note: Neglected to post this earlier, but NFL Network reporting third-round pick Tony Bergstrom is locked up. You can expect the same for fifth-rounder Juron Criner, to be announced either Sunday or Monday.

For anyone who thought either wouldn’t be there for Day 1 . . . you worry too much.

The schedule for this weekend: players begin rolling in Saturday, they’ll be buried in meetings Sunday and the first practice (in pads) will be Monday morning. No “dress rehearsal” walk-throughs to get thing started. Thank goodness.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • CanuckRaider

    #99: Yes, we have a real NFL coaching staff now…Look for very good things this year.

  • Marks hair

    Health is my biggest concern. We are fragile & not very deep.

  • CanuckRaider

    Injuries are always the wild card and yes, our depth in a few areas leaves something to be desired but I think we’re going to see a major upgrade in intelligence and discipline on the field.

  • New post.

  • CanuckRaider

    We still might add a couple of vets as well.

  • Marks hair

    You need the proper personel to run a 3-4 and da is gonna find out real quick that kelly cant handle the nt. Not to mention our lack of lbs..

  • DJ Johnny

    67.Marks hair Says:
    July 28th, 2012 at 8:57 am
    Wow he took a 5-11 team all the way up to 8-8 in only 2 seasons!! Quick lets rehire the cable guy! What an amazing coach!

    I just said the guy was “decent”, not amazing. By “decent” i mean average and not horrible.

    We can do better and i think we have…but we won’t know for sure until we see how it all goes down.