First Raiders depth chart


Raiders coach Dennis Allen said the depth chart is an evolving concept, but there were no surprises when the first one was released Monday night for the press notes heading into the Dallas game Aug. 13:


WR Denarius Moore, Jacoby Ford, Rod Streater, Travionte Session, Duke Calhoun, DeAundre Muhammad

LT Jared Veldheer , Zach Hurd, Ed Wang

LG Cooper Carlisle, Tony Bergstrom, Nick Howell

C Stefen Wisniewski, Alex Parsons, Colin Miller

RG Mike Brisiel, Lucas Nix, Kevin Haslam

RT Khalif Barnes, Joe Barksdale, Dan Knapp

TE Brandon Myers, Richard Gordon, David Ausberry, Kyle Efaw, Tory Humphrey

WR Darrius Heyward-Bey, Eddie McGee, Juron Criner Derek Carrier, Brandon Carswell, Thomas Mayo

QB Carson Palmer, Matt Leinart, Terrelle Pryor, Kyle Newhall-Caballero

RB Darren McFadden, Taiwan Jones, Mike Goodson, Lonyae Miller

FB Marcel Reece, Owen Schmitt, Manase Tonga, Rashawn Jackson


RE Matt Shaughnessy, David Tollefson, Mason Brodine, Wayne Dorsey

DT Richard Seymour, Desmond Bryant, Christo Bilukidi

NT Tommy Kelly, Jamie Cumbie, Dominique Hamilton

LE Lamarr Houston, Jack Crawford, Hall Davis

WLB Miles Burris, Chad Kilgore, Mario Kurn

MLB Rolando McClain, Travis Goethel, Nathan Stupar

SLB Philip Wheeler, Carl Ihenacho, Kaelin Burnett

RCB Shawntae Spencer, DeMarcus Van Dyke Bryan McCann, Terrail Lambert

LCB Ron Bartell, Chimdi Chekwa, Pat Lee, Conroy Black

FS Michael Huff, Matt Giordano, Brandon Underwood, Chaz Powell

SS Tyvon Branch, Mike Mitchell, Curtis Taylor, Aaron Henry

Special teams

K Sebastian Janikowski, Eddy Carmona

H 2 Marquette King, Matt Leinart

LS Jon Condo

KR Jacoby Ford, Taiwan Jones, Bryan McCann, DeAundre Muhammad, Derek Carrier

PR Jacoby Ford, Denarius Moore, Bryan McCann, Juron Criner, DeAundre Muhammad

Active/Physically Unable to Perform: 51 Aaron Curry (LB)

Active/Non-Football Injury: 9 Shane Lechler (P)


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • mcfadden20.

    Gnite nation

  • Carl Weathers

    What happened to that TE Reggie signed that was a basketball star in college?

  • Just Fire Baby

    Hardy I believe was his name, and they cut him months ago.

  • guest123

    Hard time believing what I am seeing at starting RCB, Shawntae Spencer. After the reports we heard about DVD and comparatively little news from Spencer, I thought it was a given that DVD surpassed him on the depth chart, at least temporarily. While I think that’s only a matter of time, it makes it look like Spencer is one of Reggie’s scholly’s. I was hoping for more transparency from the new reggime.

  • Just Fire Baby

    I think this “depth” chart was created prior to camp, and they haven’t made any changes to it after a week of practice.

    After the first preseason game, you should see some shuffling.

  • Lots of interesting topics, a few comments:

    – FB role in the ZBS is different than other systems, they need to read the play like a Tailback, identify where the hole is developing and hit it just before the Tailback does, then just get in the way of the man coming up to make the tackle, they don’t need to pancake their man, just keep him from getting a clear shot, it’s more of a technical, positional blocking than brute, power isolated blocking.

    That’s why a 6’0 230 athletic FB like Justin Griffith was Knapp’s FB in Atl, Oak and Seattle (where he beat out a rookie named Owen Schmitt for the job) JG was not a punishing blocker and even looked like a Tailback, but he knew how to play in the system.

    Which leads me to believe that a non-traditional FB-HB like Marcel Reece can play there for us as long as he picks up the nuances of his role.

    Reece has already blocked for 2 top 10 rushing attacks in a power system not exactly suited for his skills, ZBS should come easier for him, if he can adapt.

    But there’s a role for Owen Schmitt too, short-yardage and goal-line situatons may require a little less ZBS and little more power and Schmitt can probably help there.

    Also Knapp should move Reece around a bit to take advantage of his receiving skills, who’s to say you can’t sometimes take the TE or a WR out and use a 3 RB formation where Reece splits out wide and McFadden-Schmitt stay in the backfield, instead of a two TE formation, we can have a two FB set.

    There should be a ton of ways to get our RB’s involved, Reece, Schmitt, McFadden and Goodson can all catch, it’s up to Knapp to figure out a way to confuse teams and as the season goes on, more packages and variations should be put in weekly so opponents can’t figure us out.

    By the way, Justin Griffith is on Knapp’s staff now as Quality Control Coach, I’m sure he can help out our FB’s as well.

    Botomm line, both Reece and Schmitt should help this season, there’s a role for each with Reece likely to see the bulk of playing time.

  • Just Fire Baby

    I just don’t think Reece’s heart is in it to block all the time.

    Sometimes he does fine, sometimes he runs right past a guy he should block.

    I think Reece should get more touches and do less blocking, as compared to last year. He needs more carries, IMO, he was very effective running the ball the last 2 years.

  • guest123

    Reece is a below avg blocker. And his role in 2 top ten rushing attacks had little to do with him.

    Still, like Griffith, he can use his speed and size to get in the way of oncoming tacklers and it would be just enough to spring McFadden thru to the secondary. It could happen, but I agree that Reece doesn’t look like he has his heart in blocking.

    Blocking isn’t so much an inate talent as it is something guys want to do and work hard at it. It’s a mindset and a process. Reece is a matchup nightmare out of the backfield, and that’s an important part of the offense in itself. Asking him to do something it takes long and hard dedication and selfless punishment of his body is maybe something he’s not ready to do. It requires a mindset that I think is more apparent in Owen Schmitt, a bruiser that looks to dole it out and takes it too.

  • Just Fire Baby Says:

    I just don’t think Reece’s heart is in it to block all the time.

    You’re probably right, I’m sure he’d like to get the ball more often because he makes plays when he has it, that’s why Schmitt should help, having a capable blocker like him should allow Knapp to lessen Reece’s blocking duties and find ways to get him more touches and take advantage of the match-up problems he creates.

    Sort of like a reward system, you block well when you have to and you’ll get the ball more often, I guess.

  • hwnrdr

    Good Morning Nation!!!

  • Just Fire Baby

    Reece HAS TO block though sometimes, just to keep defenses honest.

    You can’t just block with Schmitt and run FB screens to Reece, teams will pick up on that real quick.

    So Schmitt is going to have to run some screens, and Reece is going to have to seal the edge on some blocks, so that when we use them for what they should be doing, they are more effective at it.

  • guest123

    Reece’s optimal role is when he lines up in the backfield, and then splits out wide lined up over a LB. His size, speed, quicks, and vertical jump are impossible for most LB’s to cover one-on-one. It’s a nice toy to have and opens up the field and forces the defense to react to the mismatch, which opens up another part of the field.

  • guest123

    Hopefully Griffth can teach Reece the nuances of lead blocking by just getting in the way of the tackler and shedding him off the carrier. Griffith was no bruiser and he learned effectively how to block in the ZBS. Reece can pick up the “Griffith” lead blocking system and not be a liability blocking.

  • guest123 Says:

    Reece is a below avg blocker. And his role in 2 top ten rushing attacks had little to do with him.

    His blocking role will be different, he won’t be asked to take on LB’s head on every play, ZBS is definitely a better fit for his “blocking” skills, as well as his athleticism.

  • Take care Guest and JFB….I’m out early today, see you guys later tonight maybe.

  • guest123


    I agree. ZBS will utilize him rather than mask him. The offense becomes less predictable with Reece an active part of the blocking crew. I have hope he can improve that part of his game.

  • guest123

    later Marley

  • Well, the woman isn’t ready yet, what a surprise.

    Guess I’ll wait in here a few more minutes.

  • TxRaider210

    Good morning Nation! No real surprises on the depth chart, eh?

  • Old article on Justin Griffith joining Knapp in Seatlle back in 2009, both explain the role of the FB in the ZBS and specially in Knapp’s Offense

    “I’ve been fortunate and blessed to be a part of this offense most of my career. It doesn’t beat you up. There aren’t a lot of isolations, power blocking and all that kind of stuff. We’re a zone-scheming team. And I get to catch the ball, too.”

    In Knapp’s offense, the fullback must think like a tailback just to block the right defensive player.

    Instead of being assigned a specific player to block, the fullback must read the defense and react on the fly. It’s not an easy task.

    “It’s really important with our outside zone run game, where he is the lead guy,” Knapp said of the fullback.

    “We teach our fullbacks to read it like the halfback. There are certain indicators based on the run call that’s being made. He has to see it the same way we want the halfback to see it, so he’ll lead that halfback to the right hole.

    He is kind of that floating guy, where if the defense overflows, he can cut back and clean up the backside.

    “If they try to stunt inside, he makes that read and bounces it out and the running back follows him. So there’s a lot of burden on him in identifying what’s the correct path in the run game.”

  • RaiderRockstar

    Allen said he has a plan on how to help Kelly get over the hump, so to speak.
    “We’re going to try to do things to incentivize Tommy not to anticipate so much,” Allen said. “But Tommy’s done a good job. He’s working, he’s trying to do everything that we ask him to do, and we’re going to continue to work on that part of his game as well as the fundamentals and technique.
    “He’s a real talented player, and if he’ll just clean up a few things he’s got a chance to be one of the better interior linemen in the league.”



    “over the hump” was a Cable saying, Steve!

    Dennis Allen saying that Kelly has “got a chance to be” one of the better interior linemen in the league, tells me that he’s not quite there yet.

    Stupid penalties & getting mauled in the run game are the reasons ROG and I are so hard on TK, whom most of you are proclaiming to be a Top 5 DT in the NFL

  • RaiderRockstar

    Quote of the day: “Reggie Roby! Go get yourself a job. Just not here.” — defensive tackle Tommy Kelly to King, in reference to King punting well in the face of competing against perennial Pro Bowler Lechler


    Tommy Kelly is one funny guy though, lol !!

  • TxRaider210

    I have a feeling that highly paid guys, who get tons of penalties will get booted, regardless of potential.

  • RaiderRockstar

    Bartell was the Raiders’ most impressive cornerback in the offseason workouts. It’s not a stretch to envision him taking over for jettisoned veteran Stanford Routt as the No. 1 cornerback.


    I dont like our secondary. Manning & Rivers are going to torch us. WWHHHHAAAAA!!!

    sound familiar?

    calm down, fellas.

  • Now I’m out, later fellas.

  • TxRaider210


    LOL I think there’s a few Dungver/Dolts fans who troll this site acting like they’re Nation. We all know who they are, since they only point out bad and never good.

  • Charlie

    The article yesterday and this depth chart makes my point about our DlINE. We have extremely poor value in Kelly and Seymour. We really do not have a starting DT tackle tandem. We will need to rotate four and hope for the best. Seymour is limping again. Kelly has to be coached not to jump offside. For the money they are getting paid-RIDICULOUS!

    We may need to shift Tollefson into the DT rotation and hope somebody like Crawford can step up in the DE rotation. We may also look for a late camp cut from another team at DT.

    Our number one pick next year will be a DT. Scheme is no substitute for Dline talent. The wrong scheme at the wrong time gets Lamarr Houston trying to cover Dmac. Good D starts on the line and specifically DT.

  • TxRaider210

    Later Bob

  • RaiderRockstar

    Raiders coach Dennis Allen said Burris still has a ways to go before he develops into a consistent player and someone that the Raiders can depend upon on an every-down basis.
    “He’s been up and down,” Allen said. “He plays really hard, he’s an energetic guy, he understands football but yet, at the same time, we’ve thrown a lot of things at him. He’s still got to continue to improve to get better. He’s going to be a good player. We just got to work through some of the consistency issues.”
    Burris isn’t alone, of course, in struggling to grasp everything thrown at them so early in their NFL careers. It’s all part of the learning process, Allen said.
    “It won’t be this year,” Allen said, when asked how long it takes a player to grasp everything necessary. “As far as having everything, no, it takes awhile. This is a complex game, and we throw a lot of things at them. What you’re looking for is, every day you wan to see them improve a little bit.


    Dennis Allen talks about Miles Burris the same way he talks about Terrelle Pryor!!

    yet most of you Raider fans compare Burris to Brian Urlacher & Pryor to Akili Smith, why is that?

  • TxRaider210


    Burris is a natural for the game and has amazing instincts. I’d bet he outplays 55 and Wheeler in the Dallas game, Dennis just knows he can eventually be great.imo

  • TxRaider210

    All I mean regarding Burris, is that I think DA set the bar higher for him, knowing his possible potential.

  • RaiderRockstar

    I thought people in here already put Kelly in as one of the “better interior linemen in the league”….guess coach thinks Kelly isn’t quite there yet huh?


    seems Dakota agrees with me on this

  • TxRaider210


    I think TK is decent, but if he doesn’t perform huge this year, replace the guy.

  • RaiderRockstar

    “He’s kind of worked himself into the No. 1 guy,” Raiders coach Dennis Allen said

    Allen said he has been impressed with Myers’ play through the first week-plus of training camp.
    “He’s done a nice job of trying to be consistent,” Allen said. “From a receiving standpoint, that’s probably where he’s a little bit more advanced as far as knowing what to do and where to be. We have to continue to work with him on the physical part of the game and the run blocking.



    feel better now?

  • RaiderRockstar

    Myers, Ausberry & Gordon = Daniels, Dreessen & Casey !!

    Those 3 guys had a combined 100 catches, 1290 yards & 10 TD’s for the Texans last year 🙂

  • RaiderRockstar

    Heyward-Bey is starting the preseason game against Dallas?

    fire Reggie!
    fire Dennis!
    fire Greg!


  • guest123

    RRS, lol at Houston TE compares. Nice try though!

  • RaiderRockstar

    so the Seahawks already had WR’s Doug Baldwin, Deon Butler, Benjamin Obomanu, Sidney Rice & Golden Tate

    then go out and sign Braylon Edwards & Terrell Owens?

    they had Zach Miller & Cameron Morrah at TE, then make a trade for Kellen Winslow?

    Matt Flynn definately has some players to throw to!!

    Unfortunately for him, Tom Cable’s OL was trash last year and didn’t make any wholesale changes. Plus Marshawn Lynch is facing a suspension

  • RaiderRockstar

    new post

  • RaiderSmiley

    Where is Denarius Moore????? On the WR depth chart?

  • Derek

    Sopme guys are REALLY stupid. Marcell Reece was a pro bowl alternate last season, while Schmidt was cut after last season. Schmidt is a slow footed, stone hands back-up and nothing more. The argument is ridiculous. Teams have to game plan for Reece, while Schmidt would NEVER be a factor in anyones game planning.


    Damn this RAIDER fan IS FUNNY AS HELL. He’s even reaching out to the NATION and creating a contest for a ticket giveaway.
    Must Watch ~~~> http://youtu.be/GwTQCxKc-9Y