Curry heads to L.A. for second opinion


Chipping in with some news and notes while subbing for Steve Corkran tonight . . .

— It’s looking as if rookie linebacker Miles Burris could find himself the Week 1 starter based on the lack of progress linebacker Aaron Curry is making with his sore knees.

Curry wasn’t at practice Friday, heading to Los Angeles for a second opinion, according to coach Dennis Allen. Curry sent out a cryptic tweet Thursday thanking Allen and general manager Reggie McKenzie, causing the cyberspace rumor mill to speculate that perhaps he had retired or been cut.

Not yet.

“He’ll go down and we’ll let him get basically a second opinion and see if we can’t do something to get him better,’’ Allen said.

Burris intercepted a Matt Leinart pass Friday.

Given that Curry already underwent stem-cell therapy on his knees, as told to CSN-Bay Area, things aren’t headed in the right direction as he remains on the Physically Unable to Perform list.

— Running back Mike Goodson was a practice spectator as he recovers from a neck injury sustained Sunday.

“Right now it’s just a little soreness left in my neck, kind of like having a crick in your neck when you wake up in the morning,’’ Goodson said. “A little more intense than that, but that’s pretty much it.’’

— There are no plans to tell the media or even players about how playing time will be parceled out Monday night.

“I think a lot of times when you tell ‘em, `Hey you’re going to play one quarter, you’re going to play 10 snaps, whatever the case may be, there’s a little bit of a mental letdown and I don’t want that,’’ Allen said.

— Backup place kicker Eddy Carmona struck the left upright three times and the right upright once in a span of five kicks, drawing howls from the players on the sideline on the last one.

— Defensive tackle Richard Seymour missed his fourth straight practice, although Allen said he isn’t overly concerned because of Seymour’s stature and knowledge of his own body. Also out was safety Tyvon Branch with back spasms. He was replaced by Mike Mitchell, who had an interception of a deflected Carson Palmer pass.

Mitchell also got tangled up with tight end Brandon Myers, who left the field with a shoulder injury, then departed with a member of the medical staff for further evavluation. The hamstring triplets (Denarius Moore, Eddie McGee, Taiwan Jones) remained out, as did Jack Crawford (foot). Tackle Zach Hurd left with a blow to the head, and Darrius Heyward-Bey with a sore knee.

Allen seemed most concerned about the Myers situation.

— Mitchell remains pain free and outwardly confident in his own ability, while at the same time believing he has to prove himself to make the team. His reputation for being a little over-enthusiastic has been duly noted by offensive assistants, coordinator Greg Knapp in particular.

Mitchell said Knapp is on him when he gets anywhere near the quarterback, reminding him it’s hands off.

Such will not be the case against Dallas Monday night.

“They’re going to let the chains off Monday night,’’ Mitchell said. “I can’t wait because no one is going to be telling me to do this, that and the other. The chains are off and I can just get to go play ball.’’

— With Goodson and Jones out, Darren McFadden probably took more snaps than the Raiders would like and as is usually the case in training camp, looked spectacular.

Training camp is made for McFadden. He can’t be tackled low because he’s the Raiders’ meal ticket, and there is no tackling to the ground or drive-through tackles, so basically he can just run everyone over.

Marcel Reece took got some work as running back out of a single back set and so did fullback Rashawn Jackson. The guy who will probably get the bulk of the work is Lonyae Miller, who played four games for the Cowboys in 2010 and spent last year on the Dallas practice squad before being cut and signed to the Raiders’ practice squad Dec. 7.

Cornerback Shawntae Spencer continues to really after a difficult start to camp, breaking up a long Palmer pass intended for Jacoby Ford and staying with him stride for stride.

— Philip Wheeler continues to be the most explosive player among the linebackers, knifing into the backfield to stop Miller for a loss.

— Personnel guru Gil Brandt was at the facility taping some interviews for Sirius NFL radio and couldn’t help but think about how different the atmosphere was without Al Davis.

“Al was an amazing person. He understood everything and he saw everything. You’’d come out here and he’d be out there in his cart, calling a player over give them pointers,” Brandt said. `It’s strange without him, but time moves on.

Brandt said Allen has an excellent reptuation throughout the league and said “the Saints were sick about it when they lost him to Denver as defensive coordinator. He looks like he’s got this team very well organized.”

— The Raiders said they would have word Saturday on whether the Monday night game agiansat Dallas would be televised live in the Bay Area or on tape delay. In past years, preseason games have typically been delayed.

The Raiders are back at it Saturday morning at 8:50 a.m.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • realtruraider

    Interesting, from yesterdays report I just figured the league gave us some kind of break

  • TxRaider210

    Gonna stop myself from ordering a jersey until the guy is healthy game one.lol

  • Raider D

    me 2 tx!

  • PlunkforHOF

    I know what you mean fellas, got a Moore jersey this year and now he’s all hammied up.

  • Raider D

    Who the guy on this blog who’s the jinkx it seems every year he buysa jersey that playa becomes a bust lol

  • Ravenaider Says:
    August 11th, 2012 at 12:48 pm
    Sirius Radio is broadcasting live from Napa today.All RAIDERS coverage until 4pm PST
    Thx Dude.

  • TxRaider210


    I posted a link a bit earlier of a sweet, brand new off the line, Condo jersey!

  • ravenaider

    No problem Raider O….just lookin’ out for the Nation!

  • PlunkforHOF

    TxRaider210 Says:
    August 11th, 2012 at 1:21 pm

    I posted a link a bit earlier of a sweet, brand new off the line, Condo jersey!


    I saw that.. Its what BSJ wants for Christmas!

  • TxRaider210


    How can they have a Condo and no Burris yet? I think they’re tryin’ to work us over.

  • Marks hair

    Sirius loves wiz2..

  • “Who the guy on this blog who’s the jinkx it seems every year he buysa jersey that playa becomes a bust lol”

    That would be RaiderDebo he is still defending his JaMarcus Russell jersey purchase.

  • Marks hair

    Sirius is fluffing us up right now.. No idea whos talking though…


    Wuzzzzammmm Nation

  • Marks hair

    Now they’re talking about dhb knowing the game & fords trick plays

  • Marks hair

    They like moore & streater too.. Hmm saying criner is or will be a big steve smith.


    Just Fire Baby Says:
    August 11th, 2012 at 11:06 am

    I agree that he is an athletic beast, but at what point in time does an organization try to do something with that athleticism besides hold a clipboard?

    Because Dennis Allen may not have 3-4 years to wait. He goes 6-10 this season, he will be on the hot seat NEXT YEAR, and looking for any type of way to get elite athletes on the field.

    The business side of football does not allow for guys to wait 3-4 years AT ANY POSITION, except in some EXTREMELY RARE cases.
    Have to remember, we’re not talking about a 1st rd pick that’s pulling down millions.

    In THAT case, the pressure to get TP on the field would be much greater.

    If CP can stay upright and performs well, there should be very little pressure to get TP out there.

    If CP struggles and the Raids look like a 6 win team, then the pressure to see if TP can be the answer at QB (or help the Raids at another position) increases rapidly.

    I’ve repeatedly stated that the importance of determining whether TP has a future at QB can not be stessed enough. It’s of paramount importance. Time should not be wasted on Matt Lice.

    I really can’t wait to see TP play the next few games.

    At this point I expect to see a guy that projects to being able to win a few games with just his legs and an occasional deep strike.

    I don’t expect to see a very good or consistent intermediate type passing game from him yet. At the end of the day, a determination of whether TP can ever provide THAT type of passing attack has to be made and that will determine his ultimate future.

    Developing TP is a tricky proposition. You don’t want to rush him, but you also don’t want to ‘baby’ him. You want to use his mobility, but you also want to get an idea if he can succeed within the pocket.

    IMO, the Raids will be LUCKY to get 3 or 4 years out of CP. This is a guy that will walk away from the game if he feels his performance isn’t what it should be, suffers a significant injury, or if he isn’t convinced the Raids can be winners.

    If there is little hope that TP can eventually be the man, the Raids are probably going to have to look at using a high draft pick to get a QB. Might even happen in the 2013 draft.

  • xraided

    its just a wait and see thing with TP … he will be leaving the pocket quite often Monday night in the 3rd and 4th quarters of games … i’ll see what he can do on the run… as he’s shown a strong, accurate arm when throwing on the move.

    i’m more worried about our offense. i’m willing to wait for them because it’s preseason, but they just cannot shake the injury bug.

    our lack of a TE(esp now that MYERS is down) might kill us in the end if(WHEN) DMC and Moore go down for the season.

    here’s hopin they dont, because our QB and this Raider beastmode offense needs them to succeed.

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