Seymour no fan of replacement refs


Raiders defensive tackle Richard Seymour told USA Today reporter Jarrett Bell he feels the integrity of the game is at stake with replacement officials.

“You never know who they know and who they’re connected to. And who are their favorite teams,” Seymour said. “To just say we’ve got some new guys coming in, who knows? They might admire Peyton Manning.”

Raiders coach Dennis Allen hasn’t gotten involved in the replacement refs discussing, calling it a league matter and keeping his focus on preparing his team.

Replacement officials were in Napa over the weekend and met with players to go over rule changes and points of emphasis.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • AARPRaider

    Where the hell is everybody? Took me five years to get the balls up to come in here and finally blog. After reading about all the cat fighting and drama queens how hard can it be. All I know is the Raiders better wipe the cowboys balls clean if they can hope to get into the post season.

    And preseason does mean alot. Anybody who didn’t sweat the season after watching last years pre season doesnt know a damn thing about football. After the Seattle pre season game last year I knew the defense was doomed. Anybody and their grandmother could see that we sucked, plain and simple, and was quite evident through out the season.

  • Plunketthead


  • AARPRaider

    The second and third teams Monday night will prove what kind of depth this team will have. Anybody with any kind of a brain knows you got to be deep off the bench. Bench guys are nothing more than scrubs if they cant come in and get it done. We had a lot of scrubs on the team last year. With any luck, this new and improved coaching staff can root out the scrubs and put together a team of players.

    We’ll be deep at WR and QB, but hopefully it goes beyond that. The CB position worries the crap out of me. If teams see how weak we are at the corners, they’ll eat the nutsack right out of this team.

  • AARPRaider

    Fck this sh*t, I’m outta here.

  • KK Chick Fil A,
    Seymour & Kelly would be the first ones to tell
    you stopping the run was priority #1.

    You dumb MF’kr.

  • Raiders for life

    Has Debo ever reponded as to why JaDoofus has not caught on with another team yet?


    Naw, she won’t admit that she slept with him. Ruined the dudes career. Poor JR had to start drinkin the syrup to forget about it.

  • DJ Johnny


    Welcome aboard.

    I agree with you that what we saw in preseason last yr. came true in reg. season.

    Preseason showed we had:

    -Issues with stopping the run
    -A decent offense
    -Poor kick coverage
    -Penalty issues
    -Couldn’t stop the run
    -Poor depth; as evidenced by how we’d get blasted in the 2nd half of games.

  • DJ Johnny

    …i mentioned stopping the run twice. That’s how bad it was.

  • joker94583

    DA should weigh in that way when the real refs come back they will know which head coaches had their backs and which ones didn’t. Which way do you think a close call would go?