Bay Area News Group exclusive: Gruden Q&A


Got a chance to spend some time with Jon Gruden Saturday, his first visit to a Raiders training camp since he last coached the organization in 2001.

Gruden is in town as the analyst for ESPN’s Monday Night Football broadcast of the Cowboys-Raiders game.

It was a Gruden reunion of sorts on the field. The only players left who remain from the Gruden years (1998 through 2001) are place kicker Sebastian Janikowski and punter Shane Lechler. But many in the organization remain in different capacities, and just about everyone made it over to Gruden for a warm greeting.

Chaplain Napoleon Kaufman made his way over for a hug, and after he and Gruden talked about their families, Gruden reminded him, “I think the last time we talked you were sitting in my office and I was asking you, “You’re not really going to retire, are you?”

After watching practice and participating in production meetings with the coaching staff and selected players, Gruden took some time to talk about coming back to Napa, his thoughts on going to the Coliseum for the first time since 2004, his impressions of the new Raiders regime and the loss of Al Davis, and whether he will coach again.

A link to the Bay Area News Group interview is here, with a condensed version containing excerpts to run in Sunday’s BANG newspapers.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • DJ Johnny

    You guys ever kill a wasp with one of those tennis racketblooking bug zappers?

    It borders on disturbing.

  • PurpleDrank81

    Yup Schilens Injured his ankle in the Jets Game

  • alex7

    Raider O

    Hollas was 8-8 with Gruden that year. Did you hear from him before or after? Nope.

    Brad Johnson – Super Bowl, Pro Bowl.
    Rich Gannon – Pro Bowls.
    Brian Griese – good stats, playoffs.
    Jeff Garcia – good stats, playoffs.
    Hollas – best year.

    QB guru. By definition, bud. Best years all with Gruden.

  • alex7

    He did develop Chris Simms.

    In 2005, Simms completed 61% of his throws, 10-7 TD to INT ratio, and the Bucs made the playoffs. Simms first full season.

    Pretty good for a first full season.

    Gruden only had 1 more year after that with TB.

    He didn’t have time to develop Tui in Oakland.
    Drafted in 2001, Gruden left by 2002.

  • xraided

    DJ Johnny Says:
    August 12th, 2012 at 10:24 am
    You guys ever kill a wasp with one of those tennis racketblooking bug zappers?

    It borders on disturbing.


    LMAO! some guy came in my work Friday trying to hustle those things. i figured i’d shock myself more with it than an actual bug.

  • xraided

    GLAZ SHILENS INJURED? no freakin way

  • Hollas was 8-8 with Gruden that year.
    No my friend. The raiders were 8-8 with gruden. Hollas completed 50% of his passes and threw 16 INTs with only TDs. He was a liability and not an asset.

  • Only 10 TDs.

  • alex7

    To be fair, we didn’t let Murhpy go. We traded him, which is different.

    With the number of targets already planned for DMac, Moore, DHB, Ford, Reece, Goodson/Jones, and the TEs being featured in our OC’s offense,

    Murphy was a luxury when our younger WRs started shining.

  • Garcia and Griese had good stats with the 49ers and broncos. Both if them went to the POs with their teams before they played for Gruden, so you can’t give him credit for that.

  • alex7

    lol O. I see logic isn’t your thing, so I’ll drop it.

    By definition, a QB guru us a guy who gets more out of QBs than other coaches.

    Gruden resurrected or got career-highs out of Brad, Gannon, Griese, Simms, and post-49er Garcia.

    All of them had other coaches at other times, and didn’t succeed as much as when with Gruden.

  • alex7

    see how you ignore or can’t read the “post-49er” part of Garcia? Just drop it.

    I’m sure ESPN just drew a name out of a hat when they gave Gruden the QB show.

  • DJ Johnny


    I don’t know what brand your guy was selling, but they DO work.

    If mosquitos are around (u guys don’t have those out in Cali. do you?) then u wave it around and “zzzzzzzz” the bugs die a horrible death…electrocution style.

    But when a big wasp or bee gets into it…..ha… it’s almost disconcerting.

  • Logic?!
    A QB Guru is a guy who can develop QBs. Gruden took vet QBs (already developed), and he made them better (B Johnson and Gannon). He is a good coach, but that doesn’t make him a QB guru.

  • MR,

    We know you love Gruden.

  • Marks hair

    lucks first pass is a touchdown

  • DJ Johnny

    I liked Gruden. I have absolutely no problem with him except for him searching for a gig while he was still entrenched as Raider HC.


    Pretty good.

    He did irritate me with his exuberant, over the top fist pumping at the SB, but i guess what do you expect?…he’s winning the Super Bowl.

  • Reading your entire post is a waste of my time. I already wasted enough time on you today. Have a good day MR.

  • Just Fire Baby

    I am not the greatest Gruden guy, but Don Hollas blows azz, so getting 10 and 16 out of him is pretty good in my eyes.

  • Knapp got production out of Jabustus, so he must be a guru too.

  • I hope Manning doesn’t have a great season or MR is going to start calling Fox a QB guru.

  • Getting 50%, 10 TDs, and 16 INTs is pretty good?

  • Raiders for life

    Cork describing Pryors passes as “airmail and lazers”
    Sounds like he’s having a good day.

  • Dave Tollefson just asked if I have work to do. Yes, next on my to-do list is telling the big lug to kick rocks. He wants none of this bully

    Corky is funny.

  • DJ Johnny

    Ironic that it was Jamarcus Russell who led the Raiders to that last game of the season win against Gruden to knock him out of the playoffs…and end his career with Tampa.

  • PurpleDrank81

    Andrew Luck’s 1st pass goes for 63 yards and a TD

  • DJ Johnny

    To me Gruden represents a very positive period of time for the Raiders…

    When he was here, Raiders were a force.

    Hard for me to perceive him in negative light.

  • DJ Johnny

    …except for that small matter of him beating us in the SB.

  • TP is having a great day.
    Go Buckeyes!

  • Marks hair

    250. Exactly. How many 21-23yr olds do we need? We could have traded him after the 3rd game if we didnt need him..

  • RaiderRetribution

    I thought Tollefson and Cochran were friends, now we know they’re related.

  • DJ Johnny

    Luck just threw one away…Still in the game into the 2nd. He follows it up with two nice completions and 3rd down conversion.

    He looks pretty good.

  • Colts are luck(y) bastards.
    Manning and now Luck.
    Luck has 2 TDs.

  • DJ Johnny

    ..then Luck throws another TD.

    What a debut.

  • RaiderRetribution

    Trade prediction:

    Raiders trade either Parsons or C. Miller (back up centers) to Dallas after exhibition game.

  • xraided

    trading Parsons would be disastrous! he’s backing up C and G this year… we need that man!

  • Marks hair

    Luck was a pretty easy decision…

  • xraided

    Luck is beast right now … although it is the RAMRODS

  • Raiders for life

    Steve Corkran ‏@CorkOnTheNFL
    Mario Kurn and Duke Calhoun suffered torn ACLs Saturday. They will need surgery and are out for the season, coach Allen said.

  • Xraided Says:
    August 12th, 2012 at 11:41 am
    Luck is beast right now … although it is the RAMRODS

    Team Ramrod?!

  • Raiders For Life Says:
    August 12th, 2012 at 11:45 am
    Steve Corkran ‏@CorkOnTheNFL
    Mario Kurn and Duke Calhoun suffered torn ACLs Saturday. They will need surgery and are out for the season, coach Allen said.


    Crud. Although Kurn was certainly no lock. Check out some of the training camp photos of the LB group. See that small defensive back wearing #47? That’s Kurn.

  • Oops! I meant #49. Observation still holds.

  • Marks hair

    Team ramrod

  • qodrn1

    Raider Prediction Board

    Dedicated to the memory of Al Davis
    and Sections 104, 224 and 316.

    qodrn: Raiders 100 Dallas 0
    DJ Johnny: A bunch of mini Al Davis’s 160-Cowpokes 1
    hendu: Just Win,Baby w/zero major injuries
    Raidertbone: Raiders – 10 Cowboys – 3 (end of the 1st quarter score; that’s all that matters, anyway)
    Plunketthead: Raiders 43 Cowboys
    PlunkforHOF: Raiders 24 Bovine Toddlers 9
    raidertalk: Raiders 6 Cowboys 3 – first quarter