Report: Benson said Raiders tried to sign him


Veteran running back Cedric Benson told FoxSportsWisconsin.com he signed with the Green Bay Packers for a chance to win the Super Bowl and that the Raiders and Detroit Lions had also made offers.

“Both teams needed backs,’’ Benson said.

The Raiders’ interest, never confirmed by team officials, had been speculated for months and made sense of late given injuries to running backs Taiwan Jones (hamstring) and Mike Goodson (neck).

With Jones and and Goodson inactive in the preseason opener against Dallas, Lonyae Miller replaced starter Darren McFadden after three plays and gained 39 yards on 15 carries with a long run of seven yards.

Rashawn Jackson, listed as a fullback, came on late and carried three times for eight yards.

The early stages of the new regime with Reggie McKenzie as general manager and Dennis Allen have seemed to indicate a preference for developing young talent rather than veteran players with high miles.

Benson, 29, has gained more than 1,000 yards in each of the last three seasons for the Cincinnati Bengals but in the last two years has averaged under 4 yards per carry, gaining 3.9 yards per attempt last season and 3.5 in 2010.

With James Starks sidelined indefinitely with turf toe, Benson could evolve as Green Bay’s primary back.

That was unlikely to happen in Oakland, where McFadden looked healthy and explosive in the preseason opener with two rushes for 20 yards and gaining 18 yards on a screen pass on the first three plays from scrimmage.

Jones is listed as day-to-day with his hamstring strain and Goodson, who taken to the hospital last week with a neck injury, has no structural damage and is expected to return before the end of preseason.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Chris in NY

    Regarding last night’s game …

    – Darren McFadden looks awesome. Best back in the league and best player on this team, hands down.

    – The Run D. I think a new scheme and better defensive coaching is mostly what is needed to fix our run D. I think we’ll have that this year and teams are going to have a tough time against our very powerful front-4.

    – Rod Streater. Based on camp reports and his performance last night, kid has already earned a roster spot. How many undrafted rookies can you say that about after the first exhibition game?

    – Mike Mitchell. I’ve been a Mitchell defender since Al made the pick. Reports are he’s been impressive this camp and last night I saw consistent glimpses of the guy from the YouTube highlight reel. It’s not really the gift interception Orton threw him. He also decked Stephen McGee on a blitz, btw. It was really just the overall speed, aggressiveness and decisiveness with which he played the game. He really jumped off the screen to me during his time on the field. He was clearly the best player on the field while he was in the game.

    – Terrelle Pryor’s athleticism. Kid just has an impressive size, speed and instinctual elusiveness. If QB doesn’t work out for him, I think he’s a realistic and potentially great WR/TE prospect. I think the Raiders should consider using him this season like the Steelers used Kordell “Slash” Stewart his first few seasons in the league.

    – Escaped with no major injuries. Knock on wood.

    THE BAD:
    – Jacoby Ford had a rough night. It’s well documented. But it’s one preseason game and Ford has shown me plenty of ability in his young pro career. I’m honestly not at all worried about it. A bad preseason game … who really cares.

    – WR depth. I’m really second-guessing the decision to trade Louis Murphy right now. Guy was the best WR on the team for two years before injury derailed him in 2011. If he were here I’d have no reservations about him if he had to fill in as a starter. Definitely a better option than Criner, IMO, and better-suited than Ford to fill in for Moore on the outside if needed. Hopefully Eddie McGee can come back soon and show us something.

    – The offense scoring ZERO points. Not going to go crazy here. It’s one preseason game in which the starters played a couple of series. But I was not a big fan of the Knapp hiring. As I have posted many, many times, I felt the firing of Hue Jackson was a mistake and that we would miss his abilities as an offensive coach and playcaller. I really felt we should’ve kept Hue and hired a quality DC because the bottom-ranked D is really what kept us out of the playoffs last year. For the most part I like what Dennis Allen is doing, but it does concern me that we scored ZERO points in our first game without Hue and looked pretty discombobulated at times. Not a big deal, but bears watching.

    – Lonyae Miller. I was really disappointed. Liked Miller’s game alot at Fresno but he just looked slow and lackluster last night.

    – Our edge pass rush. I think we may miss Wimbley more than people realize this season. We’ve got a bunch of big, strong, powerful dudes on our d-line, but probably no good speed pass-rush guy on the edge. Wimbley didn’t rack up a ton of sacks, but he was very good at applying quick pressure off the edge that broke the QBs concentration and/or forced him into the surge of our DTs up the middle. A major hole on this roster right now.

    – The dirt infield running across the Raiders field. It’s really a disgrace and embarrassment that the Raiders are still playing on that surface. Forget the aesthetic awfulness of it, but to expect players to run back and forth between two different playing surfaces and make quick, decisive cuts is a joke. It’s a real injury risk and makes players tentative. It’s something DA needs to take into account when alotting playing time in our 3rd exhibition game at home, which is normally when you play starter’s the longest. But I’d rather come out of that game healthy than worry about a few extra preseason series. Can’t stand that field.

  • Raider E

    Mistic1 Tha Supavillain Says:
    August 14th, 2012 at 3:40 pm
    If we can all admit that palmer was up & down in his career with cincy it would be honest.

    If we can all admit that 16 picks in 9 starts is horrific, it would also be honest.

    cant we admit that palmer has a lot to prove, and has to show he isnt as washed up as he looked last year and in last nights game?

    lots of qbs have had a break out season or 2 only to crash back to earth.

    Stan humphries, don majkowski, neal oddonnel, kerry collins, matt hasselbeck, matt cassel, and the list could go on forever.

    It may be time to realize that palmers probowl form was an anomaly, has he hasnt resembled anything near that 06 form in recent times, including last night


    The Snake had a ton of picks too dude. Palmer plays the QB position with the same kinda swagger. He is gonna beat you deep with his arm.

  • alex7

    rebuild mode means get rid of your good veterans and give the job to worse players?

    Nobody does that.

    There is no such thing as “full rebuild” mode in the NFL. Well, except for the Bucs trying it last year (all young players) and being TERRIBLE.

    Teams are constantly, year by year, rebuilding, shuffling, trying to get better. Some teams just do a better job at it than others.

  • alex7

    Umm, Kerry Collins and Hasselbeck were legit NFL starters for close to a decade. Not exactly one or two-year wonders.

    Palmer has put together 6 legit seasons. Last year was an aberration that would be a statistical outlier and thrown out by rational minds.

    Yet even last year he ripped half his opponents for 300+ yards with multiple TDs, showing he still has the talent.

  • HayesDaze37


    New post…

  • Carl Weathers

    Nice post Chris in NY. The trade of Myrphy for Goodson was/is still a good trade to add depth at a position that we have “zero depth” behind injury prone DMC.

  • @ Mystic1
    (R. Lee Ermey voice)


    Soup is in CHI- CAGO… If you still love him that much, move THERE….

  • DJ Johnny

    635.Bob Marley Says:
    August 14th, 2012 at 3:22 pm
    Mistic is just messing with you people.

    Calm down.

    You’re right. I was just responding to being called racist trash.

    Does anybody know me, or what skin color I am? I could be a person of any color or a mix of different ones as far as anyone knows.

    I have to question the motivation behind the over the top promotion of guys like Russell, JC and now Pryor as these ultra talented QB’s.

    I WISH Russell had been a great QB for us. He had my unbridled support. I liked him coming out of LSU. I also thought JC was good for us.

    I’m so racist I bought a Cliff Branch “heritage” jersey.

    I don’t have issue with ANY race, creed, or color. Except polkadot people. They just scare me.

  • DJ Johnny

    623.Mistic1 Tha Supavillain Says:
    August 14th, 2012 at 3:07 pm
    For the love of god can we stop maiing excuses for palmers picks already?!?!?

    If it was a perfect pass it would have landed in fords hands, it was an errant throw and a poor read and as a result it was picked.

    Just admit it and move on

    Jamarcus Russell was a lazy pos and the biggest bust in NFL history and that can’t be blamed on Al Davis or anyone but himself.

    Jason Campbell is an NFL backup who is fighting for the # 2 spot with Josh McCown and is considered by at least 90 % of the sports viewing public to be an average at best QB.

    Just admit that and move on.