End 1st qtr: Seahawks 3, Raiders 0

Raiders have already benched most of their starters after one series, save for linebacker Miles Burris.

The bad news? Roscoe Parrish’s first punt return resulted in a lost fumble and a 25-yard Steven Hauschka field goal for the only points of the quarter.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • ghosttothepost

    how about looking for the ball, mitchell

  • Twinkle

    The missile!!!
    That’s a Raider play.

  • Dhidee99

    Agreed! #251

  • ghosttothepost

    seattle playing like it’s the friggin super bowl

  • xraided

    CHECKWA AND MATE! nice fall guy

  • xraided

    Pryor will probably disappoint tonight because they are going to want to him to stand in the pocket and make passes. they know he can run, they want to see a good throw from the trenches. use that height and see the offense develop.

  • xraided


    scratch the disappointment part.

  • ghosttothepost

    why is seattle calling a safety and corner bltiz on every play?

  • xraided

    because they know our 3rd string OL suck