Stupar says he’s on practice squad


Linebacker Nathan Stupar said on his Twitter account he signed with the Raiders practice squad this morning.

Stupar had a big game against Seattle in the preseason finale with 11 tackles. He was the lone Raiders draft pick who failed to make the 53-man roster.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Pale Rider

    Raiders 23 Chargers 13

    Raiders score 1 offensive touchdown, 1 defensive touchdown, 3 field goals.

    Chargers score 2 field goals and 1 defensive touchdown on a pick 6 against Palmer.

    Good win but this blog goes crazy with criticism of Knapp (too many FG’s) and Palmer (Int’s).

  • Breaking_Black

    Honestly tho, I liked JC.
    I didn’t love him as our QB cus he didn’t play with a ton of confidence so I didn’t feel like he would fire up and win a game for us, but I did like him because he didn’t make any really bad decisions, so as long as the Oline held up he wouldn’t really lose a game for us either

    And with the pathetic defenses that we had, we should really be grateful that JC didn’t turn the ball over anymore than he did.

  • papertiger418

    I liked Campbell a lot as a person, but as a QB he always seemed awkward and tentative. When we signed him, one of my good friends from college (who is an Eagles fan and watched him with the Redskins) said that I should prepare to be underwhelmed. At the time I could have cared less; we were moving on from JaMarcus and I was happy just to have someone who was willing to put in the work for us. Always rooted for the guy, but it seemed to me that he was too worried about making a mistake. Looked no different in the Bears preseason game I saw the other night. I respect Campbell as a professional but would never feel comfortable with him at QB. For better or worse, I want a quarterback who’s ready to take shots down the field.

  • Pale Rider

    Who the hell cares about Campbell!!!

    Enough already.

  • truepain

    Those first 6 games Hue Jackson stopped calling DMC’s # in the 2nd half. DMac would carry 1st half and Hue would phase him out of the 3rd and 4th and just start passing. That’s how games got away from us.. plus defense and our lack of return coverage. Seriously, no coverage at all.

    I think if Greg Knapp has any intelligence he’ll keep DMC consistent throughout the game and not depend on Carson.

    We got to 8-8 with a pop warner chuck bresnasuck defense. Also take into account Michael Bush faded out towards the end of the season and that we didn’t have Ford/D.Wow/DMC.

    Pretty much with Carson, DHB and Glass Schilens and some mystery men we got into playoff contentions in our MIGHTY division.

    Our defense is decent now with a mad scientist drawing up some artisan mechanics, no more bresnahan crayon drawings -so we should be much better!

    And with that I think we will finally be able to evaluate our starting talent since they are actually now in a real defensive scheme.

    We just need to control turnovers on offense and have input on play calling so we can give our play makers an opportunity.

    That and Jano needs to learn to make everything under 50 yards and special teams needs to actually block and cover for the return man.

    Look at it like this

    Jason Campbell was a game manager and probably only let it rip 2-3 times in his life including high school. He looked like a product of hard work, and I’ll never forget that KC game, but it never felt like he was comfortable in his skin as a QB and only seemed to take sure shots -always seemed hesitant. Even his sliding was awkward and dangerous.

    Now Carson Palmer, we have a guy who will fit it in when he’s ON, and can make people open just with precision timing.

    We won’t need to see Palmer take risks if play calling is adequate and you keep our RBs/FBs relevant.

    I say we can win 10+

    cause I’ve been watching raider football right out the womb! I didn’t know what was happening, but apparently it made me quite, so my parents just keep feeding me games. Bless their souls :’)

    BUT YEAH! all other football organizations and football analysis don’t know what’s up, we’ll make this work NATION!


    I miss JOHNNIE LEE HIGGINS’ dance moves like everyone else, but BELIEVE WHEN I SAY CARSON CAN BOGGIE

  • Raidernationdave

    Great Nathan. Don’t fck up this opportunity.

  • Raidernationdave

    Just exactly why would the Raiders trade CP3?


    Mistic1 Tha Supavillain Says:
    September 1st, 2012 at 12:55 pm

    The other issue is that every time Carson has hit the field for the raiders his stock drops. He basically has no trade value today as a result of his putrid play

  • Raidernationdave
  • fingers

    Raiders 34….. Chuckers …13…

    Rivers is cranky …. Love to watch Rivers whine…