Bartell set to miss significant time, too

Raiders coach Dennis Allen said earlier today that wide recevier Jacoby Ford is going to miss “significant” time in light of Ford having surgery performed on his left foot.
Now comes word from ESPN’s Bill Williamson that Raiders starting cornerback Ron Bartell suffered a broken left shoulder blade Monday night and might be sidelined as long as six weeks.
On the bright side, if there is one here, Bartell doesn’t need surgery, and he might be out as little as four weeks.
All Allen said about Bartell during a news conference today is that Bartell was having an MRI today.
Pat Lee likely will move into the starting lineup during Bartell’s absence, as he did Monday night against the San Diego Chargers.
Last season, Bartell suffered a neck injury in the season-opening game as a member of the St. Louis Rams. He missed the remainder of the season while recovering.


Steve Corkran

  • DJ Johnny


    I’m wih ya but where are u seeing this criticism of Knapp in the media?

    Are we misunderstanding you? You seemed to be saying it already exists out there.

  • DJ Johnny

    750.Jaysohn Says:
    September 12th, 2012 at 11:00 am
    Actually they did show a shot of Goethel working on snapping on the sideline. And please let’s stop going crazy asking for Knapp to get fired already. What did you expect to happen with a rookie free agent and a journeymen possession guy as 2 of your top 3 wideouts??? I know we all want instant success but it’s going to take sometime to fix the mess the old man left behind.

    The “out of whack” contracts? Yes, but the only significant guys that were lost from an 8-8 team which was one defensive stop from the AFC West title are the leader in PI penalties (Routt) and a pass rusher who had ONE GAME where he stood out (Wimbley). Curry being out has nothing to do with anything “the old man” did.

    We lost our TE (Boss) which could be indirectly attributed to “the old man” and him creating a bad cap situation that would not allow us to keep him, and we also lost Bush. If u wanna say that is “the old man’s” fault then ok, but essentially this is the same team from last season.

    THIS IS NOT A 3-13 EXPANSION TEAM Reggie inherited no matter how much you guys wanna exempt Reggie from any culpability for how this season turns out.

    Geez. When are we going to expect more from who we have now and quit blaming Al Davis for everything.

    We were 8-8 two yrs. in a row. NOT 3-13 and on the downslide.

  • Dmac2008


    Get it done!